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I do not see why man should not be just as cruel as Nature.

Years ago this statement written by one of the greatest dictator of 20th century i.e. Adolf HItler.

People generally thinks he was a bad Guy. 300 more words

Hitler's Thinking Only Can Take India To Next Level

A Matter of Courage

An Interview with Himmat Patil Sir (Professor of English Language at V.G Vaze College at Mulund)

Life ultimately boils down to how you deal with people. 1,592 more words


About Sagas

Whew. It’s been a marathon. This concludes the reviews of the Hugo nominees. I do have a few comments.

After having worked my way through the umpteenth book in different sagas here, I can see why there’s a move to separate out “saga” to its own category for next year’s Hugo Awards. 118 more words

Hugo Awards

Helping others.!!!

I am not a HANDSOME guy, But I can give my HAND to SOMEONE who needs help. Beauty is in heart, not in face.
– Dr. 345 more words

Life Problems

In India, Is Education Playing a vital Role - Are we really Educated???

Hello Friends,

Now-a-Days you all must have observed that, Now Government is also
taking many steps in improving the literacy rate in India.

But Is Education really making a difference in our society? 373 more words


Green Earth, Dream Earth

Above picture clip just caught attention while browsing through Times of India this morning. Suddenly,earth was a better place to live in.Just imagine, instead of those heavy dumpers on the National Highways,are seen these beautiful flora laden carriages. 127 more words

Social Message

What have we become. !!

There are two sides of us, or should i say there used to be two sides of us. All i can see now is that one side left in us, the EVIL one. 244 more words

Life Problems