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Why #hashtag?

An Instagram Hashtag is one of the simplest ways to get fans interacting with your brand. Many big brand companies, especially within the beauty industry, use hashtags very effectively. 125 more words

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NARS on Pinterest

Pinterest is a free to use image-based platform, allowing users to discover and save creative ideas. It is the perfect social networking platform for the beauty industry because females represent the majority of its audience and cosmetics and beauty are top categories. 170 more words

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Clinique's #FaceForward Tumblr campaign

In July 2015 Clinique launched its #FaceForward campaign on Tumblr to engage with young women. “Face Forward” was the brand’s first all-digital campaign, making the stars of the campaign influencers and bloggers rather than celebrities fashion models. 202 more words

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Measuring Social Media Marketing

Managing social media efforts can be a timely endeavor. Companies that don’t recognise and devote time and resources into managing their social media accounts are often missing the opportunity to gain valuable insights that is evident from such data. 119 more words

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The Best Social Media Marketing Tips For 2016

Social media is constantly changing. Because of this, the marketing techniques that you used last year may no longer yield the same results. You’ll have to keep up with the latest social media marketing strategies if you want to get all you can out of social media marketing.
These social…

Bobbi Brown on YouTube

Beauty companies can no longer simply rely on a photograph of a model placed in magazines or on billboards. In order to secure and grow market share these beauty companies must utilize the different platforms available on social media. 262 more words

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Sephora on Snapchat #Sephorasnaps

Snapchat currently has more than 100 million daily active users that send over 400 million snaps every day and these numbers are only going to increase. 478 more words

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