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Is Trump's immigrant ban merely a "shock event" to achieve a different goal?

Pretty much every social media post on our timelines for the past week or so have been about President Trump.  Some actually sympathise, but the vast majority are against him, and most of those say more or less the same thing.   676 more words

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Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda (could be useful in Ireland too)

Naturally there are a lot of things about the Trump presidency I find worrying, but here’s one you won’t hear much about.

I’m worried that when he eventually stops being President (that IS definitely going to happen, right?) many people who have been drawn to following politics will presume order has been restored and think all is right with the world again.   353 more words

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A simple flowchart for the Irish "ProLife" movement as the Citizens Assembly convenes #RepealThe8th

Yesterday we featured an article in Journal.ie about refugees that seemed to be geared towards those with more right-wing views.

Today, as the Citizens Assembly meets to consider many different issues including the contentious 8th Amendment to the Irish Constitution, … 212 more words

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We're all snowflakes; get over it.

When I first read a comment on the internet of a person calling another a “snowflake,” I was baffled.

Like any other reasonable person who doesn’t understand an unfamiliar term, I looked the term up on… 614 more words


Our favourite Progressive video of 2016

Seems a bit unfair of us to award a title like this, as there were so many candidates throughout the year from such great sources as The Young Turks, Democracy Now and The Majority Report….and let’s not forget great Irish offerings like Gemma O’Doherty’s independently-made documentary on the Mary Boyle case. 46 more words

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