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Social Media Activism For Survivors

“If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things that you do not see”. This is the mantra that informs my Facebook wall and my twitter feed. 1,004 more words

Being a Social Media Campaign

Powerful or Powerless?

Bring back our girls was by far one of the most interesting viral campaign for me last year. Although I knew the viral social media trajectory all too well, the optimist in me couldn’t help but get excited that issues so close to my heart would get the recognition they deserve. 658 more words


Changing the World, One Tweet at a Time

I recently joined Twitter, and am striving to become proficient in the language of hashtags so that I can use my account for more than following the journey of John Green’s Paper Towns. 647 more words


Some Personal Thoughts on Social Media Activism

Recently someone raised a question, if activism on Facebook, Twitter and social media is just ‘feel good’ activism that people undertake in the comforts of their home or can it make a difference as what people from yesteryears did marching on the streets. 708 more words


Lazy Activism, is what Malcom Gladwell calling social media activism in his article Small Change

It is not enough for us to write a single post about his critiques, therefore we urge you to read his article provided in this post.

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Social Media

Furthermore, Bob Samuels also stated, that using social media to organize a protest or any social activity regarding activism is taking the first step in participation in a social movement via social media. 311 more words

Social Media

Lemme take a sexfie

Introducing the sexfie, a.k.a. the sexy selfie.

In the mirror, in your best outfit. Showing it off before, after and while clubbin.

No stats on this, but I would wager that sexy photos of women get substantially more traction that personal opinions or articles that women share. 78 more words

Online Feminism