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Money, Life, Values and Entrepreneurship- Challenge Part 1!

Making movies based on popular novels has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.  The world of Telugu Cinema, which has always been open for new risks and adventures did not falter to take up this worthy risk. 2,596 more words


A bit too much for lunch!??

The new television commercial by Milton for its iFresh 100% leak proof tiffin boxes raises a whole set of question marks not pertaining to the product itself. 133 more words

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Are Indian parents ready to accept Ka as Ki and Ki as Ka?

I loved Ki & Ka movie. The concept needed a big boost. And the timing couldn’t be better than today! India is on a transition stage along many dimensions. 535 more words


When a baby takes his birth,

The atmosphere is filled with joy and mirth.

What awaits for him is smile and glee,

From all the family members of thee. 139 more words


Does anyone really know why we say “God bless you,” after someone sneezes?

Hello Dear Friends,

Have you ever noticed we have a habit of saying “God Bless You“, when
someone sneeze near us?
Why we bless someone only when he/she sneezes, not while coughing, burping etc.. 297 more words