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My (Un)Documented Life






Consumerism vs. Activism

Food Justice has been hijacked. It has been taken over by big agro-industry to appeal to a upper middle class to make bank. Companies like Walmart, which supplies the most amount organic food to consumers in the U.S., are cashing in on the privilege of changing one’s consumer buying options. 171 more words


What is Food Justice?

The food justice movement is here to defend systematically impoverished communities where food deserts make inexpensive and healthy food inaccessible.

Food justice has two-main forms: upper-middle class consumerism and reforming huge agro-industry, and initiatives linked to systematically impoverished/oppressed communities such as community gardens and farm-to-school programs. 328 more words

Food Justice Movement

Trumped Up Democracy: 10 Reflections on the 2016 Elections and the Future

Trump up: “to devise deceitfully or dishonestly, as an accusation; fabricate.”

The 2016 election was one massive and long trumped up affair – full of deceit, dishonesty and fabrications. 2,274 more words

My Peaceful Protest

Many of us — especially outside of big cities — do not have a direct experience of protest.

What we see on the news is often negative. 86 more words


Day 1

I am sitting here writing a blog, something I never thought I would do, after a lot of deep analysis about some recent issues. If you know me then it is no shock that I was deeply analyzing something prior to taking action. 326 more words

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