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Eduardo Porter Calls Out Our Unwillingness to Invest in the Future

In “Considering the Cost of Lower Taxes”, a NYTimes article published earlier this week, columnist Eduardo Porter effectively calls out our nation and voters for their unwillingness to raise taxes to ensure that future generations will have the same level of well being as my generation– the baby-boomers– experienced. 560 more words

Jeff Bryant's Analysis of the GOP Tax Bill... as it is NOW

While I try to avoid reading and blogging about bills that will not pass as they are currently written because I view it as “gossip”, I’m making an exception this morning because I believe the so-called “tax reform” legislation reveals the unvarnished priorities of the GOP. 1,021 more words

Will social and/or class inequality ever change?

My answer on Quora:

If we were to define class inequality as income inequality, then history tells us that it is indeed likely to change. The reasons for those changes is where the real story is. 476 more words

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Navigating the Health Care Market Requires "Agents"... Navigating "Choice" in Schools Will Require the Same

An article in today’s NYTimes by Robert Pear describes an emerging market niche in the health care industry: “…insurance agents and brokers who are often paid by insurers when they help people sign up… 817 more words

International Independent Studies Conclude that Choice Exacerbates the Economic Divide

One of Diane Ravitch’s posts yesterday provided a link to a Global Education Monitoring blog post reporting on a recent study they conducted that concluded that “ 428 more words

The diversity in Edward Enninful's new British Vogue isn't just about skin color

The December 2017 issue of British Vogue—the first full issue under new editor in chief, Edward Enninful, hit newsstands last week, and it has been heralded worldwide for its diversity of representation, from contributing editors such as supermodel Naomi Campbell to contributors including author Zadie Smith and pop star Zayn Malk. 594 more words

My satirical essay ‘After “posh and white”: the 50-year slog towards achieving educational equality’ finished in the top 10 of the Economic and Social Research Council’s writing competition, …

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