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This Week in Tech 643: Ambien Tech

Cyber Monday was Amazon’s biggest day ever, but Jeff Bezos still lost his $100 Billion dollar crown. Apple fixes an ugly macOS security flaw, but then immediately breaks the fix. 46 more words


This Week in Tech 639: Anywhere but Albany

The iPhone X is the best phone a huge pile of money can buy. Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, cashes out $1 billion in Amazon stock. 25 more words


Is it Real that Facebook Likes Can Contribute Towards Enhancing Exceptional Business Marketing in 2017?

The ever-growing prominence of Facebook

In this rapidly developing internet era, no one can downplay the influences and benefits of social media marketing services when it comes to leveraging a business from strength to strength. 418 more words

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This Week in Tech 627: Do You Inkwell?

Leo, Ashley Esqueda, Michael Nunez, and Dylan Tweney debunk the “Google Memo.” Mark Zuckerberg still refuses to admit he is running for president. If you use Instagram’s “Inkwell” filter, you are probably depressed. 97 more words


This Week in Tech 625: Walking to the Bodega

Apple pays $506 million and €1.7 billion for patent infringements. Trump says that Apple will build 3 big plants in the US; Apple declines to comment. 111 more words


Tide and Time: Cy Forrest, Q&A. A New Facebook Page

Kick back. Take a deep breath. It’s Q&A time

July really is here. Welcome to Crooked Cat’s Cy Forrest, answering questions about his new Facebook page from his studio in a rural village just south of Bath. 660 more words



Today Chester Bennington killed himself…on Chris Cornell’s birthday no less.

About a month ago we lost Chris Cornell with his suicide.

These will not be last of what we hear when people take their own lives. 1,175 more words