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Call for Papers: Special Issue of the Journal Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management

Call for Papers

Organizational Practices of Social Movements and Popular Struggles: Understanding the Power of Organizing From Below

Special Issue of the Journal: Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management…

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Political Economy

Back to the Future: Authoritarian Neoliberal Regime versus Democratic Social State

The destiny of the 20th century, especially after the WWII, has been determined and shaped by the multifaceted confrontation between capitalism and “communism”, the West vis-a-vis the East. 2,456 more words


The Awakening

Hola Everybody,
Well, it seems our goober HillBillies have fucked up a wet dream (again). That HillBilly is barely edging out Trump (and in some polls trailing), is a testament to her inability to lead. 806 more words

Exploring Black Lives Matter and Anti-blackness in Canada

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be exploring issues of anti-blackness in Canada. Specifically, I will be examining the social movements of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Black Lives Matter Toronto (BLMTO). 301 more words

Don't Fall For It: We're Not As Divided As They Want Us To Be

On Sunday, July 17, 2016, I posted the following status update on Facebook:

“PSA: In light of all of the recent violence involving police officers and civilians over the past few weeks, please keep in mind that you can be both against police brutality and against the murder of police officers. 342 more words


The importance of strategy and tactics

Giles ji Ungpakorn

The mass uprising against the attempted military coup in Turkey has opened up a debate about the tactics of defeating military coups and military dictatorships in Thailand. 763 more words

Thai Politics

Domination, Democracy, and Constitutional Political Economy in the New Gilded Age: Towards a Fourth Wave of Legal Realism?

Texas Law Review, vol. 94 (2016), pp. 1329-59

What is the role of the constitution and constitutionalism in the current debate over economic inequality?   Drawing on Progressive Era political thought, especially reinterpreting the dawn of the legal realist movement, this paper offers a moral framework for conceptualizing today’s inequality crisis, and a theory of social change that links law, constitutionalism, public policy, and social movements. 355 more words