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Bye Snapchat, Hello Instagram

Earlier this week, Instagram introduced two new features: Instagram Direct and Instagram Live. After Instagram Stories launched in August 2016,  Instagram entered directly into Snapchats vision. 495 more words

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Snap Inc: Making Moves and Growing Fast

Snap Inc. (formerly known as Snapchat) has been growing exponentially ever since its debut in 2011. Initially a simple app where users could send one another time sensitive images and videos, Snap Inc. 337 more words

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3 Reasons We Tweet During an Election: The Psychology of Social Sharing.

Well, last night was an interesting turn of events. My entire social feed was full of election-themed messaging, and I noticed that it was all in a similar vein to my own thoughts (and worries). 156 more words

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MMC6725: Final, Story Week 12

Is social media fueling mental illness? 

Statistically speaking, you will spend approximately 50 minutes on Facebook, Messenger or Instagram today, The New York Times reported from Facebook. 1,145 more words

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#VoteHillary vs #VoteTrump - the Social Numbers

The big day is tomorrow. The 2016 US election is unifying the world, not with it’s politics, and certainly not with the candidates, but with the sheer magnitude. 191 more words

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IBM Watson is the brains behind Weather Channel’s new Facebook Messenger bot — VentureBeat

What can’t Watson do? – Jess | The Weather Channel unveiled its Facebook Messenger bot today. The bot provides five-day forecasts, daily forecasts, severe weather alerts, or creates custom weather alerts.

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MMC6725: Story, Week 9: The Google Revolution

Anyone remember what life was like before Google? The search engine launched on September 4, 1998 and continues to change not only journalism, but also our lives. 757 more words

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