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It is like being a witness to a fools parade. Where all are clowns with bullhorns. Much noise but no message. we cannot understand through the din of idiots, on bullhorns; preaching confessing and complaining. 224 more words


Instagram is testing the display of leaflets interacted with your friends at Time Line

Instagram has begun testing a new feature that will display leaflets from accounts you do not follow but interact with your friends and think they may interest you, like Twitter. 152 more words


December/13/2017 "2 Weird Dreams"

I just pigged out on a bag of hot & spicy pork rinds. They were pretty good & it was bearable to eat. I could go for another bag, but I'm gonna refrain from eating another bag.

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Twitter allows you to send multiple related Tweets at once

What we have been hoping for for a long time has arrived, now you can create several sequential Tweets that appear under each other and are published at once allowing better dialogue to be organized. 263 more words


Facebook Hacking

Hey guys today i am going to share you a trick by which can hack facebook.

Yes guy!!! You can hack Facebook book by just some simple steps. 158 more words


Facebook tests "secret comments" that only some people see

A new level of privacy Facebook experiences is about comments, where one of four people can see your comment on any publication.

Some have a new icon in the form of a lock, when clicked while typing a comment you can specify who can see your comment like friends and the owner of the publication, friends only, the owner of the publication only and other commentators, everyone. 150 more words


December/11/2017 "Is P Fine?"

Ugh…my gosh! I did what I tweeted in my last tweet, but stuff happened. I walked out of my temple. I got my robe on. I heard the answering machine beeping.

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