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Conference Trip: California Sociological Association 2015

Earlier this November, we had the honor and pleasure of attending the annual conference for the California Sociological Association where Rosa Conrad and SocRogueScholars contributor, … 575 more words

Matthew Chase

[New publication] Like finding a needle in a pile of needles: Political violence and the perils of a brave new digital world

For the second year I a row I was able to partner with the great folks at the journal Critical Studies on Terrorism and publish an issue of the journal featuring articles researched and written by my students at Georgetown. 491 more words


Whose Lives Matter on Social Media?

It’s difficult not to think about social media all the time, but it’s been one of the few things on my mind for the past week with what’s happening at Mizzou and now the slew of global tragedies. 1,532 more words


Ethnography is great (and why it won’t catch on)

Time is short in research and business.  Important questions still get asked, but we seek snapshot answers – questionnaire surveys, focus groups, polls which have little to do with the texture or complexity of everyday life.  714 more words


Good Sign!

Nordstrom is pushing the envelope even further than this recent movement among retailers to be closed on Thanksgiving.  They say there won’t be any Christmas displays until Black Friday, saying that they feel it’s best to celebrate one holiday at a time.   160 more words