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NYC Tracking System in the Spotlight... and It Is NOT a Pretty Picture

Over the past several days, numbers articles have appeared in the NY media praising or assailing Mayor Bill De Blasio’s call to expand the number of minority students in NYC’s elite schools by de-emphasizing the SHSAT tests that serve as the de facto sole metric for admission. 797 more words

NY Times Upshot Analyses Show that Money Matters. Will the Editorial Board Wake Up to that Reality?

I receive periodic updates from the NYTimes Upshot articles which provide interesting statistical analyses and visual presentations of various data points. Yesterday’s email included two posts that underscore the favorable impact that wealth has on opportunities. 586 more words

Action needed to tackle stalled social mobility

This article is brought to you in association with OECD.

As income inequality has increased since the 1990s, social mobility has stalled, meaning that fewer people at the bottom have moved up while the richest have largely kept their fortunes. 539 more words


De Blasio's Proposal to End Test-Based Admissions Generating Healthy--- and Unhealthy Dialogue

Over the past several days score of articles have appeared regarding NYC Mayor De Blasio’s proposal to end the test-based admissions policy that results in racial and socio-economic imbalances in NYC’s “elite” high schools. 1,039 more words

An Obvious Solution to the Elite NYC High School Dilemma: Add More of Them! The Impediment? $$$$

A recent City and State article by Tom Allon and Rafeal Espinal offers an obvious solution to the problem posed by having 30,000 applicants seeking placement in NYC’s so called “elite high schools”: Open more of them! 405 more words

Bad Metrics Not Limited to Education: Employment Rates Mis-measure Our Economy Too

Earlier this week, President Trump effectively released the employment figures before the official announcement and, in so doing, reinforced the notion that low unemployment rates are a sign of economic well-being. 757 more words

The Governance of a "System of Schools" is Different from the Governance of a "School System"

Yesterday Diane Ravitch featured a lengthy post by parent activist Jane Nylund that brilliantly captured the difference in the governance of a “system of schools” as compared to a “school system”. 295 more words