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Grammar schools are not the solution to our social mobility crisis

By Kenn Taylor

I’ve done reasonably well career wise so far in life. I’m the Creative Director of an arts organisation, I’ve written for national newspapers, given talks in universities and at national conferences, undertaken international research. 1,575 more words

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This Just In: Brown vs. Board of Education Did Nothing to Help De-Segregate Schools

Over the past several days there have been several articles written about the glacial speed our nation has moved to desegregate schools and why this has been the case. 710 more words

DeVos-Trump Budget Reneges on Loan Forgiveness, Balancing the Budget on the Backs of Public Sector Employees

An element of the DeVos-Trump budget that has not gotten nearly enough coverage is the Department of Education is planning to propose ending the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. 640 more words

NYTimes College Rankings Measure What's Important: Opportunities for Upward Mobility

Hats off to NYTimes columnist David Leonardt for his effort to devise an publicize the College Access Index, a college ranking metric released in yesterdays’  887 more words

Diane Ravitch Identifies Root of Problem: BOTH Political Parties are Beholden to Wall Street... and Wall Street LOVES $$$

In a New Republic article published yesterday, Diane Ravitch savages the Democratic Party for its adoption of an educational policy that mirrors that of the conservative Republicans. 388 more words

Are Racism and Economics the Cause of White Flight... or is it Greed and Politics

This weekend the NYTimes published an op ed article by Leah Bouston, a professor of economics at Princeton, titled “The Culprits Behind White Flight”.  In the article Ms. 939 more words