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13 Lucky Features in the new Author Webpage Upgrade

Within the next 30 days, Outskirts Press authors will be able to upgrade their Free Author Webpages to a new, cutting-edge RWD design.   To find out what is so awesome about RWD, … 815 more words


The All-New Molybdenum Studios channel is now gone


I am not asking for any forms of sympathy whatsoever. This is to inform you that my latest YouTube channel has been suspended by YouTube because apparently, I allegedly “violated” their policies. 326 more words

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Kitty Party: It’s Makeover Time!

When I was small, the very word ‘Kitty Party’ would immediately bring in to mind a picture of rich fat ladies, trying hard to show their pricey possessions and dying to see their peers turning green with envy. 895 more words


Using Facebook Is Good for You, According to Facebook

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Is our daily (err—hourly, if we’re being honest) Facebook habit good for our health? Or does it trigger feelings of loneliness and inadequacy? 799 more words

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Is Peach the next big social networking app? Or is it already seeing a slow, painful death?

Peach, the private social networking app loaded with innovative features, but lacking in usability and a large user base, may already be a thing of the past, according to recent headlines. 789 more words

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How well do you listen?

What’s the point of communicating if you don’t even listening? Well, most of us today loves to share thoughts and emotions with people we are close to, and most of the time we use social networking sites, and internet as a medium. 484 more words

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Top 18 Google Plus Tools to improve your Online Marketing

http://www.bloggingden.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Google-Plus-Tools.jpg Google Plus tools are very famous to improve online marketing. The visibility of your product on search engine is depends on the promotion. If your blog getting more traffic, you will get more reputation or product sales. 29 more words