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As mentioned in one of my first posts, Ithaca, New York is a perfect place for musicians and music lovers alike. But now, I’d like to get niche with my personal music tastes. 689 more words


Constantly Comparing

How often do you scroll through Facebook? Instagram? Your eyes scanning through countless pictures, videos, life updates, news articles and ads.

Oh! Another friend got engaged this weekend? 745 more words

Social Media

My Experience with Hurricane Irma

I am writing about my experience with Hurricane Irma. I live in the Tampa Bay Area. I have dealt with many storms before. I experienced Hurricane Elena back in 1985. 2,496 more words

Let's Talk About: Hurricane Maria

My opinions and I don’t have much data to back it up…but I feel it in my gut.

Has anyone else felt like the public response to Hurricane Maria pails into comparison to that of Harvey? 493 more words


Event Marketing

Event Marketing is a designed and developed promotion for a product, cause, or organization. Usually having a sporting event, music festival, fair, or concert with themed activity, an occasion, some display, or an exhibit of some sort. 212 more words


You know them, but they don't know you

To have access to the toughts and inner workings of someone you admire is a privilege made to look trivial in the age of social media. 1,267 more words

Mother Goes Unclad In Birthday Shoot For Her 4-Year-Old Son – Good Or Bad Influence?

Motherhood or parenting this days is something or a subject that has been in the mouth of everybody and it seems that no conclusion on a way to go about it has been reached.Mothers this days can go to any length to celebrate their kids and not only that, they now do unclad photoshoot during pregnancy to say the less.The latest going on now is going unclad to celebrate their kids birthday. 82 more words