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Lower Prices for TVs and Lower Wages Are Moving Us Away From Democracy

Paul Theroux’s blistering op ed article that will appear in tomorrows NYTimes contrasts the billionaire’s magnanimous desire to “help the poor” in economically deprived nations with their practice of off-shoring jobs and neglecting the problems created here at home. 335 more words

In Pennsylvania, Race Results in Lower State Funding, Diminished Opportunity

I have written many blog posts on funding inequities and the reasons behind those inequities. The primary reason for funding inequity is our country’s reliance on property taxes to fund public education. 551 more words

Two Articles Draw One Conclusion: Being Born Poor is a HUGE Obstacle

Over the past month I’ve read several articles describing the deep hole those born into poverty must dig out of in order to improve there economic standing… and increasingly African Americans are experiencing far more poverty than their white counterparts. 495 more words

The American Dream in Practice

The Hays code or the production code was a kind of censorship that film directors and producers began to follow in the 30’s. Some of the hard limits that were enforced included “pointed profanity, nudity, sex.” While suggestions of vulgarity were frowned upon, they were often let go. 487 more words


Drug Laws Based on "War" Sent Millions to Prisons, Failed to Treat the Disease

Today’s NYTimes has an op ed piece by CCNY professor Michael Javen Fortner who’s book Black Silent Majority: The Rockefeller Drug Laws and the Politics of Punishment”  406 more words

NewVIc breaks all its university progression records.

Newham Sixth Form College (NewVIc) has always had high rates of university progression, both in terms of numbers and the proportion of leavers progressing. These have consistently been well above the national and London averages. 436 more words