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#Fired: 6 Social Media Mistakes Costing You A Job

Being freelance bloggers, we care but then again we don’t care about what we post on our PERSONAL social media accounts. When “social media” first became a “thing”, it was more so about connecting and re-connecting with people by posting pictures, statuses, etc. 298 more words


Avoiding common social media mistakes

By Carrie Finley-Bajak

Are common mistakes keeping you from social media marketing success? While word-of-mouth and email marketing are effective ways to reach your target audience, most travel agents agree that social media can also yield results. 1,181 more words


Get Smart on Social Media

There’s no question social media is a huge asset for actors who want to market themselves and network with peers. At the same time, we see evidence regularly of people compelled to say too much too quickly. 895 more words

Social Media Mistakes Are Not Forever

Social media is forever, but the mistakes we make on them are not. This is a lesson slowly but surely playing out in the sports world, as social media platforms — and the athletes using them — mature. 1,090 more words


5 Ways to Lose Your Job on Social Media

When used effectively, social media is a tool that can give you opportunities that you didn’t even know were available.  However, if you are not careful, it can also get you into trouble.  384 more words

Career Planning

Don't Post That! Social Media Slip-ups

While most people are on social media, few use it effectively as a job search tool.  If you want your social media presence to be an asset when building your career, you need to be willing to invest some time.  431 more words

Career Planning

Bright Kids (and Adults) Still Make Social Media Mistakes

By Jamie Finch, Founder & CEO of Balanced Work/Life Solutions


I was recently speaking to a parent about social media and the college admissions process.  This parent conveyed to me that she was not concerned with her sons online activities and felt that this bright, 4.0 student whose IQ rivals the best of the best understood the permanency of the Internet and was not concerned about his social media presence. 616 more words