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I'm typing this from an all night cafe called Alleycat in Fort Collins, Colorado...

This is a cafe worthy of documenting.  Notes to the Swedish Underground — imitation is the best form of flattery.  Also:  Necessity is the Mother of Invention. 65 more words

Resist Lesser Evilism

Dandelion Salad

Editorial Staff
September 23, 2016

The pressure to vote for Hillary Clinton is becoming ever more intense. But the left has to resist the political logic of lesser evilism that the Democrats rely on every four years. 2,218 more words


Penney & Dadas, "(Re)Tweeting in the service of protest"

Penney & Dadas. “(Re)Tweeting in the service of protest” new media & society 2013 (16 pages)

Much like Jolly’s discussion of Greenham women, Penney and Dadas look toward how a digital, electronic web operates in social movements. 565 more words


Jolly, “Women’s Peace Movement”

Jolly looks to the protest campaign of the Greenham women who focused their movement on building community through a “web” or network facilitated by various epistolary correspondence: personal letters, chain letters, newsletters/bulletins, banners, postcards, shawls, scarves, t-shirts, etc. 368 more words


Smile Program - You Project

Smile Program adalah salah satu program riset bersama untuk meningkatkan taraf hidup orang banyak (Join Research Development Program) antara NGO Ryukensei dan NGO 1st ecological aid yang didukung oleh kerja berjejaring dengan Studio Pohaci, Itenas, dan Unpar yang dilaksanakan di Desa Cukang Genteng, Ciwidey… 325 more words

Soundtrack of Resistance: ‘Where is The Love?’ reboot

Throughout history, music has interwoven with the political. Meaningful lyrics, vivid tones, vibrant rhythms and meaningful lyrics have resulted as soundtracks for movements of change. 316 more words