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Does anyone really know why we say “God bless you,” after someone sneezes?

Hello Dear Friends,

Have you ever noticed we have a habit of saying “God Bless You“, when
someone sneeze near us?
Why we bless someone only when he/she sneezes, not while coughing, burping etc.. 297 more words


Since my childhood I am hearing a famous punch line ‘Pollution hatao and Delhi Bachao’, according to the statistics of govt departments the problem of increasing pollution has been severe and eventually we are in the top ranker among all cities in the world in terms of worst polluted cities.

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ALCOHOL – The game changer!!

Wishing you all a very happy Diwali and a prosperous new year. May this year bring in CHEERS!! In your life. May this year be filled with happiness like a bubbling BEER!! 576 more words


World of Imagination - Be Imaginative !

Hello Everyone,

Being a girl , I love to be in my Imagination World.
And according to me Imagination is the main driving factor of Innovation. 464 more words


The Savage Universe

The Savage Universe

Eons ago, the universe was formed,

It’s agenda to be stable and never be deformed,

But with every impulse, its balance weakened, 104 more words


Suicide or Murder?

2 kids, students at a school in Karachi committed suicide on 1st Sep 2015. Boy , who was 16 year old shot his class mate first and then shot himself with a 9mm pistol. 510 more words

Life Problems