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(P)art 3: T.S.R.

Day 3 of this experience was my last day of rest before the next work week began. To keep from covering up my healing back, I’d spent most of the weekend with a light chill. 325 more words


where do i find veins like rivers 

to carry me to the ocean 

where i am indigenous 

for i belong in no one place 

what do I call my own? 1,421 more words

Feminist of Color: On Feminism & Trust

My experience of feminism has basically been my experience of Christianity–I am in complete agreement with what I identify as the core values, but cannot seem to get along with other followers. 534 more words

The super brief dissertation description:

My doctoral research examines the ways in which yoga students and instructors negotiate, resist, and conform to a consumerist, white, able bodied ideal embedded in contemporary North American yoga culture. 216 more words

Linguistic Violence, or Why I'd Rather Be On My Own

I am done letting other people define me. I am done letting in anyone who wants in. I am done settling for less than I deserve because I want people who do not know me to like me. 310 more words

Love & Hegemony: When Self-Love Feels Radical

How do I explain my life to my mom? How do I challenge her beliefs in the way the world works when they are backed up by her own experience? 257 more words

Love & Hegemony: Coming Out & Staying In

When I was 14 I told my mom that I was bisexual. To be fair, this was a bad weekend for her. She was away for the weekend helping my aunt pack up their parents’ house. 623 more words