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The Most Influenceable Social Networks

81% of Internet users worldwide are users of a social networks. But, what are the most popular social networks?

Approximately 75% of Internet users use a social network on a weekly basis. 493 more words

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How important is the number of followers in social networks?

We’ve been asked this question countless times, by all kinds of people and with all kinds of objectives: small and large degree ones.

Let’s ask ourselves these questions: 468 more words

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Biggest Social Networks In The World

We bring you the biggest social networks worldwide:

Facebook (1,350 billion users.)

Little can be said about it what nobody knows. It is recognised by 100% of Internet users. 249 more words

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The History of Social Networks

Not everyone knows that the concept of “social network” appeared back in 1954 and had nothing to do with the Internet, and the studies about this phenomenon began in the 30s of the last century. 436 more words

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Social Media and Your Clients

The importance of Social Media for business is more so a necessity rather than debate. Knowing who your clients are is just as important as knowing… 95 more words

Does my business really need social media?

The short and honest answer to this question is no, your business doesn’t absolutely need social media, but it’d be a pretty bad idea not… 496 more words

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Time Wasted on Social Media (And Not Spent on Something Creative)

According to this terrifying chart below, some countries have become completely addicted to social media.

Come on, people, wake up!  Use Japan as an example!  You will not get these 2-4 hours back! 45 more words