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Have you ever sat and wondered, what all the fuss about women’s rights is lately? Isn’t this the same thing that was dealt with back in 1884? 561 more words


Save The Earth, Save Our Home by Controlling Your Waste

Earth is the only planet that consist water, air, mineral and other things that can keep us to live. The scientists has calculated that Earth’s habitable-zone lifetime is as long as 7,79 billion years ( now we’ve been spend estimated  about 4,5 billion years old ). 585 more words

Story Of Life

Review: Emotion and protest in Turkey: what happened on 19 January, 2007?

This is a short review of the essay, ‘Emotion and protest in Turkey: what happened on 19 January, 2007?’ by Deniz Günce Demirhisar, a doctoral candidate at the EHESS in Paris and Associate Researcher at the IFEA in Istanbul. 1,471 more words


28 Days to Honor the Forgotten and Unknown

Well, here we are with another year in which we have 28 full days to honor, appreciate, acknowledge, celebrate, LEARN, TELL and TEACH about African Americans who helped shape and build this country’s infrastructure by making many awesome and unfortunately unknown societal contributions, during BLACK HISTORY MONTH in February. 1,376 more words


Making Sense of Social Movements

Making Sense of Social Movements
Nick Crossley
Open University Press
Download here: Making sense of social movements

Maybe we should let Trump win.

I went to see the new Star Wars movie (after a week of catching up on the many previous chapters of which I had never seen), and as I was sitting watching a madman blow up five planets as only a small fleet of “rebels” risked their lives to stop him, I started thinking, “What does it take to make people want to take action?” This is such a troubling question to me, because I jump on every injustice like it’s a weed in my garden, it just has to be eliminated. 460 more words


A "Dread"ful Irony

“White people shouldn’t have dreadlocks. It’s blatantly disrespectful to black people.”

People tend to support such strong convictions of right and wrong, yet when prompted to discuss these beliefs, they flounder for knowledge to support their opinions. 1,073 more words