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Social change through "Social Ecology" in Montreal

By Théo Rouhette

How can a citizen community use popular education and social action in order to transform society and its institutions toward an ecological, egalitarian and democratic future? 671 more words


C16/31b "Lucifer’s Game" what is really going on?

Choose Positive Living with Sara Troy and her guest Will Schneider, airs August  2nd-8th

Lucifer’s Game is a tale of intrigue. It takes you on a witty, yet profoundly deep dive into the inner realm of our very humanity. 832 more words

Sara Troy CPL

People's Justice & Peace Convention interview

Interview of Greg Coleridge about the July 15-17 People’s Justice & Peace Convention in Cleveland
City Watch, WBAI, New York City / July 9, 2016… 8 more words

The Role of Allies in the Fight for Equity

It is said that fiction imitates reality, and this week I read a book that affirmed that statement. The book in question is called Poles Apart by Terry Fallis. 829 more words


"Engage the Real Enemy" by Dr.J.

My prayer is that of Elisha. God, open the eyes of your people. Even though there is a physical war; it is a spiritual war. Open our eyes please Jesus. 235 more words

Spiritual Warfare

Oromia: #OromoProtests: Gabaasa Fincila Xumura Garbummaa (FXG) Oromiyaa 2016 ( June)

Gincii, Amboo, Jalduu, Gudar, Giddaa Ayyaanaa, Mandii, Najjoo, Laaloo Assaabii, Jaarsoo, Gullisoo, Bojjii, Gujii, Dambi Doolloo, Gimbii, Naqamtee, Buraayyuu, sabbataa, Dirree Incinnii, Adaamaa, Harammayyaa, Mattuu, Baale (Robee), Madda Walabu, Walliisoo, Tulluu Boolloo, Sulultaa (Caancoo), Horroo Guduruu, Buuraayyuu, Dirree Dhawaa, Calanqoo, Ada’aa Bargaa, Baddannoo, Holootaa, Shaashee, Awaday (E. 13,898 more words