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Anushka Sharma’s ghostly avatar will ruin your love for the moonlit midnight sky – watch video - Serialkiller.in

Anushka Sharma’s Pari. Creepy, scary and disturbing, these are the three words that everyone is using for the film. All the three mini teasers or screamers have kept us intrigued about what exactly is the story of Pari. 8 more words

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HQ: Beginning of the End

HQ is a 12 question trivia game that is taking the states by storm. The app was launched in August 2017 by Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, the creators of Vine. 709 more words

Pizza and Orange Juice: A Love Story 🍕🍊❤️

“This has to be perfect,” I shouted across the conference room table. “Our whole campaign is riding on it!”

Our “date night” ad was a big deal for us, and the stakes were high. 595 more words

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Meet Priya Varrier, the girl who is melting hearts and has created storm with just one wink in the internet - Serialkiller.in

As your social media is showing just one video again and again since yesterday. And the best part is that you want to watch this one every time you see it. 20 more words

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Clickbait Feeds the Fire

Social media has transformed from a platform that encourages connections to one that promotes content, products, services, and events. (Facebook may be changing that. 553 more words

How Will Facebooks update affect you?

This morning, Facebook is updating the way every users feed looks. The change,though not major will change how all users use Facebook. Users of the popular social network will now see local news from their respective cities they live in more often. 33 more words

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