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Social media is everywhere. 👦👧👨👩

In this post, I want to share with you some information about social medias in China. As you know, China has the biggest population in the world, such a large population makes Chinese become an important part of social network users in the world. 157 more words


Instant Communication Conquering Humans

The world is heading into an era of seconds. I agree with the fact that instant communication systems are taking over the people of today and most especially the youth. 284 more words


How To Revive Your Old Forgotten Content

Is there a way for reviving an old post, article or content? Your old content is your real estate and you should not neglect it. This is why strategic content marketing is important. 1,034 more words

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Garage Sale

the carport deal! That little cut of the suburbs that ties groups together, conveys companions and neighbors to your doorstep, and helps your transform the push off debris of past years into cash in your pocket. 433 more words

Local News

Sekai just started his official instagram account.

News about his activities as EXILE, the activities of the dance group XXIV CLAN that he belongs to, 38 more words


Google has started extracting Google+ from itself

The slow death of Google+ continues. Today Google announced that it will be slicing out its social network from the rest of its services, meaning users won’t be forced to set up a Google+ account to comment on YouTube videos or use Google Photos. 457 more words

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This was a social network that I really did hope would work out and rival Facebook - it hasn't. Another Google platform that tried to be too clever I think. I have largely stopped using it - in fact, it never really got me in.

Traffic Flow

Finally, it feels like I have a moment to breathe. I’m still woefully behind on blog reading, but I’ve also got some catching up do with the Blogging 201 course. 654 more words