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Top Three Social Media Mistakes

A few weeks ago I had the honor of participating in Doce Blant Publishing‘s Q&A.  During our conversation we talked about writing, publishing, book covers, and of course my favorite…social media. 688 more words


Common Social Media Mistake You Can Rectify NOW!

Entrepreneur magazine has recently written an article about the most common mistakes businesses make on social media.  Guess what, you’re a business too so you can take some tips from this.   279 more words


If you own a business in Uganda, you have probably heard over and again that in the 21st century, it is important for your business to be online. 411 more words

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Social Media Marketing During the Paris Terror Attacks

Pre-programed and robotic posts show many “marketers” were out of touch.

Nothing is worse than looking insensitive and out of touch with your audience. During times of crisis your audience will shift its focus to the latest news and world events. 740 more words


Seven Mistakes People Make on Twitter

There are way more than seven cardinal sins I see made on Twitter ALL. THE. TIME. But i thought I’d round up the most annoying ones to avoid! 385 more words

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Making the Wrong LinkedIn Impression: Profile Photo Blunders

Almost 100 percent of the attendees of the business groups that I speak in front of or train are using LinkedIn. The amount that they use LinkedIn varies depending on the industry. 1,229 more words


#Fired: 6 Social Media Mistakes Costing You A Job

Being freelance bloggers, we care but then again we don’t care about what we post on our PERSONAL social media accounts. When “social media” first became a “thing”, it was more so about connecting and re-connecting with people by posting pictures, statuses, etc. 298 more words