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Social Media Integrity

Social media is more than just a platform for social interactions. It is a platform for fun, to meet new people and interact with both old and new friends across the globe. 521 more words


Ways to Get Followers on Instagram

I’m sure there are plenty of possible reasons you clicked on this Blog, but the main one is because you’re like the rest of us: you can’t get enough of snapping pictures of your meal, taking selfies in your new outfit, or my personal favorite – getting your dog to pose in the most unnatural but adorably cute way. 1,056 more words


Power of Visual Communication - Pictures Vs Words

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is not relegated to school going children anymore but commonly observed among adults, especially with those on Social Media. With a recent survey pegging human attention span online at 8 seconds, we can safely say that we have an attention span less than that of a Goldfish (which has 9 seconds). 679 more words

Facebook Marketing

Social Media Guides - How To Use Hashtags

The fourth and last of our social media guides is on using hashtags. These apply across all of the platforms we have mentioned so far, though are probably most relevant on Twitter and Instagram more than Facebook. 97 more words

Social Media Guides - How To Use Twitter

The second of our social media guides is on how to use Twitter. In this guide we cover how to get going with Twitter as well as how to like, comment and retweet (share). 96 more words

HELP ... with keeping social media running for your museum

The ninth and final in our social media series by Louise Winters.

What can you do if none of the current staff or volunteers has the time or confidence to run a social media account for the museum? 805 more words

Audience Engagement

Events and Activities at your Museum

The eighth in our social media series by Louise Winters.

We have fun stuff happening at our museum!

You’re probably already thinking about using social media to tell people about events at your museum. 852 more words

Audience Engagement