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Vote Shaming: Privilege, Conscience, and Third Parties

Over the years, I have often been either annoyed or indifferent to the election cycle.  Elections are more or less something to be endured.  Time and time again, I watch from the sidelines as two capitalist puppets duke it out over just how shitty the country gets to be over the next four years.  1,698 more words



Gentrifiers and Developers: We Are Watching is an artists and activists project featuring large-scale projections of local residents in a context where violence is occurring. In the photograph above, a community of mostly African American residents are being displaced by an effort to build luxury apartments. #WeAreWatching


On 16th June 1976 — Learn and Teach Magazine

On the 16th June ten years ago people went home at the end of the day, as always. But when they turned on their radios and opened their newspapers, they knew South Africa would never be the same again.

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40 Years Later

By Zoleka Qodashe The backdrop against which the June 16 Uprising unfolded was born out of the sheer desire for an education system to which black students identified & frustration with a system sought to take away the identity of the black child.

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Township pity vs. empowerment

(Thulani Madondo, executive director KYP and Olivia Taylor, CEO Four Elements Conservation) I recently visited the vibrant Sowetan district of Kliptown. Growing up as a well-off, white South African can really separate you from the majority of the country.

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bias in social movement research

Earlier this week, we discussed the need to study failed movements, not just the successes. Here, I want to draw attention to the general issue of bias in social movement research. 178 more words