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The Productivity Paradox: Why Hasn't the Expansion of Technology Improved the Quality of Life?

Paul Krugman’s column in today’s NYTimes, “The Big Meh“, revisits paradoxical questions that emerged from the expansion of technology in the late 1970s: 904 more words

VIDEO: How to Reinvent Education to Save the Economy (from @Truthdig)

VIDEO: How to Reinvent Education to Save the Economy (from @Truthdig).

Robert Reich gets it ALMOST 100% right: we also need to abandon the practice of age-based grouping and adopt competency based learning. 8 more words

What Do Colleges Need to Know of Applicants?

An editorial in today’s NYTimes poses this question in an essay titled “What College Applications Shouldn’t Ask”, and they respond that any questions about a student’s discipline record should be disallowed and they make a compelling argument for their case. 681 more words

Subsidizing Parochial Parents with Public School Funds

Mario Cuomo’s latest stunt involving the use of public funds to subsidize private schools was so blatantly unfair that even the NYTimes editors were appalled! In “ 391 more words

Housing Reform, Social Mobility, School Reform, Equity: Inseparably Inter-related

Several recently published articles indicate that the mainstream media, parents, and politicians are beginning to connect the dots and see that housing reform, social mobility, school reform, and equity of opportunity are all inseparably interrelated. 972 more words

Skid Row, LA: No job. No home. Dignity?

I’ve been visiting Los Angeles on a work trip; it’s been an experience! I was staying in a trailer located within a production warehouse- super artsy/ pretentious but I loved it. 710 more words


The dividing population

Keith Hudson

What is going on in the larger advanced countries — and which is much more powerful than Steve Hilton’s wise words of the preceding post — is a dividing population.  1,169 more words