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Artist: Aretha Franklin

Album: I Never Loved a Man the Way I love You

Year: 1967

Song’s background:

One of the most known song was written in the 60’s – the beginning of different social movements for equal rights. 159 more words


La sociedad civil actúa ante la irresponsabilidad de los gobiernos: Tribunal Internacional de los Derechos de la Naturaleza



“Cualquier cosa contraria a la Naturaleza lo es también a la razón;

cualquier cosa contraria a la razón es absurda”

 Baruch de Spinoza


            “Un árbol no tiene ningún significado para una empresa”, afirmó Mirian Cisneros, presidenta kichwa de la comunidad amazónica de Sarayaku. 1,262 more words


The Rise of the Alt-Right – Why Now?

This blog first appeared on Wicked-solutions.blog.

For many Americans, the rise of the alt-right is distressing. We are not accustomed to white supremacists marching down our streets, advocating for the preservation of “white identity.” So, why is it happening now? 889 more words


Revolutionary Women at the Turn of the Century: Russian Rebels and British Suffragettes

You will be creating posters reflecting the views and philosophies of the revolutionary women who advocated for radical social change before, during, and after World War I. 147 more words

Notes And Homework

A Coming Democratic Wave? 

Nov 9, 2017 (San Diego) The Women’s March was an open rebuke of the newly inaugurated President of the United States. That was a cold January morning, and it happened across the country. 840 more words


Polytechnio, Exarcheia

Friday, 4 March 2016. I got off the bus a couple of stops before Omonia to check out the Faculty of Architecture, which is housed in a building known as Polytechnio in the central district of Exarchia.

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