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The Anti-War Movement

Perhaps the most significant protest in London in the 21st century was the 2003 march against the Iraq War. It left a defining impression on this generation, and for many young people such as myself, it was our first form of exposure to the sight of large scale resistance to state power. 1,524 more words

Social Movements

Don't Stand Too Close. Violence is Contagious!

If a smile can be ‘infectious‘, then what about all types of violence? It makes so much sense that we should begin to view violence as a communicable and highly contagious disease that infects all those who are exposed to it. 1,045 more words

Cultural Competence

Theology, 20th C. Social Movements, & the United States

In the Fall 2017 semester, I am teaching an upper-level Special Topics course I have named Theology, 20th C. Social Movements, & the United States… 360 more words

Thoughts And Perspectives

Anti-Fascism in Twentieth Century Britain

The 1930s saw the very serious threat of fascism in Britain. This led to the growth of anti-fascism among the left, which differed significantly between the Labour Party and the Communist Party. 1,297 more words

Social Movements

Charles Tilly: Social Movements 1768-2004

This book was written after Charles Tilly was diagnosed for  lymphoma in 2003. When understood as a project undertaken in between chemotherapy, and without an assured prognosis, one sees this ambitious undertaking in different light – that of a scholar seeking to understand the origins and trajectories of a phenomenon he has studied through his career. 340 more words

Charles Tilly

Missing the movement

Zoe Williams’s call for ‘fresh thinking’ shows an ignorance of what’s really happening in the unions

Zoe Williams is a highly skilful, highly intelligent writer who considers herself a progressive and who has done much good work to promote progressive causes. 985 more words

Trade Unions

NGO and Challenging Future


The existence of Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in international development is not a recent scenario and their contributions in the domestic as well as the international social resurgence in the recent years has influenced many public opinions and shaped government’s policies. 3,530 more words

International Development