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8 ways Social Media has changed Customer Service

by Silky Sinha, on Tue, May 26, 2015

Social Media has completely changed the face of customer service and the way consumers interact with a brand. 741 more words

Customer Service

Should you separate your social media accounts?

Is it better to have professional and personal social media accounts? Thats up to you! However, your social media accounts should always be clear of anything that would ruin your professional reputation. 97 more words


Emoji takeover and the evolution of language? 😳 😁

Emojis…the smiley faced evolution of language?

Some may say it’s dumbing down an already dumbed down form of communication: text messages being abbreviated into a new language that older generations can’t get their head around. 109 more words


Facebook lets me be a journalist

As technology and social media become more accessible to people over the world, citizen journalism is becoming more and more popular. With random citizens having the ability to record and write about events as they happen, it is almost becoming more useful than actual paid journalists, who don’t always capture things as they happen. 480 more words


Cyber Politics in Sri Lanka: From Poster to Post

Cyber Politics can be interpreted as the use of cyberspace or internet for political activities. This includes journalism, fundraising, blogging, volunteer recruitment, and organization building. The term, cyber politics, came to notice during the campaign carried out by Howard Dean who contested for the 2004 Presidential nomination from the Democratic Party of the USA. 1,103 more words

Cyber Space

14 Signs You're an AEC Social Marketer

Social isn’t going anywhere. And as the AEC industry slowly adapts, those of us responsible are charged with the challenging (and sometimes frustrating) task of maintaining and defending its value. 199 more words


New report: Association marketing has a ways to go

Marketing is much more difficult than most people think. It requires creativity, strategic planning, vision and data analysis.

Marketers have a vast skill set, and that’s why they should have a seat at the decision-making table. 513 more words