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Starve The Beast, Feed the Angels: The Government Must Be Bled Dry to Help the Privatizers

Diane Ravitch cross posted an essay written by Nancy Wackstein for the Daily Slant titled “Let’s Support ‘Locally Grown’ Social Services”. The premise of the article is that recent RFPs for the provision of services are effectively requiring the consolidation of social services by eliminating the ability of smaller to apply for grants.   387 more words

5,000,000 Children Need More Than Higher Test Scores: They Need A Parent

I just finished reading KJ Dell’Antonia’s latest Well column in the New York Times after watching Michael Moore’s movie “Where to Invade Next” and couldn’t help but think that our country is on the wrong track who it comes to prisons and family support. 525 more words

Pennsylvania's "Experiment" Proves What Everyone Knows: Money Matters

The Public Interest Law Center, a Philadelphia-based organization that advocates for social justice, just completed a study of school funding in Pennsylvania that illustrates the consequences of cuts in State funding and the results were devastating to districts serving poverty stricken children. 618 more words

Maryland is About to Make a BIG Mistake

In the mid-1990s I was Superintendent of Schools in Maryland and served as the Superintendent’s Association representative on the High School Assessment Task Force. During that time period the testing mania that gripped our nation once NCLB was launched was just beginning. 751 more words

The Top Quintile Pulls Away... and Ignores the 80% Left Behind

Thomas Edsall’s NYTimes editorials are full of statistics and analysis and yesterday’s piece, “How the Other Fifth Lives”describes how the top fifth is markedly different from the bottom four quintiles and, sadly, how their priorities do not include addressing the needs of their fellow citizens who are struggling. 716 more words

Class War in the Classroom?

A recent, magnificent article by Sarah Moore in the Guardian got me thinking about the issue of class in the UK. As a teacher from a very lower class background, I find myself in the minority. 1,169 more words

Education Is Vital to American Exceptionalism

George Mason law professor F.H. Buckley has published an article about income inequality in the May/June print edition of the American Conservative. As I said yesterday, TAC restricts access to the online edition of its magazine, so I’ll have to summarize the contents of the piece rather than hyperlinking its text. 719 more words