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Why the Timehop App is Both Wonderful and Cringe-worthy

We all know what Timehop is, right? Nearly anyone who uses any form of social media on a regular basis know what Timehop is. Even if you do not have Timehop, there is still a good chance you know what it is. 210 more words


5 Social Media Trends of 2015

Social media, like a any living organism, is constantly evolving. Everyday there is a new way to utilize social media and incorporate it into everyday use. 806 more words

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The Secret to Success Rests in the Minds of Your Customer


In order to create an effective marketing strategy you must first define what truly sets your business apart.  Without your one defining core difference, you’ll be forced to compete on price alone, and that is never a smart way to run your business. 515 more words


Facebook & Twitter Newsy Trends

Good or bad the social media stratosphere continues to change. This post is a brief update on Facebook and Twitter News and Trends.

Facebook News and Trends… 357 more words

Hacked US GOVT = Not So Safe Social Media?

I normally do a great deal of my own research when I put a blog post together here. But, I want everyone to read is what… 416 more words

The Bias Bug: Serial's Unconventional Reporting

Storytelling journalism is  the infused dichotomy of fiction and facts that screams entertainment to the audiences’ ears.  It could be riveting tale of man’s journey to climb to the mountain’s summit to the unfolding of a suspenseful true crime case.   1,031 more words


Social Media Roundup: 7 Top Trends for 2015

The top 7 trends in social media for 2015, brought to you by @natureclicker (with much assistance from the rest of the internet), will be posted each week. 799 more words

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