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Economic Outlook: The "Neighborhood Effect" on Social Mobility

The “Neighborhood Effect” on Personal Development:

In a recent blog, we examined Harvard economist Raj Chetty’s study on the “Neighborhood Effect” on social mobility–how  1,558 more words

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Heritage Foundation and Club For Growth Offer Preposterous Portability Proposal for NCLB Repeal

Think Progress blogger Casey Quinlan reports that the Heritage Foundation and the Club for Growth, two powerful conservative lobbying groups, undercut the last round of negotiations on the repeal of NCLB because it was intent on getting an amendment— the A-Plus Plan— incorporated in the bill. 448 more words

The Result of Cutting School Funding in 1970s: Homelessness and Class Immobility

Today’s NYTimes features an op-ed article by Hector Tobar titled “Welcome to Hooverville, California” describing the increased homelessness in his hometown of Los Angeles. Born in South America, Mr. 279 more words

Birth Control, Poverty, and School Success

An article by Sabrina Travernise in today’s NYTimes described the astonishingly positive results the state of Colorado experienced by issuing free long-acting contraceptives to teenagers and young adults: 540 more words

Social mobility in the UK: Elitism and Mistakes

In a report published by The Telegraph, it was found that in a study of over 7000 students, privately-educated students are more likely to gain better degrees and entry to selective Russell Group universities. 1,537 more words


Social Mobility, Decommodification and Welfare

I attended a fascinating workshop on Thursday in Manchester, with a range of speakers discussing various aspects of social mobility. It was one of those workshops you’re really happy you attended. 1,007 more words


Unpaid internships or, Why I really appreciate the Scottish Human Rights Commission

There’s been a lot in the news recently about internships. There is increasing pressure on young people to have more than just academic credentials when they leave university. 1,104 more words

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