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“The internet is a weird yet beautiful place”

The Internet has yet again come up with another trending hashtag thats sent the general population into frenzy.

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8 Weird and Wonderful Social Media Trends You Need To See

Social media is great for finding out about and following new trends, but it is quite often a case of ‘hit or miss.’ Nonetheless that doesn’t mean the ‘misses’ won’t take off just as fast or grow any less of a cult following that the ‘hits’. 960 more words


The Latest Social Media Platform to Lead the Pack, [Infographic]

Another day, another new social media platform for specialists to explore; and ultimately decide whether or not it is a good fit the organization’s marketing objectives. 111 more words


6 Ways to Use Instagram for Your Small Business

From tweens to empty nesters, everyone is on Instagram- 300 million monthly active users to be precise.  This visual–heavy social media platform has surpassed Facebook in usage and will soon be number one in the social realm. 459 more words


Why Pinterest is the New Google

Anyone who is my close friend knows how addicted I am to Pinterest. It’s my favorite social media platform because it’s my form of Google. 223 more words

Social Media Trends

The Horrifying Way Teens are Trying to Get Kylie Jenner's Lips

Photo: @kyliejenner

Kylie Jenner‘s lips have now spurred a disturbing new Instagram and Twitter trend that’s literally leaving teens with bruised and battered faces. 278 more words



The world currently consists of 196 countries and approximately 7 billion people. Within that figure, it is believed that there at least seven others that look almost identical to the reflection you see in the mirror everyday. 406 more words