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Absence trend still downward

Yesterday the DfE issued its annual statistical bulletin on school attendance and absence rates. You can read it at https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/561152/SFR51_2016_text.pdf There are also accompanying tables detailing information at local authority and even at individual school levels, but you might have to do a bit of cross-checking with Edubase to identify school names this year. 451 more words



This is the full version of the article I wrote last month for the International New York Times on the grammar schools debate in Britain. (I cannot publish my… 1,061 more words


Government plans will reallocate nursery funding from poorer to richer children – and no one seems to notice

The government’s grammar schools plans have been covered widely. In contrast, plans to change the funding system for nurseries and pre-schools have received little attention. But these reforms actually pose a greater threat to social mobility than proposals to expand grammar schools, argue… 1,530 more words


NAACP's Resolution Mis-Represented by Privatizers and, in some cases, Media

I heard a news report over the weekend on NPR regarding the NAACP’s controversial resolution calling for a level playing field for privatized charters and public schools. 465 more words

If "Competitive Self-Interest" and "Extreme Individualism" ARE Harmful, How Should Schools Respond?

In Guardian writer George Monbiot’s thought provoking article, “Neoliberalism is Creating Loneliness. That’s What’s Wrenching Society Apart”, he describes the epidemic of mental illness besetting young women in Britain: 637 more words

Young people's contact with employers is worth an extra 4.5% in future pay

Teach First, the education charity, released a report last month highlighting research that interaction with businesses while at school has a direct impact on how much pupils earn in later life. 71 more words

Business Engagement With Schools

Rich man, poor man: thoughts about minimalism's role in social mobility

I read an interesting article a while back on the class politics behind the minimalist movement and how for people of lower socioeconomic backgrounds the philosophy of minimalism is essentially another form of… 600 more words