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Corruption in Latin America: making the common heritage for accumulation by dispossession

By Hernán Vargas

Published in https://albamovimientosperu.blogspot.mx

If one asks anyone in the streets of Santiago de Chile, La Paz, Lima, Caracas or Mexico City about the main problems in their country, it is very likely that corruption is one of the first names. 2,453 more words


The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

…May ’68, Nuit Debout and Romanticizing Struggles

by Jade Ascencio

In 2016, the Nuit Debout movement in Paris installed its headquarters only two stops away from my place. 3,544 more words


Demonstrating against war: remembering Grosvenor Square, 50 years on

It is important to acknowledge the Anti-Vietnam War demonstration as a crucial moment in British history, and a formative event in how we express public dissent today. 1,047 more words

Short Stories

Accumulation by Dispossession, Solidarity in Precarity and the Future of Higher Education...

…A Quick Manifesto 

by a group of Anthropology and Global Studies students at the University of Sussex

As both consumers of knowledge capital, and investors in our own education, we thought it might be useful to bring to your attention the concept of accumulation by dispossession, the precarity it entails both in academia and in the rest of our economy, and the links to the current uprising. 707 more words

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The Indigenous Women #MeToo and #TimesUp Have Left Behind


What’s the most effective way to advance women’s rights on a global scale?

Back in 1995, it seemed large international conferences were the way to go. 758 more words


student walkouts against gun violence: notes and commentary

I have been asked by a few news sources on my views about today’s student walkouts, which are protests in favor of stricter gun control legislation. 229 more words