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By Eva Baranova: Education Columnist.


Tuition fees are rising at a time when social inequality is at the forefront of national debate. But do higher fees necessarily mean less opportunity? 1,234 more words


No justification for QUB management proposal to increase fees

NI Executive must take control of funding provided for higher education to ensure working-class children are not excluded

Proposals to increase fees further indefensible at a time when senior management draw six figure salaries and students are leaving with five figure debts… 270 more words

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But Some Are More Equal Than Others

It is a basic law of nature that if you debate enough SJWs eventually you will be told to “check your privilege”. The basic premise of this ever so cleaver argument by the left is that if one happens to be born white/straight/male/advantaged in some other way you will not have the same experiences of discrimination, oppression, prejudice as someone less fortunate to you and therefore are lacking in the perspective that this brings. 787 more words

The "American Dream" Moved to Canada - By Chuck Collins

The “American Dream” Moved to Canada

Thursday, 21 July 2016 – By Chuck Collins, OtherWords | Op-Ed

Does your family aspire to the American Dream… 158 more words


NYTimes Report on Mike Pence's Education Record is Appalling!

Kate Zernicke’s article in todays NYTimes describing Mike Pence’s record as a Governor is appallingly inaccurate and unfair. Misleadingly titled “Mike Pence’s Record on Education is One of Turmoil and Mixed Results”, the article describes only turmoil and no positive results for children whatsoever, unless you count the passage of a $15 million dollar preschool program serving a handful of poor children in five counties as “positive”. 323 more words

Fordham Foundation Finds Flaws in Ohio's Voucher Program

Last week the Columbus Dispatch released a story that reported on the findings of a Fordham Foundation study:

…according to new study that found many students who used vouchers to attend private schools fared worse on state reading and math tests compared with their peers in public schools.

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Intergenerational social mobility: a Europe wide picture

Marii Paskov, Institute for New Economic Thinking and Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford, Erzsébet Bukodi, Nuffield College, University of Oxford and Brian Nolan, Institute for New Economic Thinking, University of Oxford… 730 more words

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