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You hear the familiar “ding” of a Facebook notification, and in typical Pavlovian style, you unlock your screen and quickly open the Facebook app for more.  374 more words

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The Most Annoying Thing You Do On Twitter

There are many ways to do your Twitter community wrong. And for me, this social media habit tops the list. HINT: It’s not scheduling and sending automated DMs. 1,015 more words

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A Final Educational Fling – 3. Involving industry

but something ere the end,

Some work of noble note, may yet be done

The third area in which Mahinda Samarasinghe decided that radical change was necessary in the vocational training sector was with regard to industry involvement. 2,389 more words



Jaunpur Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency that comes with years of proven experience. Jaunpur Solutions houses a certified team of professionals who are expert in strategizing, developing and executing the objectives. 120 more words

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3 Marketing ideas for this small business: What's your advice?

Someone asked me the other day how I got started making jewelry and my answer was I was inspired by a former teacher who created and soldered men’s jewelry. 796 more words

The Need for Social Marketing in 2013

The past year was an eye-opener in many ways for the entire IT industry. It saw Dell’s fall from grace, the transformation of BlackBerry phones to pariah devices, Apple lost Steve Jobs but its iPhone 5 emerged as the leading mobility device of 2012 and so much more. 608 more words

Five things #socialmedia #marketers like (and five things they don't) #socialmediamarketing

According to the experts, social media in 2017 will be all about live video, chatbots, and perhaps even virtual reality. While this is the case for some brands, many social media marketers have different priorities for the new year. 16 more words

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