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Nowy Friends Is A P2P Social Radar App That Does Not Log Your Location

A Swiss startup has built a social radar app with a pro-privacy twist: instead of tracking users via GPS, or other location triangulating technologies, the  567 more words


Being Reminded

Hello, dear reader. How have you been? Well, I hope.

This past week has been difficult. On Wednesday when I was trying to be genuinely upbeat while helping someone on the phone I was told that I didn’t “have to use that tone of voice.” When I responded that this was just how my voice sounded, I was told, “You don’t have to speak to me in that high-pitched, 18-year-old tone of voice.” Do I need to say here that the caller sounded like they were probably a man, or did you just infer that your own? 505 more words

Having a Story, yes, But what Kind?

Last Tuesday night we started our ‘enquiry’ group for deepening of faith with some newer members of the congregation. The usual procedure for this kind of group is to begin with story telling. 1,209 more words

Weekly Reflections At St. John's Montreux

Some Thoughts on Boundaries

Greetings, dear reader, from the Evergreen State, where my spouse and I have been sick (on and off) for the past three weeks. So…that’s been fun. 788 more words

Confidence in Choosing

Lately I have been grappling with the process of shaping myself. I know the person I want to be. She is patient, kind, interested, generous, strong, moral, confident, and caring. 548 more words


Every day there are so many things to write: e-mails, notes, thank-you cards, grocery lists, and on and on and on. In this way I made writing into a chore. 269 more words