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If we want to improve social mobility, we have to address child poverty

By Kerris Cooper and Dr Kitty Stewart

A recent report by the Social Mobility Commission was damning in its evaluation of the little progress that has been made by successive governments in reducing inequalities. 879 more words

In the World of Economic Development, Parents are on a Par with Criminals

Blogger Jeff Bryant seems to find especially egregious examples of government leaders’ declarations about the value of public education. In a post published by the  876 more words

Education Tax Credits Save Taxpayers Money, Destroy Public Education

Late last month a Progressive article by Dora Taylor outlined four things about education tax credits (aka Education Savings Accounts in NH) that Betsy DeVos and her allies at ALEC do not want the public to understand. 852 more words

Rahm Emmanuel's Agreeable Fantasy: A High School Graduation Standard Will Fix Public Schools

Last week Washington Post eduction blogger Valerie Strauss wrote a post titled “Really Rahm? The Chicago Mayor’s Newest Far-Fetched Plan for High Schools“. The post describes Chicago mayor Rahm Emaanuel’s latest idea for “reform”: 692 more words

In Betsy DeVos' World Civil Rights Investigations are "Neutral"... In the Real World, OCR Needs to Champion Victims of Racism and Sexism

A recent Politco post by Caitlin Emma detailed one of the most alarming developments in the United States Department of Education: the decision to diminish the so-called activist role of the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) that is part of their mission. 810 more words

Is the Privatization of Poorly Designed and Delivered Public Education in Africa a Harbinger for the US?

Diane Ravitch wrote two posts yesterday that linked to two separate NYTimes columns dealing with the Bridge International Academies, a privatized education service offered in several African nations funded by “social impact investments”.   1,111 more words

Playing the Long Game in Public Education- Part One

Over the past couple of days I had the opportunity to hear two great presentations: one by Ken Burns who showed a preview of his forthcoming series on Vietnam to a full house of 900+ at Dartmouth College and one by Shaun King, who gave a challenging and insightful lecture on racism to a group of roughly 100 people at Thetford Academy. 805 more words