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EY Level the Playing Field for Social Mobility with New Student Recruitment Process

We are delighted that EY have today opened their student recruitment process for 2015/16, with the headline-grabbing announcement that they have dropped academic screening criteria from their recruitment process. 203 more words

Glenn Reynolds: Obama Gets It Right on Occupational Licensing

Being a licensed educator, I have seen the bizarre licensing process for becoming and remaining a classroom teacher. Rest assured, the process has little or nothing to do with identifying competency or proficiency as a teacher. 327 more words


Alabama and Texas Governors Appoint "Anti-Public School" Evangelicals to State Boards… What Could Go Wrong?

The headline of a recent PoliticusUSA blog post reads:  

Anti-Public School Evangelicals Now Control Alabama and Texas Education Boards

At the same time I read that Congress is working on a compromise on the reauthorization of ESEA that would give the states more power.   121 more words

Poverty's Links to Brain Growth Reinforce it's Adverse Effects on School Performance

A recent study that was widely reported in many news outlets was summarized best in a post in Science Daily. Titled “Poverty’s Most Insidious Damage is to a Child’s Brain”, the post described the findings of researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, who: 262 more words

Political Animals

I was at Latitude working, as I was last year. I overheard many talks and discussions. This one caught my attention so I grabbed my notebook and started making notes. 353 more words