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Meet Nicky and his family. I met this family a couple of years ago and have been so touched by his journey. Take a minute to read it and please consider making a donation to help Nicky and others who could use your support! On May 30, 2014, Nicky was diagnosed with Jacobsen Syndrome (a deletion on the end of his 11th chromosome). JS can cause problems with the heart, kidneys, blood, immune system, and more. JS can also cause developmental and cognitive delays. To learn more about JS, visit http://ift.tt/2dXdoT9 Please consider making a donation to the above site, as the funds go to the 11Q Research and Resource Group and Dr Paul Grossfeld who is an expert on JS; Dr. Grossfeld is working on groundbreaking research in his lab to help children with JS, as well as children with Congenital Heart Defects, cognitive problems, autism, etc. Nicky also has a deletion on the top of his 11th chromosome, which causes Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome. This is an overgrowth syndrome. Because of that, children with BWS are at a risk for developing tumors and must follow a special screening protocol. Nicky has to get blood tests every 6 weeks to check his AFP levels, until he is 4/5 years old. He also has to have abdominal ultrasounds every 3 months until he is 8/9 years old.#family #lilacblossomphotography #longislandphotographer #longislandfamilyphotographer #longislandnewbornphotographer #longislandchildrensphotographer #nassaucountyphotographer #suffolkcountyphotographer #nycphotographer #longislandmoms #longislandfamilies #family #nikon #2016 #familyphotos #love #fall #holidays2016 #jacobsensyndrome

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