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Prove It. (Social Proof - it's not that hard)

“Best Seller” or “Millions Served”. Sounds like a place or product you want to try, right?!?! I haven’t shared the product or place but knowing that millions have used it one that it’s a best seller takes lots of the “unknown” out of it. 263 more words


3 Ways Social Can Turbocharge Your Content

Social: A Channel + A Resource

As you dutifully add handles and hashtags to videos and ebooks, you might feel as though your content is just fodder for the insatiable social beast. 270 more words

Social Marketing

The authenticity of social media marketing: DO NOT lie to me!

The authenticity of social media marketing is crucial and powerful, it can destroy a long history company, and meanwhile, it might help a small company grow up rapidly. 252 more words

Social Marketing

Social marketing: The definitive guide to create visually appealing content.

Today, every marketer knows the advantages about the social marketing, but not every company does well on the social marketing. Some of them like teachers, they say a lot to their audiences. 239 more words


The Set It and Forget It Mentality of Millennials

The set it and forget it mentality is becoming increasingly prevalent in the ever-evolving relationship between brands and Millennials. What do I mean by set it and forget it… 823 more words

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Check me out on my Fiverr.com profile!

Well, hello world! My nickname is Nightrain94 and I am a freelancer on Fiverr.com. I made this free blog just 10 minutes ago, so this is my first post. 171 more words