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Opinion-seeking is a major reason videos/stories go viral

Let me start here: I don’t actually think something “going viral” is that great. If you work in social media or marketing, your focus should really be on retention. 536 more words

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Improving your Business with Online Ratings & Reviews

There are now multiple academic studies that show the significant affect of consumer reviews on businesses. Whether it is a guest at a hotel, a patron at a restaurant or a consumer buying a product online, reviews play an influential role in the success of brands, products and services. 580 more words

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Social media Analytics using RHadoop

This article is about an idea of doing analytics using RHadoop. For the domains like bio medical, research and analysis of educational institutions , Statistical computing we use R to find out different patterns , prediction analysis and more insights from the data. 319 more words


Quantifying the Marketing Value of Social Analytics

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The Main Values – Social Media provides numerous values to the marketer whether reaching businesses or consumers by: 499 more words

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Getting Started With Social Media Analytics

It’s no secret that forward looking organisations are using social media analytics to gain an unprecedented, real-time insight into their customers preferences and behaviours. Any communication between a customer and organisation, if carried out through social media, is public for the world to see; unlike traditional communications such as emails and call centres. 1,029 more words


Up Close and Personal with Analytics

Last Wednesday, Laura and I were part of a panel on Marketing Through Social Media with SMPS DC – and it was awesome! We spent a decent amount of time talking about analytics, enough that I wanted to share the insight for those who weren’t there. 698 more words

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Playing with Twitter Feed using R

Social Media Analysis has been gaining popularity for some time now. Every company invests loads of money investing in publicity, advertising, campaigns, etc. But, there is no definite way of suggesting the ROI for this investment except the indication of growth in number of satisfied customers. 1,657 more words