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By Robert E. Fravel Jr., Esq.


As I pointed out in Part one, person social media use is quickly becoming a daily occurrence in today’s workplace.  539 more words

Social Media and Technology in the Workplace

By James W. Boyan III, Esq.


On September 19, 2014, Maxiel Gomez and I presented a seminar entitled “Social Media and Technology in the Workplace” at the New Jersey Corporate Counsel Association’s Annual Conference.  205 more words

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The bump/cluster effect at work

My previous post touched on how mobile devices and new ways of working could have a positive effect on organistaional performance. The theory was based on the ability of workers to wander freely around their place of work, to choose locations and environments whish best suit their needs at that particular time. 551 more words

Social Media In The Workplace

The Workplace and Social Media

Social media in the workplace…I don’t really feel workers using social media during their work hours are bad, as long as it isn’t overdone—and in some scenarios, it can actually be a positive! 467 more words

Social Media

What is a Social Business?

As the term ‘social’ becomes increasingly used across the world many businesses are getting involved and want to be seen as a ‘social business’. What exactly is a social business? 353 more words


EEOC Hearing Examines Social Media in the Workplace and Implications for Equal Employment Opportunity Law

The lines between employees’ public and private lives have become increasingly blurred, which has led to a complex dialogue around the enforcement of equal employment opportunity laws. 993 more words

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Time to Log Off? Complications in Workplace Social Media Use

Are your employees allowed to use their work e-mail account to send and receive personal e-mails?  Should staff be permitted to surf the net while at the workplace?  421 more words