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Course of Revenge

This is a story of Raj who encountered with a radical religious people. He has lost his family in communal riot. He is a college student and comes to home during the holidays. 326 more words

Social Message

KATHA OF KATHUA- A tale of Indifference

It was a listless afternoon. Amidst casual conversation with my friends…Someone said, “Hey! What happened with Asifa was horrific”. I was about to respond to this, when one of my friends said, who is Asifa? 527 more words

Some Things To Ponder Upon...

Are We Bringing down our nation??

Hello my lovely readers I am back again with a new topic. Today when I was going to write this blog I had many topics to write over but from all of those I had only this topic to discuss, that was so affective and really a good need for today’s India. 1,030 more words

One last drag

Struggling way out of addiction is hard enough. While workload plainly adds more difficulty in life, sometimes care and concern of our well wishers also create more difficulties when you already have enough trouble on the plate. 311 more words


An In-Depth Analysis: Awe (2018) (Telugu)[Spoilers Ahead]

Though the ultimate reveal is during the climax, the movie has several nuances throughout, that lead to the final outbreak. To analyse the crystal clear execution of the story, I’d like to analyse the movie by breaking it into fragments. 1,263 more words