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Ben Carson 2016 Makes Mark On Twitter Engagement

National Journal reports that according to a recent survey, Ben Carson leads the GOP 2016 field in his engagement scores for retweets and favorites on Twitter. 121 more words


When to Post on Social Media: "The Burrito Principle"-

If a campaign launches in the Twitterverse, does it make a sound? Even the most dynamic content can get lost in the ether when social media managers don’t post at optimal times.  108 more words


Facebook Wants to be Your News Source: Is That What You Want?

Facebook’s at it again. The social behemoth has tweaked its News Feed algorithm to focus on time spent looking at a post — regardless of engagement. 362 more words

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YouTube Crazy

For this week’s assignment I interviewed my brother Thomas to ask him about what social media channels he regularly uses. Below are his responses to the various questions I asked him this week. 328 more words


7 things you can do right now to boost your Instagram love

Instagram, it’s where all the cool kids are right?! Facebook has lost a bit of its shine with its algorithm deciding what its users see and our younger generations are flocking to Instagram for an unedited (excuse the pun) newsfeed. 608 more words

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Key factors of facebook engaging content

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Seven Habits of Highly Engaging Facebook Content Creators

by Drew Bernard

Published on June 17, 2015… 1,055 more words


5 Ways To Showcase Services (& Boring Products) on Instagram

You’ve probably heard that visual marketing is all the rage these days, driving more interaction and traffic than text alone. Pair that trend with Instagram being the fastest-growing major social network in 2014*, and you’ve got a love affair — or so we thought. 835 more words

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