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Dina Daglas Named Monkeyz Account Executive

Dina Daglas has taken a step up the Monkeyz career ladder, moving from Account Coordinator to Account Executive in recognition of her hard work with Barrel O’Monkeyz clients, fresh ideas, reliability, and solution-oriented approach. 24 more words

How to Make Sense of Instagram Insights

If you are a business owner using Instagram to promote your product or service, you’ve hopefully by now upgraded your Instagram profile to an Instagram business profile. 614 more words


Listening to the Groundswell

Chapter 5: Listening to the Groundswell

Some may think that your brand is what you say it is, and that they are in full control of how the public perceives their brand. 686 more words


Social Media For Small Business

Social marketing theory is absolutely quite simple. . This then plays a part in increased sales and ultimately increased profits. An author not yet immersed in social media asked me of a consult for promoting a guest blog post via social media. 517 more words

Social Marketing

Articles On Marketing - (page 1 Of 667)

Social marketing theory is really quite simple. . All these marketing agencies and advertisers are trying to let you know that it’s big job plus it costs lots and much of money. 510 more words

Social Marketing

Run A Contest Using Social Media, Free

Marketing on social networks requires more of a focus on the human element since its a little more about building relationships then it is your technical knowledge. 464 more words

Social Marketing

Why Your Business Should be Using Instagram Stories

Should your business be using Instagram’s new Stories feature?

In August, Instagram rolled out a dynamic new feature called Instagram Stories. Insta-stories are ultimately a copy of Snapchat’s “here today, gone tomorrow” interface, but without quite as many bells and filters as its ghostly friend. 483 more words

Social Marketing