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An example of misguided CEIAG blaming

As someone who likes keeping up to date with CEIAG policy changes and events, I read a lot of articles both in the mainstream and specialist media who give CEIAG a right good thwacking. 652 more words

CEIAG Policy

Derrell Bradford's Thoughtful Insights on the Benefits of Choice

When I saw a link to an article in the pro-choice, pro-voucher publication The 74 that countered the compelling arguments advanced by NYTimes writer Nichole Hannah-Jones, I was tempted to skip it, believing it would be a shallow and infuriating screed that reinforced the often simplistic positions taken by writers on that website. 824 more words

The Fruits and Roots of Terrorism: 5 Profiles of Children Who Cannot Attend School

The NYTimes ran heart-wrenching profiles of five Afghani children who will not be attending school this year. The main reason they cannot go is because they must work to earn money because they are separately poor or because one or both of their parents have died. 286 more words

Supreme Court Decides in Favor of Special Education Parent, Sets Stage for More Downshifting of Costs, Public School Budget Increases

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court unanimously supported the parents of an autistic child who unilaterally withdrew their child from school and sought tuition reimbursement. In what will surely become a landmark case for public education,  1,011 more words

The Power of Crowd - Part Three: the Consequences of Change

As I outlined in the earlier articles I believe we are at a crucial inflection point for the internet. While it has become integral and beneficial to many people, the way it is currently being used strays from the principles of the open web, in terms of equality of access, freedom of speech and transparency. 1,225 more words

Thomas Edsall Describes the Vicious Circle of Poverty, Fails to Describe the Best Way Out

In his NYTimes column yesterday, Thomas Edsall offered an insightful and thorough description of the vicious circle of poverty with graphs, research citations, raw data, and paragraphs like this that summarize his findings: 899 more words