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Social media engagement: do not think your community exists, you have to create it!

I’ve been writing a few times that content has to be designed according to the expectations of your customers. Easy to say no? I must admit we need to go a little deeper in this! 633 more words

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Social Media Engagement Up With Mobile Views - Valentines Day 2015

Valentines Day 2015 engaged Millenial Gen Y markets to respond in masses.  Google Trends searches on the topic, showing a 100 index on the term valentines day as of February 7th.  87 more words

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Social Media Sweet Spot

Recently, there was a MarketingProfs article that discussed the best days and times to post content – the content “sweet spot” if you will… When you combine that with the proximity of Valentine’s Day, I started thinking about how the most popular isn’t always the best choice. 226 more words

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Crowd Funded Anti Bullying Campaign

Popped in on an old mate at the weekend in Harrogate and his son, Max Granger, had been asked to take part in a crowd funded fashion project… 316 more words


Crowdfunding, well that was a Cinch!

In the old days, way back before 2015, if you had a great idea then you might be reluctant to share it because others might steal it… 343 more words

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3 Reasons Why Social Media Engagement is a Crucial Metric

According to a paper published last month by Forrester, (Want More Social Marketing Budget? Stop Measuring Social Engagement) the engagement rates of social audiences following brands are under .01%, leading the author to conclude that “engagement isn’t a useful social marketing success metric.” 1,250 more words

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Creation & Value of Email Newsletters

I was asked by the award winning inventor Steve Bridger to assist him with his latest business book, what an honour… thank you for asking Steve… 1,118 more words

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