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Selection Problems

A couple of weeks ago, Theresa May’s new Conservative government took us back to 1997. Fear not: we’ve not returned to the days before the Human Rights Act 1998, but the grammar school is back. 961 more words


If We Can Conquer the FRESHMAN Fear of Failure, Why Not Conquer the KINDERGARTEN Fear of Failure

David Kirp’s Fixes column in today’s NYTimes describes an intervention used at a college that halved the failure rate of Freshman “students from disadvantaged backgrounds”. As part of their orientation to college, these incoming students were asked to either read “ 178 more words

Crude But Accurate Tweet Rant Captures Conundrum of Towns Left Behind... and the Need to Change "The School Game"

Chris Arnade, a Ph.D. physicist who worked on Wall Street for 20 years spent three years traveling around our country to places most people never see… and he came away frustrated at what he witnessed and full of insights about poverty. 341 more words


I don’t like ladders.  If ever there is a need to go up into the loft, be it to fetch down the Christmas decorations, or to investigate the water or something, it is not me who clambers up, not if I can help it.  996 more words


Given the Choice, White Parents Seek Schools Serving Affluent Children... Who Are Mostly White

Diane Ravitch wrote a post yesterday based on a blog post written by Durham NC educator Rita Rathbone for Education Post, a site that is generally favorable toward charter schools. 493 more words

Free and Reduced Lunch Eligibility is a Misleading Metric... and it Masks the Widening Inequality in Schools

Today’s NYTimes has an op ed article by Susan Dynarsky describing the flaws with our country’s current metric for measuring poverty in schools: free and reduce lunch counts. 593 more words