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Path, Selebriti-Mikro, dan "Perubahan"

Baru (atau “Sudah”) sebelas bulan saya menggunakan Path sebagai salah satu media sosial saya. Sudah sebanyak 577 momen yang saya abadikan dalam platform ini. Artinya, dengan asumsi sederhana bahwa satu bulan terdiri dari tiga puluh hari, maka di setiap harinya rata-rata saya mengunggah 1,748 momen. 1,704 more words


A couple weeks ago I was at a party talking with a lawyer from California. He was cool, and at some point we veered off into discussing politics. 236 more words

GYASA Interactions: Professor Mahendra P Lama

27th July, 2015: GYASA expresses gratitude to Professor Mahendra P. Lama for taking time to see us at Jawaharlal Nehru University. It was a fruitful session where we felt intellectually enriched in the session. 547 more words

Jawaharlal Nehru University

Adversity in Diversity

By Matthew Chase

For those who did not see the news reports back in January 2015, there was a recent stir of controversy around a billboard near Springville, Alabama, that stated: “Diversity means chasing down the very last white person. 828 more words

Matthew Chase

A very surreal gathering

The streets of Frankfurt are alive with gatherings focused on politics or on fun. People take to the streets to advocate racism and then again to make a fist against it, for a pay-rise or against the financial system. 189 more words


Driving social change in Africa: thanks to social media.

My hopes are rekindled, my desire for a better world is boosted for i know my voice is heard by the people who will have never had a voice. 417 more words

Global Poverty Eradication

South. Sudan is Africa we have to save Her

If the images and videos of what is happening in our newborn baby country won’t move your heart, then I guess we have a big problem. 67 more words

Global Poverty Eradication