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Yoonla - my point of view 

Yoonla is an online business opportunity created by Reno Van Boven, who has been active in this area-digital business since 2006. He had created AutoaffiliateX which was the vehicle with which many entrepreneurs made a hit. 401 more words


Intervensi untuk Program Anti-Rokok: Pentingnya Branding dan Segmentasi

Tulodo Indonesia (Dr Nicholas Goodwin dan Heribertus Rinto Wibowo) menjadi pembicara dalam salah satu sesi di Seminar Etika Pemasaran Rokok di Indonesia: Implikasi terhadap Kebijakan Pengendalian Tembakau pada tanggal 19 Juli 2017 di Yogyakarta. 282 more words

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Yoonla Affiliate Program 

Yoonla™ Affiliate Program – Review – $5 Per FREE Lead

Time has come to review Yoonla pay per lead affiliate program. I have been promoting pay per lead programs for some time and I thought Yoonla doesn’t work because it pays a huge cash for just leads but let me give you a candid opinion about Yoonla affiliate program on this post. 1,084 more words


Syndicating a web presence

Antiques, oh antiques. I once worked in a stop that you’d swear it was still 1988. Tickets were written by hand, receipts made on carbon copy paper and the cash went into an envelope at the end of the shift. 265 more words


Episode #140 - Marketing is THE Profit Center

Where is that elephant?  Yep, today’s inspiration is one of my favorite types of inspirational quotes.  It’s no different from the “how do you eat an elephant?… one bite at a time” quote. 469 more words


Episode #138 - Create a Content Mission Statement and Move from Habit to Strategy with Your Social Media Marketing

Ugh. I have to create a post. What will it be about?  Have you ever felt like you’re running your business and all of a sudden it’s interrupted with the need to post “something”.  364 more words


#FridayFact: 6 Social Media Factoids for You to Share

Happy Friday! We’re Celebrating #FridayFact with these 6 awesome factoids for you share on social media.

Which one is your favorite?

10 Awesome #FridayFact Features… 92 more words

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