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Setting Up Social Media For Small Businesses

Do you want to know the best ways to leverage social media for your business?
Trust me, it is easy.
Here are seven steps to start up social media. 686 more words

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Network of 45 US Senators

The number of edges of the network: 990

Edges mean links or relationships. 990 edges in the network illustrate there are 990 times of Twitter following among those 45 US senators. 368 more words

Social Media Analytics

Use stats to social media better

Written by Chris Marcinek

Click on the data analytics page on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and you’ll see an array of information about the engagement you’re getting from other people. 183 more words

Analyzing Your Media's Data

So, you’ve started your brand image in one way or another. Awesome! Now, comes the  hard part.

Once you’ve started to put out your content on a semi-regular basis, you need to analyze the data from your interactions. 352 more words

Hong Kong 2018 Legislative Council Geographic Constituency Election

As is illustrated in the map of the winner of each station, the race between “Red” and “Blue” is considered to be very close. The color red represents the candidates of Pro-establishment, which is also known as Pro-Beijing Camp while the color blue stands for candidates of Pan-democrat, which contains Neo Democrats, Democrats, The Professionals Guild and so on. 127 more words

Social Media Analytics

Understanding your Website's Traffic Score

Cloud Campaign compares your social website traffic to your optimal traffic to generate a ‘quality score’.

So how do we calculate that number and what does it mean? 138 more words

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aReputation Analyses the Influence of Big Data Analytics on Social Media

With a lot of businesses going online, the impact of social media is tremendous at the end of the day. Managing the perception management for various brands, … 642 more words

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