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Can loneliness cause addiction?

Most People Identify as Huggers, Rarely Hug

“I think that—and I should be careful about how I say this, but—I do think using Facebook sometimes feels like using heroin,” Vivek Murthy, the recent-past U.S. 58 more words

Behavioral Economics

Influential Parasailing Equipment Companies

The key vendors in the luxury parasailing market are addressed in detail in a new report recently posted to TraDove Business Social Network. These vendors may specialize in different regional markets throughout the work, however, the report lists the top names as Custom Chutes, Sport Chutes Over Texas, Commercial Water Sports, and Ascending Parachutes International.


Parasailing Market Segmentation

Regional segmentation of the global parasailing market is described in a new discussion on TraDove Business Social Network. In this report market trends and regional variation are described among three chief market regions, Europe, Middle East and Africa, the Americas, and the Asia-Pacific.


CAGR of 4.45% for Parasailing Equipment Market

Parasailing equipment is a luxury market expected to rise in demand in varying regions around the world. These increases are detailed in a new report posted to TraDove… 24 more words


End User Foil Applications

What are the end user applications in the aluminum foil market? This is one of the topics addressed in a report posted to TraDove Business Social Network… 19 more words

Aluminum Foil Market Types

Users at TraDove Business Social Network are discussing the potential profits to be made in the worldwide aluminum foil market. The market can be segmented in a number of ways including by product type. 14 more words


Leading Companies in Aluminum Foil Market

The biggest names in the worldwide aluminum foil market include companies like Ardagh Group, ACM Carcano, Tetra Pack, and Zenith. Their involvement throughout regional markets is described in detail along with their market tends and expected growth patterns. 13 more words