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Validation Seeking Social Media Whores

Validation seeking social media whores – be they male or female – are a staple of modern times. The trouble some people will go through to look good and get likes on Facebook is incredible. 1,389 more words


Fake Facebook Lives Take Their Toll

Everyone can be a star, seemingly living a lifestyle others only dream of on Facebook. Since the inception of the social media site a decade ago, it has gone from branding itself as a “professional” site to network and reconnect with colleagues to today being little more than a personal public relations agency based on pretense. 1,130 more words


Target faces heat on social media for 'OCD' Christmas sweater

Consumers Unhappy With Target Sweater That Makes Light of OCD | Adweek https://t.co/GAgBAfkopF via @retailwire pic.twitter.com/uriJANaJOU

— RetailWire.com (@retailwire) November 10, 2015

“Ugly sweaters” usually offend only fashion sensibilities, but many are taking genuine offense at a Christmas-themed one being sold nationwide by Target.

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Fans Threatening Players

We are all fans of the games we watch. Whether you played before or not, there is a lot of passion that comes with your favorite teams and players. 579 more words


Knowing When to Comment or Just Stay Quiet

People on social media swiftly made their frustrations and disapproval known as nurses posted images of themselves with stethoscopes . This movement went viral very quickly, with the the hashtag #Nursesunited quickly trending. 307 more words

Oh Steam... it's been an odd week for you!

From a moment in time where it was widely hated to now having over 75 million users Steam has become the major platform for getting your favourite PC games from. 1,711 more words

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