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Beyond Left and Right, Beyond Red and White: Framing the Liberation War in Donbass

  By: Nina Kouprianova

Beyond Left and Right, Beyond Red and White: Framing the Liberation War in Donbass

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“There are no separate Russia or Ukraine, but one Holy Rus” – Elder Iona of Odessa… 2,918 more words


Inisiasi Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia di Irlandia

Baru saja saya selesai bercengkrama dengan rekan-rekan mahasiswa Indonesia yang berada di Irlandia dengan menggunakan media Google Hangout. Mereka bertanya kepada saya perihal tata cara mendirikan Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesia (PPI). 359 more words



Anyone who knows anything about politics in the 21st century is well aware that the left and right are two arms belonging to the same body and that neither should be used as a frame of reference for what is right and wrong; not only because in practice they both operate to serve the almighty dollar first and foremost but also because labels alone are stereotypes and can be viewed negatively in themselves without considering what they represent. 471 more words

An Amazing Street Play

Back in New York… or shall I say the freezer? I had thought that below a certain level of cold – say minus 10 – it is all the same, which is too cold. 170 more words


Effective Social Campaigns and Emotional Mobilization

Emotions play a key role in the inception, expansion, and longevity of social campaigns. A strong emotional impetus is useful not only for prompting bodies and brains to act, but for also generating collective identities and solidarity among very diverse members of social campaigns. 685 more words

Social Media

Power in Numbers

I was watching Edward Snowden talk about his incredible journey since he famously leaked a series of classified NSA documents back in 2013. It occurred to me that Edward, along with Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning and a handful of others would all be facing imprisonment and prosecution of sorts for the remainder of their lives. 841 more words


Flawed People Not Flawed Movement

I’m busy with camp this week so here is a great quote to get you thinking :)

In truth, feminism is flawed because it is a movement powered by people and people are inherently flawed.

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