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The Traveliving Series: The Social Media Phrenitis

You are about to live the dream of starting travelling around the world. You picked up your favourite vehicle, you set it up, you purchased all your necessary equipment, you shopped your travel insurance, you issued all the necessary paperwork (passports, driving licence, etc.), you planned your itinerary according to the weather patterns and local regulations and you are ready to set off. 472 more words

What is the worst social media site for our youth?

A study by Status of Mind and reported in the Daily Telegraph UK  surveyed 1,500 british youths aged between 14-24 and asked them to rank five social media sites on the impact that these sites have on issues of health and well-being. 163 more words


Digital or Social Media: "After" Reflection

Never in my life have I been in love with social media, or even technology for that matter. Growing up I always remember my dad telling me stories of how he grew up on a farm, and I couldn’t help but compare his stories with his friends to the one’s I had of my friends and I. 719 more words

Before And After

#relationshipgoals : social media & relationship comparison

I’m going to paint you a little picture here:

Jillian and Bob have been dating for three years. It’s been a busy week for both of them, and they haven’t seen much of each other this week. 745 more words


Everything you post on social media impacts your personal brand. How do you want to be known?

– Lisa Horn, a.k.a. The Publicity Gal

Social Media

5 Ways to Reduce Stress During the Election Nightmare

The Most Polarized Election Ever

The 2016 US presidential election will probably go down in history as one of the most polarizing ever. Most people have an opinion about the candidates and they are ready to share it with you, whether you want to hear it or not. 970 more words


The Impact of Social Media On Gaming (Pt.1)

I firmly believe that for a while, game development was an art form. However, after gaining popularity and becoming more accessible to the public, I think it has evolved into a cash cow and is losing the artistic value it once had. 793 more words