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Social media gets socked.

A lot is being made of the number of ads planted by Russian agencies to influence the public  mood surrounding American politics, both before and after the 2016 election, and perhaps rightly so. 496 more words


Is comparison the thief of joy?

“Comparison is the thief of Joy” -Theodore Roosevelt.

In a world that is more and more being run online and through social media, we are becoming increasingly obsessed with our body and self-image. 1,146 more words

Personal Development

The Traveliving Series: The grey area of sponsorships

Deals, bargains, offers. Travellers are always looking for opportunities to save money, create income on their way or even get sponsorships. The common denominator is to find the perfect source of income that will allow you to travel for as long as possible as well as save your passive income. 718 more words


The Traveliving Series: The Social Media Phrenitis

You are about to live the dream of starting travelling around the world. You picked up your favourite vehicle, you set it up, you purchased all your necessary equipment, you shopped your travel insurance, you issued all the necessary paperwork (passports, driving licence, etc.), you planned your itinerary according to the weather patterns and local regulations and you are ready to set off. 472 more words


What is the worst social media site for our youth?

A study by Status of Mind and reported in the Daily Telegraph UK  surveyed 1,500 british youths aged between 14-24 and asked them to rank five social media sites on the impact that these sites have on issues of health and well-being. 163 more words