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Instagram Stories: Losing their Identify in a Quest for Growth

As someone who is over 30, I definitely understand how Instagram feels, for I too am afraid of Snapchat. But it’s apparent that Instagram is much more fearful than I, because they… 657 more words

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The Social Media Scene in Jordan

The social media scene in Jordan has been exactly the same for the past few years. Nothing has changed except perhaps for the slight drop in the number of tweet-ups than what we have been subjected to in the last two years. 632 more words



Tomorrow is South African local government election day, the day that has been long anticipated by many including parties involved. 399 more words


Content Marketing Framework For An Effective ROI

There is a plethora of information available online on how content marketing can be strategized and implemented. Based on my research and experience of working with some of the top brands globally, this is my… 175 more words

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Agencies yet to adopt Programmatic Advertising

A large proportion of creatives — those who conceive and create ads — at small agencies do not understand programmatic advertising, according to a survey by ad tech firm Turn. 340 more words

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Adeela- Bringing Humor back to a Humorless Nation

Unless you were living under a rock or inside a cave, every single person in the Arab World has at least heard of the famous (or notorious, depending on whether you are with or against) Facebook page Adeela. 463 more words


Is Facebook Dying? What's Killing It?

I never intentionally set out to be a social media “guru,” though now looking back it seems an inevitable choice. Why? Not only do I love helping people but I also have an insatiable appetite for cracking codes and patterns…then using that information to predict trends. 3,595 more words

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