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Love & Hegemony: When Self-Love Feels Radical

How do I explain my life to my mom? How do I challenge her beliefs in the way the world works when they are backed up by her own experience? 257 more words

Love & Hegemony: Coming Out & Staying In

When I was 14 I told my mom that I was bisexual. To be fair, this was a bad weekend for her. She was away for the weekend helping my aunt pack up their parents’ house. 623 more words

Cultural Exchange 1 (Part 6)

For me, with my limited experience and West Coast life, the most invasive and enduring effect of oppression that I am aware of in my own life is the way I burn up energy questioning myself. 218 more words

Cultural Exchange 1 (Part 5)

In Totality & Infinity, Levinas posits that these are the two choices we have in the face of the other: to exert our totalizing forces and define the other, or to open ourselves up to the unknowable infinity in the other’s face. 183 more words

Cultural Exchange 1 (Part 2)

I still do not know what exactly happened. Or, perhaps I do know what happened, but am having difficulty digesting it. It seems like I have read so many pieces on the way marginalized peoples are told their experiences are invalid, that I can’t remember any particular one. 150 more words

On Appropriation (Part 6)

Looking back, I can say that I am sure my parents did the very best they could. From this particular vantage point it appears unreasonable that I asked them for things beyond what they did their best to give, especially considering the ways I challenged their paradigms. 64 more words

Nature & Nurture

As I unfolded the hood of my jacket this morning I thought about Simone de Beauvoir. I had begun reading The Second Sex while I was sick, and it made me conscious of my internal communications in a way I haven’t been before. 299 more words