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Elevated romantic love and jealousy if relationship status is declared on Facebook

Today when everything seems to be driven by science and technology, it’s of no surprise when we realize that social media can have an impact on our relationships. 119 more words

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Everything you post on social media impacts your personal brand. How do you want to be known?

– Lisa Horn, a.k.a. The Publicity Gal

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جذبات کی ڈبل شاہی:اسلام آباد کچی بستی آپریشن

سوشل میڈیا کی تصویروں، نیوز سایٹس کی تصویروں، ایک طرف کی کہانی کی تصویروں، لوگوں کی ‘سیاسی سیلز مینی’ کی تصویروں اور جذبات کی سپر مارکیٹوں کے عمدہ شاہپاری پورٹریٹوں کے پیچھے کم از کم ایک اور بلکہ کئی اور حقیقتیں بھی ہوتی ہیں۔ …

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No One's Life Looks Like it Does on Facebook

Alright, let’s get real here for a minute (or two). Facebook is not real. It’s an illusion. An illusion of people you know or don’t really know (yet somehow you are “friends”). 1,015 more words


Social Media by a teenager

Just crossed with this article and thought that this is a fantastic idea shared by a teenager about Social Media. Media Essence Blog is delighted to share with all their followers this great thinking of 19th year boy… 18 more words


Nobel Indian!

Whoever read today’s leading daily newspaper (TOI, Bangalore edition) would have felt little weird. At least, I felt weird. I was amused looking at the amount of columns over multiple pages dedicated on Delhi rape case which occurred few days back in an Uber cab, whereas no special mention about an Indian receiving Nobel peace prize! 198 more words

Social Media Impact

Measuring and Analysing Social Media Impact

The argument about whether cultural institutions and libraries should be embracing social media seems to be all but won as the benefits for both institution and user alike are numerous – there is however still a need for the impact of this social media use to be measured and analysed. 436 more words

Measuring And Analysis