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A tweet goes out and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

You are regularly tweeting, facebooking and blogging yet your sales aren’t going up? Your audience isn’t engaging. I know, I know… “I am hilarious you say, entertaining and informative”… but sometimes it just isn’t enough. 411 more words

Your clients are social! Will you get engaged (and how)?

I recently went through an interesting article on Social Media Today compiling some interesting data and statistics about customer service and social media I would sum up one ot these statistics in a simple manner: people have an important use of the web. 764 more words

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The Half-Empty FoMO Glass

I am not a very big fan of jazz and / or blues music. To be honest, I don’t even understand it because we don’t have them in our country. 964 more words

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¿Qué es el engagement en las redes sociales y cómo se consigue?

Muchos recordamos el Ice Bucket Challenge, el reto del cubo de agua helada que se volvió viral en las redes sociales hace apenas un año y que logró concientizar sobre la enfermedad  970 more words

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Twitter Marketing – Increasing the Potential of a Brand Online

Twitter began in 2006. I started using it, but soon realised that it had little or no value as a ranking tool for Google to measure social standing, so I decided to delete my account (almost as soon as I had created it) later that year –  pretty much as I did with Facebook too! 609 more words

33 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

What social media engagement represents is a two-way dialogue between brands and customers. The more effective you are at engaging with consumers, the more successful you will be at growing your subscriber rate, which in turn will help provide you with more leads to conversions. 126 more words

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Instead of Defining Beauty, Dove Chose to Draw it Out From Within

What is beauty?

Let me pause for a second and allow your mind to define that. We, as a society, have subjectively deemed certain human qualities as benchmarks in defining beauty. 238 more words