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Vlog #2 Social Activist Movement

Hello guys, my name is Natalia and is really late I am in my pajamas, I have my tubi on and my sister is sleeping. Today I am going to talk about an activist movement that I am going to write about for my project three essay. 358 more words

Post About it, Be About it: thoughts on social media activism

Facebook these days is just grandmas uncomfortably commenting on pictures in which you are obviously drunk, cat videos, Buzzfeed, and political ideals that no one gives a shit about except for the original poster and that one guy who likes to play devil’s advocate…or maybe he’s just actually an asshole. 408 more words

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From Far Corners of a Sphere

In solidarity with those affected by terrorism in the past week, a photo from my last trip to Paris, May 2015

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I’ll admit that I’m drawn back to the page for a combination of reasons.   1,014 more words

Collegiate Musings

Call out xenophobia and ignorance. Don't be a jerk about it. Because no one will listen.

I am speaking from hard hard earned experience. In the past I’ve shared rants and ravings, that were justifiable and mostly accurate, that did precisely NOTHING to change people’s perspective or even challenge them. 898 more words


Homework for Tuesday, November 17th

We know a few things about Malcolm Gladwell; he is not the biggest proponent of social media activism, (but he knows when to give it props), he feels that activism could still be accomplished without the global communication the internet offers, and that he wrote his article in 2010, before we had historically spread social media activism moments like #Mizzou (I recommend checking that hashtag out if you haven’t yet). 702 more words

Unit 3 Assignments

Social Media Activism in Indonesia

Merlyna Lim’s article “Many Clicks but Little Sticks: Social Media Activism in Indonesia” (DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2013.769386) which appeared in Volume 43, Number 4 in 2013, the Special Issue on New Media in Asia has reached more than 4,000 downloads. 185 more words

Social Network Revolutions: Looking Back At The Kony 2012 Campaign & The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

One was all anyone talked about for about a month, the other is still talked about long after its viral campaign ended. Why did one succeed so astronomically and the other fade into mainstream obscurity? 308 more words