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The Downside Of Overusing of Social Networking Sites in the Philippines

The Philippine is well-known as the text capital in the whole world. The vast majority of Filifinos were using their mobile phones often. The young people is considered to be… 1,275 more words

Danger In Using Multiple Facebook Account

Facebook changes its algorithm to boost users' well-being. But, not sure at all this will work out (our research shows)!

Recently, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the social networking site will change its algorithm to increase its users’ well-being. With the aim to create more meaningful interactions on Facebook, the new algorithm will show more of our friends’ and family’s posts in your news feed and less of other publications by news and media firms, for instance. 742 more words

Customer-to-customer Interaction

Branching Out - The New 2.0

The social media world is always growing. New apps arise daily for users to try, with hopes that people will branch out from the well-known Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. 406 more words

Social Media

"Impact of Social Media on Youth'

There was a time when social media was considered as one of the best platforms for sharing information but gradually it’s meaning and purpose changed with increasing craze of social networking sites among the youth of the country which is more of hazardous and less beneficial now. 223 more words


Join Volunteer Social Networking Site & Share Your Selfless Actions

My Selfless Act is one of the best volunteer social networking sites which offer great opportunity to people who are committed to bring a social change. 16 more words


The Difference Between Showing off and Sharing

About four years ago, I learned that showing off of your skills and talent is another form of vanity.

What I overlooked then, is the difference of “showing off” and “sharing” of your talent and skills. 535 more words



一、請解釋何謂 Big 6?試舉例說明,大學圖書館如何利用其方法提升大學生的健康資訊素養?(25 分)

二、臺灣正面臨高齡化社會的挑戰。假設你是都會區公共圖書館的館長,面臨此一趨勢的 挑戰,你將如何規劃你的圖書館,在未來十年對老年使用者提供有用的服務?請考量老化過程的生理與心理特徵,分別就館舍、館藏、館員、設備與服務,說明你的 規劃重點。(25 分)

三、志工是公共圖書館的重要資源,但如果管理不當也會造成圖書館的負擔。今有一位讀者,第一次造訪頗具規模的公共圖書館,來到電腦前想要知道如何上網,他請問 了館內身旁看起來像館員的女性志工,卻一問三不知,該讀者不得其門而入的離開, 並對圖書館員留下負面印象。若你是志工業務的管理者, 實務上你會如何處理? (10 分) 請根據圖書館志工管理的主要面向,提出志工管理的改善策略,以避免 類似的狀況再次發生,提高志工服務的品質?(15 分)

四、何謂 Social Networking Sites(簡稱 SNS)?請就學術圖書館或公共圖書館擇一,並 舉例說明圖書館應用 SNS 來強化圖書館與使用者之關係有那些類型?(25 分)