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Do not forget 2006: Street Art & Revolutionary Memory

By Katie Rita

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2006 no se olvide: Arte Callejero & la Memoria Revolucionaria 

By Katie Rita

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Commencement Speech Parents Need to Hear

The real truths about Millennials, 21st century skills, the roles they play, workforce development and responsibilities assumed in their lives…All covered in a commencement speech. 6 more words

Cultural Competence

Let's Stop Fighting Corrupt Politicians and Begin Revolutionizing Politics

I’ve got news for you all, especially the political revolutionaries. This will likely be a post that will upset a good many of you. I hope, though, that you will be open-minded enough to at least consider what it is I have to say because it is VERY important. 1,167 more words

Women-Led Movements versus Mixed-Gender Movements 

By Manisha Desai

From Black lives Matter to the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton women leaders are highly visible in politics not only in the United States but also around the world.   742 more words

Women-led Movements

Progressive Society Is a Pipe Dream

I don’t know what it is, maybe the fact that I’m an adult now; the fact that I’m not stuck in the horrors of the high school system; the fact that I’m at university learning about things such as the effects of binary oppositions over time and misogynism in popular fiction, but I can’t stand a lot of people and things that are perpetuated over social media like confetti like I used to. 600 more words


The Politics of Science Fiction: Kim Stanley Robinson and the Rise of Solarpunk

A while back, I submitted an academic paper on the politics of science fiction and how Kim Stanley Robinson was using his knowledge of hard science to create science fiction stories that realize more utopian (or solarpunk) themed outcomes. 2,847 more words

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