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Madewell on Instagram - Doing Well or Not?

Madewell is an American clothing brand founded in 1937 and now belongs to J.Crew Group. It makes women’s clothes and accessories in good qualities and in simple and casual designs. 328 more words

American Airlines’ Social Media Engagement—with Facebook as an Example

Social media has become a really popular communication tool not only for audience but also for organizations. Many companies are trying to utilize it to build the emotion bridge between themselves and their customers. 948 more words

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9 ways to get your audience to engage

Provoking your end user to engage – likes, shares, favouriting, retweeting etc – is far from an exact science. The tsunami of information you are swimming against to be visible to your followers, and then to prompt an interaction from them, can be completely overwhelming. 706 more words

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At 9:05am Monday 16th March your world might change forever!

There is a new video streaming app in town called Meerkat and I’m going to give it a spin tomorrow morning. It steams via Twitter… 103 more words

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Social media is not rocket surgery

If you look back, it is evident that as humans we have been on a journey of ever changing progress brought about by technology, we are a species that have mastered the art of adapting. 1,233 more words

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Companies at digital age: be givers and give me five!

This short video really drove my attention this week. Between, dreams and hope, only a few steps can lead you to succeed to reach the most unexpected moments: 679 more words

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The #IGNITEyourLife with Toy Parker Network Keeps You Connected

There’s nothing like the feeling that no matter what is happening in life, there’s a connection that will never fade because the power never goes out. 216 more words

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