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Millennial Madness

Every generation faces its’ own challenges. History has shown that young people tend to rebel against the constructs of the previous generations. Baby boomers grew out their hair and sang about love in protest of the Vietnam War, Gen Xers relied on punk rock to fight back the status quo of the 80’s and 90’s, but what have millennials done? 410 more words


All Lives Matter, Obviously!

I have been looking for a good place to express my frustration about the endless variations of “Black Lives Matter” that are annoyingly circulating social media. 380 more words

is black lives matter a social movement?

People often ask if a political group is a “movement.” In what sense is Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter a movement? In the social sciences, protest movements are often defined by the following: 229 more words


Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

I’m reading another book on China called “Almost a Revolution.” It’s a memoir, and the author is involved in student groups and organizing activism. He keeps falling short of creating a movement because he is either afraid of the government or they infiltrate his groups and disband it through fear. 712 more words

Terima Kasih Kakak-Kakak! (Proyek ke-12 BeriBuku)

Halo teman-teman!

Hore! Sekarang adik-adik di SMK Al Husain Magelang memiliki cukup buku untuk belajar.

Terima kasih yaa teman-teman semua! Usaha kami tidak dapat berdampak besar tanpa dukungan dari kalian semua yang telah membantu menyebarkan informasi mengenai #BeriBuku dan berpartisipasi aktif dalam proyek #BeriBuku . 41 more words


Informal Labor Movements in India

by Rina Agarwala

Since the 1980s, as governments have reduced state welfare rhetoric and policy, the proportion of unprotected, “informal” workers has increased. As a result, we have witnessed an unexpected increase in the proportion of the world’s workers who do not receive secure wages or social benefits either from employers or the state. 1,375 more words

Social Movements

The War On Culture

It is heart-breaking but horrifically fascinating to see Isis use culture as a weapon of war. Ironically it would appear that they fully appreciate the power of cultural language embedded in design and architecture, in a way that western governments currently cutting their arts funding are failing to grasp.  361 more words

Social Movements