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Considering pro-ana as a sexual and gender youth subculture

I had the very great privilege to co-author a chapter with my supervisor, Professor Mary Jane Kehily, for the collection  Children, Sexuality and Sexualization recently published by Palgrave: 706 more words

Are we the 99%? The corporatization of activism and cooptation of social protests

Mass struggles and civil unrest have raged since the 2008 financial crisis. Across the world students, workers and environmentalists are taking to the streets fighting for social justice and against neoliberal austerity or state repressions. 307 more words


Ignition Switch: Xenophobia in a Planetizing World

Disclaimer: Any assessment of world events is purely provisional, subject to authors bias, and the bias from media sources, the analysis could be incomplete, any prediction offered is subject to being in error and purely speculative. 3,923 more words


ABC of Queer: B for Burnout: the label that keeps on not giving!

While I was at the Non-monogamies Conference in Lisbon recently a young woman in the Q & A section after a session asked about burnout amongst activists. 724 more words

Social Movements

The Truth Humanity Forgot: All Life is Sacred.

The other day I wrote about why I believe “Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter” ought to coexist as rallying cries that mutually reinforce and support one another. 2,075 more words

Why I think Class War are Shite

While I was in Portugal at a conference somebody told me that people were rioting in the East End. They said that they had attacked an establishment because of what it represented. 96 more words