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We need to talk about class pay gap

Last month the Social Mobility Commission released a report showing a class pay-gap in Britain’s top professions. Those from working class backgrounds earn an average of 17 percent less per year than their middle-class counterparts, for doing the same jobs. 40 more words

Working Class

4. Improve Social Mobility

It’s hard to feel like infrastructure ideas are important when we’re still confronting poverty, violence, hunger, and blight – both here and around the world.  Interestingly, infrastructure does collide with these issues when we look at the impact of sprawl. 741 more words

Social Justice

Hillbilly Elegy: a Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D. Vance

J.D. Vance grows up very poor in the Ohio rustbelt and after deciding to enlist in the Marine Corps eventually he pursues a law degree at Yale.  154 more words


미국 경제의 어두운 이면

좀 길지만, 최근 미국 경제 지표와 이면의 부조리에 대한 자료 정리를 하기 좋은 기사.

Our Miserable 21 century (commentary, 2월 15일자) by Nicholas N. Eberstadt… 14 more words

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People don’t tend to come into teaching for the money. At a pinch, they might come into it for the holidays, but mostly they have higher motives. 397 more words


A wrong answer to a valid question

It was the afternoon of Monday, 13th June, 1955. I sat on a suitcase on the quayside at Princes Pier, Port Melbourne, as, with my family and other immigrants from the UK, I waited for a bus to take us to the Exhibition Buildings near the centre of Melbourne, there to be processed before moving on to a migrant hostel. 1,064 more words

This Just In: There is "..Clear Evidence of the Truth" that Desegregation Works

Thomas Edsall’s column in today’s NYTimes poses what I have to believe is a rhetorical question:

Integration Works. Can It Survive the Trump Era?

As I am certain Mr. 297 more words