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Top 10 Biggest Social Media Blunders

Social media can make or break you.

You may think that posting a simple message from your smartphone onto the internet is harmless – but that isn’t always the case. 1,364 more words


Blogger Outreach: Why You Should Care About It

Blogger outreach are an essential part of any marketing campaign and it is a critical part of digital marketing. Bloggers can be a great resource for helping to spread the word about your… 382 more words


What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. “American genocide.” Every year at this time there are a flurry of opinion pieces telling us that we’re supposed to feel guilty about the arrival of Europeans on America’s shores. 399 more words


From 2013 to 2014… An evolution? (2/3)

After creating statistics about “Who was attacked and how from 2013 to 2014” it is now the time to have a look how attacks have evolved, if the attackers have changed their ways to proceed. 202 more words


3 ways medical practitioners can use social media to make a difference.

Greetings. Today I will be writing about the 3 ways medical practitioners can use social media to make a difference.

Method #1: Share useful information to your direct social network. 161 more words

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Chris Sandys, Leader Of #EmpireKred and Fart In The #SocialMedia Wind #EaV

What to do if you are Chris Sandys, other than rage hopelessly against Rule of Law?

Poor Chris, cannot accept that he can’t keep the… 248 more words

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The media is biased, no kidding, it's really bad, you wait and see.

non-I am writing a book on the psychological differences between the left and the right. I have discovered something not good that is not psychological. There are brain structure differences between left thinking and right thinking individuals that may (I hope not) affect life badly in the United States for generations! 357 more words

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