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The Fragility of Twitter Social Networks Against Suspended Users

Interesting paper from Wei Wei and three other researchers (Wei Wei is getting the credit because I found it on his site at CMU) – … 124 more words

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Dear Grandpa, Let's Talk Tech!


First off, I want to wish all of my Canadian readers a Happy Canada Day! If there’s one day to stuff your face with bacon, pancakes with maple syrup and beaver tails no questions asked this would be it. 1,303 more words

Creating The Social Customer Experience: Lessons From Beatrice

Beatrice and her friends don’t agree on much – at least when it comes to sharing and social skills. In fact, her more socially engaged friends have a very clear (video) message:   967 more words

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Creating My Social Media Accounts

If you go to the majority of the major content sites like Youtube, Pinterst as well as Instagram … you’ll find the majority of these huge sites all motivate your to SHARE your content on basically the very same “short list” websites … 10 more words


Facebook quietly redesigns site logo with new font

If you use Facebook often, you might notice some slight changes to the site’s logo over the next few days. The company has (very quietly) announced a redesign of the word “Facebook” on their site, which now uses a slightly more rounded font. 144 more words


The LGBT Movement: What We Can Learn

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it is impossible to not recognize the incredible success of the LGBT movement. They have managed, in about a decade, to take the issue of same-sex marriage from something that nearly the entire country was against to an accepted legal right across the nation.That’s impressive. 494 more words