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Social Media in the Classroom?

Technology in the classroom is a hot topic. In addition to using technology in the classroom, there is conversation going on about using social media in the classroom. 713 more words

Teacher Life

Study With Social Media

Days have passed where social media networks have been thought as a distraction for students. Now, Social media is considered as an effective tool that is used by students for personalized and collaborative learning. 236 more words

Tweets As A Nonfiction Text Feature

Earlier today I was looking for resources on extreme weather for one of my teacher teams and stumbled on this article.  Below is a screenshot or you can click the link to read the entire thing. 165 more words

Connected Learning

Research Tools, APA Style and an Annotated Bibliography

Being a Secondary English Ed. major and former high school English teacher, research is an old familiar friend as well as a foe. I have a love-hate relationship with research… gathering information and learning interesting facts to support my arguments, brainstorming the draft of a term paper and devising clever, well-constructed paragraphs are oddly satisfying. 832 more words


Social Media in Education: Democratic or Capitalistic

In their 2010 article, the questionable promise of social media for education: connective learning and the commercial imperative, N. Friesen and S. Lowe discuss the potential of social media as an educational outlet. 484 more words