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My First Social Network Of Dream Sharing

I often experience hearing a voice call my name when I am about to wake up.    When I wake up a young woman’s voice in my mind calls my name.   117 more words

Dream Teleportation


Definately,all have the questions like how to Get online business from where? But,how?? here are you answeres!!!!!!

Social media for business has transformed the way businesses talk to their customers online. 1,011 more words


My Heroes from a Twittering world

I dedicate this day to reading and watching the marvels of those day-today heroes who I connect with and some who I don’t. These are people with their own normalities and abnormalities. 1,076 more words


Synchronizing online accounts

Having all of your social networks intertwined this way makes it easier on you to manage your posts. Most platforms allow cross posting now. That is you post on one and it will let you post on your other accounts via a link. 206 more words

30 Days Of Creativity

Victims of Sexual Harassment

The most common cases of Victims of Sexual Harassment involve a situation where the harasser creates an unfriendly situation. In turn, the harassed person whether a female or a male feels uncomfortable and cannot perform their duties efficiently. 42 more words

Sexual Abuse