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A Social Movement to End Stigma Against Neurological Conditions

It is no secret that society puts a very negative image on those with neurological conditions. From Autism to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to Schizophrenia, many fear that coming forward about their conditions will consequently lead to alienation. 961 more words

High School

Why is Vegan the Answer?

Veganism is the fastest growing social movement in the history of the planet.

There are three main aspects to Veganism, they are – ┬áthe animals, human health and the environment. 518 more words


Everyday Artistry

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together. – Vincent Van Gogh

I think we all understand the myth of the overnight success story. 153 more words

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Modern Institution of Literature in China and Taiwan (Sung-sheng Yvonne Chang)

Institution: University of Texas-Austin

Discipline: (East) Asian Studies

Course code: ANS 385

Year offered: 2015

Syllabus is public upon request and notification of contributing professor.


Everyday Revolutionary Tips For Introverts

Everyday Revolutionaries comes from all kinds of temperamental backgrounds, in fact, the more varied our approaches the stronger the effort. People who are generally more comfortable with interaction in groups and who are naturally outgoing seem to fit the mold of what we believe a “mover and shaker” is. 45 more words

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Go The Distance!

The Everyday Revolutionary knows that making change is a 5K (or more!) rather than a sprint. Be prepared to go the distance to see your effort through to the end! 9 more words

The Everyday Revolutionary

The Message

It might sound like oversimplification, but the message is what you’re trying to get across. Sometimes the message gets lost in the execution of the plan. 33 more words

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