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Little inspiration when you don’t have the clue about your blog content

For today’s company even person , we are very painful when we have no inspiration about what we should write in our blog or any other social media sites. 163 more words

Social Media &online Marketing

Look at how these companies make money online

In today’s world ,people tend to rely on the Internet , so making money online become a more ideal job for people , because it can start from no investment. 186 more words

Social Media &online Marketing

Why snapchat is the new trend?

More and more young people are using this social media tool– snapchat instead of Instagram or Facebook. Why , I think the main reason is  its unique function to protect user’s privacy.Users can set the picture can be seen only in 10 Seconds.   119 more words

Social Media &online Marketing

Twitter & Generation Z: A New Age

Generation Z – Tweeting at the Speed of Light

During my professional and personal observations, I have noticed the fluency in which the younger generations are speaking the social media language. 387 more words

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