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Charlotte's Organized PEACEFUL Protests Against Inequities Ignored... Disorganized DISORDERLY Protests Against Police Get Headlines

William Barber II, president of the North Carolina N.A.A.C.P., founder of the “Moral Monday” movement, and  self-described “pastor and organizer”, wrote a thoughtful and compelling… 634 more words

Black Lives, Black Deaths, and American Social Inequality

Terence Crutcher’s death in Tulsa, Oklahoma is an example of American tragedy repeated ad nauseam. In this troubling event, we see the fears and prejudices of previous generations yet alive in our day, bearing ugly and strange fruit. 904 more words


Grammar schools will benefit very few

Any government that really wanted to raise overall educational attainment would take note of the 1963-4 study by the National Foundation for Education Research and the London Institute for Education which found that all children, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, learn to read and write much faster, and thereby gain readier access to other learning, when English is spelt more systematically. 203 more words

Educational Failure

Michigan, Oklahoma Legislatures are Poster Children for Why ESSA is Bad for Poor Children

A post on the Occupy Democrats blog reports that the Michigan legislature has just passed a bill making it illegal for the residents of Flint MI to sue the state for the crisis it created with the tainted water in their community. 212 more words

Frank Bruni Sees Through US News and World Report Rankings: Will He See Through Charter Myths Next?

NYTimes columnist Frank Bruni devoted his Sunday column to debunking the the rankings published by the USNews and World Report, rankings that tend to overemphasize immaterial things like reputation, the size of the college’s endowment, and “selectivity” while under-emphasizing their ability to provide equitable access to veterans (the focus of Bruni’s recent columns on post secondary education) and minorities and first-time college attendees. 207 more words

Joining the grammar school debate

Weighing in on the grammar school debate

It seems that everyone has a story about their experience of grammar schools, be it going to one, or not going to one. 2,270 more words

Grammar Schools: David Willetts On Reshaping Education System For Social Mobility

According to the Conservative former minister, David Willetts, schools should try and endeavor to improve their system. They should go beyond “not simply by selecting the kids who are going to do best.” 41 more words

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