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Depends on the Perspective of your mind, & what you think. Porn-star or Rapist ??

via Daily Prompt: Entertain

(Before reading this i want to inform everyone i don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feeling or religion. Please feel free to share your opinions or what you think… 366 more words

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Struggle's Of Homeless

Turn by Turn
Stumbling slowly
Blazing Summer Day
Stormy Rainy Evening
Cold Winter Night
But Whenever
Like a miracle it comes in front of them… 50 more words

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Fighting or Giving in??

I wrote this after observing something’s in my day to day life


At the moment feeling like slashing or destructing my innerself.

That’s the first thought came to the nowadays young generation, teens, childrens… 406 more words

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A Little Different Definition of Depression


A very familiar word usually we here it From time to time, phase it at some point’s of life.


What is it?

Do we know? 174 more words

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A woman is quiet stronger than what some men actually think of her ,they have more strength because they can tolerate monsters of the society, a giant which is from outside and even a bigger giant from inside, which grows and spreads itself like a Banyan tree. 474 more words

Me - The 1975

It is upsetting that music and society tends to shy away from talking about and addressing topics such as mental health.  When music does address it, it is so powerful and moving, and it really helps.  124 more words

Long Way to Go - Gwen Stefani

There are things in this world that we all wish would change, and one of the main issues this world deals with is inequality.  People are not afraid to talk about racial inequalities because talking about it and addressing it is the only way to change it and end it.  133 more words

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