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Can blogging be a job?


Today, while I was bored at work (once again!) I was searching for job opportunities in Portsmouth, ’cause I’m thinking of doing something part-time while I study there, and I came across something that really caught my eye! 235 more words


New Area for Social Media Training?

Preparations for training for Fall is completely owning my mind right now; and of course, if you know me, I spend a bit of time on social media, and, so between the two, I’ve been thinking about social media training. 499 more words

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marketing wisdom from 1885!

We loved this! We think it’s a current problem getting the message out through all of the other information competing for our audience’s time and attention. 312 more words


marketing wisdom

I remember hearing a number of years ago that the marketing wisdom was that it took at least 3 touches before you had a customer’s attention. 305 more words


'Not feeling' it: Could Eric Holder's attempt at self-pimpage be any more pathetic?

Now that he’s officially a member of the Twitterati, Eric Holder is all ready to wow us with his social media savoir-faire.

Check out this sweet tweet about his… 111 more words

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The Treadmill Dancing Guy...way cool video

Saw this on YouTube on the Ellen Show channel and thought, “what the heck, someone is going to get a smile out of this video today…or tomorrow…or whenever…” 28 more words


Public Relations: What Every Internet Marketers Should Know

As an internet marketer, your purpose is to build, promote, and grow your brands. Internet marketers are constantly taught to focus on social media but we should also be encouraged to try different ways for brand promotion. 144 more words