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Where Social Media Activism Goes Wrong (And No, It's Not 'Social Justice Warriors')

There have been few other movements to spark as much controversy, confusion, and gut-wrenching passion as social media activism.

If we back up, it all started with the immersion of technology and the prominence of Internet and tech culture. 1,013 more words

News Feed Filtering: A Threat to Online Political Expression?

In recent years, it has become conventional wisdom that social media sites like Facebook and Twitter serve as democratic platforms for citizens to express their political views and opinions. 1,580 more words


What I want to talk about when I talk about sexual violence

Trigger warning: discussion of sexual violence, PTSD, and invisibility.


– I use the term sexual violence in the spirit of inclusivity to encompass the experiences of sexual assault, rape, sex trafficking and child sexual abuse. 1,287 more words

Facebook's Rainbow Profile Pictures: The 'Slacktivism' Debate Rages On

Every time a symbolic online campaign goes viral, a new round of debate ensues over the value of so-called ‘slacktivism,’ and Facebook’s recent gay pride rainbow profile picture craze… 952 more words


The Least We Can Do

I wrote last week about how different things were when I was going to school and how advancements in technology have made things like learning infinitely easier. 613 more words

Caribbean Life

A Letter for my Best Friend

Have you heard the one about the angry colored girl who completely changed the face of racism when she cussed out her white friends on Facebook? 370 more words

Social Media Activism For Survivors

“If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things that you do not see”. This is the mantra that informs my Facebook wall and my twitter feed. 1,004 more words