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Rahm Emmanuel's Big Idea Will Require Big Dollars, and a Big Shift in the Role of Counselors

As a HS administrator in the late 1970s, I concluded that the students who succeeded in high school were the ones who entered ninth grade with some idea about what they wanted to gain from the experience. 859 more words

Politico Report Finds that Metrics Matter... and US News and World Report's Metrics for Colleges Are Increasing Inequality

We are approaching the time when US News and World Report issues its annual analysis of colleges, a report that was launched in 1983 and became, in the magazine’s own words from… 917 more words

Stanford Report Finds that Privatized Charters Do Worse Than ANY Type of School.. Why Isn't THIS a Big Story?

Earlier this week, both Diane Ravitch and the Atlantic magazine reported on the release of a report from Stanford University that studied the effectiveness of various kinds of charter schools, and the results show that so-called “government schools” with their “regulations that strangle innovation” do far better than privatized de-regulated charter schools. 327 more words

This Just In: Statistics Support Segregation, Inequality In Public Schools

I often write about the trends toward resegregation and inequality, so often I sometimes think that I might be overstating the case for each. But today’s  240 more words

The Shareholder's Credo: "Focus on Core Competence and Outsource the Rest"

A New York Times article by Neil Irwin on changes in the employment of janitors by two different technology companies over the past three decades illustrates why our current corporate practices are contributing to the widening divide in earnings and opportunities. 643 more words

In an Evidence Based World, Deregulated Charter Schools Would be Banned. In Our World of Magical Thinking About Free Markets, They Will Expand... and Children Raised in Poverty Will Lose

This weekend the NYTimes publishes its semi-annual Education issue, and the articles from that special supplement have been emerging in the past couple of days indicate that our country is ignoring evidence about the seemingly intractable problems facing our public schools. 880 more words

The End of DACA Is the End of Dreams for 800,000... and Schools Across America Feel the Ripple

In one of the most horrific decisions made by President Trump, 800,000 technically “illegal immigrants” are scheduled to be deported because their parents brought them to our country as economic or political refugees. 523 more words