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The National Implications of Emmanuel's Re-Election Redux

Yesterday I wrote a post based on a NYTimes article describing how Rahm Emmanuel’s “reform” agenda might prove to be his undoing in seeking re-election as mayor of Chicago. 537 more words

The Fruits of Funding Inequity in Ferguson, Missouri

Charles Blow’s column in today’s NYTimes describes the damning findings of the DOJ relative to the police force in Ferguson MO. I believe Blow realizes that the problems Ferguson is experiencing are no different than the problems property poor communities are encountering across the country… and while those communities are not all populated by minorities, they all face daunting challenges because they are economically disadvantaged. 306 more words

Maryland Legislators Should Heed David Hornbeck's Wise Advice

The February 27 featured an editorial by former MD Commissioner and former Philadelphia Superintendent David Hornbeck urging legislators to reject legislation designed to promote the expansion of charter schools. 288 more words

NYC Take Heart! Rahm Emmanuel's Misbegotten School "Reform" MAY Cause Him to Lose Re-Election

As Monica Davey and Julie Bosman reported in today’s NYTimes, Rahm Emmanuel’s public school policy has undermined his re-election as mayor and MAY result in the election of a progressive insurgent candidate, Jesus G. 354 more words

The REAL Violence in Public Education is the Collateral Damage of Class Warfare

Steve Singer’s recent blog post, “The Worst Sort of Violence Against Children” cross posted from The Progressive in Common Dreams describes the collateral damage that occurs when schools are underfunded and, consequently, under-resourced. 460 more words

The Illusions of Social Mobility

One defense of modernity I hear endlessly by progressives of all stripes is that our modern liberal democracy has created true social mobility. Today anyone can go from rags to riches (or at least it… 890 more words

Do we really want social mobility after all?

This past week, a couple of different things have proverbially rocked my world.

This first is Run The Jewels 2, the latest album from El-P and Killer Mike. 622 more words