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Social Marketers: 3 Ways to Adapt to Facebook Newsfeed Changes

On January 11th Mark Zuckerburg announced that there would be changes to Facebook’s algorithm that prioritizes ‘meaningful interactions’ between friends and family over messages from businesses and brands. 349 more words

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Social sites

A social sites is a website that allows people with similar interests to come together and share information, photos and videos. There are diffrent types of social sites like- facebook, youtube, tumbler, linkedin, instagram etc. 664 more words

The importance of networking

Welcome back! Now today’s blog is very useful for anyone at any stage in growing a social media account, and is probably one of the most important things to do, networking. 584 more words


How Much You Need To Expect You'll Pay For A Good internet marketing companies Cambridge

Social Media Marketing is the process of getting attention and web traffic through the social networks websites. During this process, generally innovative material to reach the masses through publicity coming from a third-party trusted source has to be produced in order for individuals to share the material of their interest with others and develop a vicious chain that would make organisation cover and go beyond the market audience intended. 2,651 more words

2018 so far!

Hello again! Welcome back to my blog, today’s one is a short one and is basically an update from my end on what I have/am doing these past couple weeks to keep on top of everything and adapting to changes in trends. 287 more words


Episode #318 - You Have the Components, Now It's Time to Get Results.

“It is not about the pieces but how they work together.” MKing

Have you ever opened up your computer?  OK a long time ago… roll eyes, like 15 years ago… you used to open your computer case and pretend you could figure out how to install more memory.  411 more words


Social Media Marketing for Small and Medium Businesses

Social media marketing is successful when you are constantly posting updates and having real-time interactions with your customers. But really, who has enough time for that? 260 more words