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So You Want to Be a Social Media Expert?

I originally wrote this post for the blog at Helps2, the social media company that I work with. 

Social media manager. Content creator. Platform consultant. 677 more words

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Twitter Hashtags for Writers

I love Twitter, and I’ve used it for years. I believe that Twitter is one of the best social media sites for writers, because it’s so easy to engage with people. 273 more words

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Why Every Writer Should Try Twitter

ore than a few writers are hesitant to try Twitter. Not a single writer I’ve met through my critique groups use this social media platform. 514 more words

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How to be Annoying on Social Media in Five Easy Steps

In the ever-changing sea of social media, techniques can change on a weekly basis, it seems. That sure-fire tactic that worked last month is now totally useless. 363 more words

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Social Media for Writers: Do you need an author website?

Ten years ago, this might have been a
redundant question, because of course you need an author website, of course you
need some kind of platform to communicate information and content to your… 1,379 more words

Social Media For Writers

Authors and Social Media: the Great Automation Question

When it comes to authors and their social media, you may have heard two different schools of thought. One side of the argument promotes social media automation tools to save you the time and mental energy of having to post every day. 419 more words

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Social Media for Writers: How to use scheduling tools to boost your social media presence

When you’re trying to blog and maintain a
social media presence but you’re also juggling full-time studies or a job – or both,
even – it can be hard to find the time. 1,016 more words

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