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Using Social Media Beyond Posts for Proactive Community Engagement and Improved Service Delivery

Using Social Media as a Customer Service Channel

People increasingly turn to social media to engage with organisations. Well conceived, designed and managed Social Media gives you the most powerful tools available to effectively connect with customers on a personal as well as group basis to solve issues and create brand advocates. 860 more words

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The Science of Instagram: How to Get More Likes [Infographic]

Do photos with above-average engagement on Instagram have any qualities in common? Does the use of tags lead to more likes and comments? Are people more likely to interact with images featuring certain filters and colors? 323 more words


Random Posts Won’t Get You Anywhere. ‘Engage’ To Get More ‘Social’

According to NewsCred, a US-based content marketing platform, 87 percent of marketers use social platforms to deliver information to their followers. However, only a meager 20 percent of consumer comments generate brand responses. 521 more words

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Berkshire CEOs Blog Stories

Business men and women like to read stories by CEOs who are currently flying high but have felt both the pain of failure and the bright lights of success during their business life. 306 more words

Social Media Engagement

@Techymarketer Answers: Why Should I use Twitter?

Facebook launched in 2004. Twitter,  a few years younger, turned nine  this past spring. Though only a few years apart, the difference between the platforms couldn’t be more profound. 636 more words


Meet The Jaclyn Of All Trades

Jaclyn and I met through a mutual friend a while back and during our first meeting in person guess who showed up? Conan O’Brien. We didn’t bother him at the time, but from that point I knew the star power that Jaclyn could reel in. 654 more words

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As a marketer, I love the word “engagement.”

Just as in marriage, engagement in marketing involves deep, sincere interest and commitment.

Deep, sincere interest and commitment lead the potential or current customer to commit to making a purchase and better yet, being a brand advocate. 805 more words

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