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The International Association of Chiefs of Police Comes to Philadelphia

Photos and text by: Danielle Corcione

The International Association of Chiefs of Police annual conference began on Saturday, October 22 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. 215 more words


Big Data

Big data adalah istilah yang digunakan untuk menggambarkan data yang disimpan dalam jumlah besar (more than terabyte), beragam, dan tumbuh dalam sepersekian detik dengan kecepatan yang sangat tinggi. 112 more words

Science And Technology


Me Too. We’ve all seen those two words spread like wildfire across social media. Every single one of my friend on Twitter has over the past twenty-four hours tweeted the words “Me Too”. 530 more words

Hearts and Minds

An impassioned voice is enough to awaken hearts and encourage others. Together, they will serve to amplify a message and rally the masses.

In a democracy, where both hardened and enlightened hearts exist; can silence ever be golden?

How To Operate Your Earth Suit

For the Greater Good, or Slacktivism?

Camilla Thurlow, recent Love Island runner up, is a prime example of a celebrity utilizing their position of privilege for the greater good. Her Instagram page is essentially an activist campaign of its own. 309 more words

#HeForShe... Online Activism

Activism campaigns were initially carried out by everyday people on the streets like the Montgomery Bus Boycott, however, Social Media enables the opportunity for online social movements. 309 more words

Further From Home, But Wiser Than Ever: Tales Of An Irish Satisficer

In the glorious journey that is becoming a better decision maker, there are various strategies that one can use. More often than not, you’ll be required to step out of your comfort zone. 483 more words