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Interview with Kristin Ross | May ’68: Beyond Artificial Commemorations and Remembrances

Interview by Yavor Tarinski. You can find the interview in Greek here.

Kristin Ross gave an interview for Babylonia journal, analyzing the meanings and significances of May ’68. 2,238 more words


Towards a pluralist labor geography: Constrained grassroots agency and the socio-spatial fix in Dȇrsim, Turkey


This paper explores the interplay between capital, socio-spatial structure and grassroots agency in the context of the recent trajectories of labor geography. Based on field research conducted in Dȇrsim, Turkey, our analysis unfolds the constraining role of socio-spatial structure in the agency and praxis of grassroots movements and their geography-making and crisis-displacement from below. 138 more words

Political Economy

México y el movimiento estudiantil del 68: una transición incompleta

Con niveles de violencia insólitos y en medio de un año electoral que, ingenuamente, se augura como un momento histórico de transformación política por unos, el 50º aniversario del movimiento estudiantil de 1968 es un recordatorio que la transición democrática que muchos soñaban aún se encuentra pendiente. 1,886 more words


The Alt-Right's Friends in the Media

It has been said by many observers that the Alt-Right, a band of pro-white chauvinists, white supremacists, and neo-nazis “memed” their way into the White House. 4,196 more words


Ecological distribution conflicts as forces for sustainability: an overview and conceptual framework


Can ecological distribution conflicts turn into forces for sustainability? This overview paper addresses in a systematic conceptual manner the question of why, through whom, how, and when conflicts over the use of the environment may take an active role in shaping transitions toward sustainability. 195 more words

Natural Resources And Society

Observations on Trump's Forest

If you’re looking to read something with a huge amount of political insight, you’re in the wrong place. I’m disinterested in politics at best. Most of the current social movements bore me. 868 more words

Random Thought

A Brief Summary of Anti-Rape Movements in the US

Anti-rape movements in the United States are often thought of as starting in the 1970’s with white, middle-class women taking to the streets to protest rape and promote gender equality. 400 more words

Sexual Violence