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5 Ways to Lose Your Job on Social Media

When used effectively, social media is a tool that can give you opportunities that you didn’t even know were available.  However, if you are not careful, it can also get you into trouble.  384 more words

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Don't Post That! Social Media Slip-ups

While most people are on social media, few use it effectively as a job search tool.  If you want your social media presence to be an asset when building your career, you need to be willing to invest some time.  431 more words

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Bright Kids (and Adults) Still Make Social Media Mistakes

By Jamie Finch, Founder & CEO of Balanced Work/Life Solutions


I was recently speaking to a parent about social media and the college admissions process.  This parent conveyed to me that she was not concerned with her sons online activities and felt that this bright, 4.0 student whose IQ rivals the best of the best understood the permanency of the Internet and was not concerned about his social media presence. 616 more words


Is it ever ok for social media professionals to Twitter-jack?

If you paid attention to the usual ad frenzy around the Superbowl, you may have noticed that Coca Cola had to suspend its #MakeItHappy automated social campaign after a… 536 more words

Social Media Mistakes

The Top Five Social Media Blunders of 2014

Social media blunders can be extremely funny—until your organization is on the wrong end of the joke. In 2014 a large number of brands found themselves in the unenviable position of apologizing for social media gaffes which garnered negative media attention. 618 more words

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Better Social in 2015

So, we are on the verge of a new year (already?!). It’s a time to celebrate accomplishments and the good things we’ve done. It’s also a time to take a hard look at ways to improve for the year to come. 622 more words

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7 Social Media Sins You're Probably Committing Right Now

Don’t feel bad if you’re socially sinful – even large enterprises sometimes make mistakes that can cost thousands in revenue and ad spend. During the past four years we’ve spent building social media solutions for brands, we’ve noticed these seven common mistakes time and time again: 1,037 more words

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