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Using Social Media as an Effective Teaching Aid

Research Paper Title

Theory through Application: A Study in the Use of Social Media for Teaching.


Despite the growing integration of social media in their personal and professional lives, many faculty remain uncertain about its application to the classroom. 120 more words

Social Media

15 November 2015. On the French Flag Overlay Idiocy…


I saw this on FB:

I’d take this flag overlaying more seriously if anyone ever changed their Facebook picture (or even showed any interest) when an American drone wipes out a wedding party in Afghanistan. 

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Personal Reflections

Social ‘Life’ Stress

Have you ever felt like you are missing out on a lot of things when you hear your friends talk about posts on Facebook, tweets on Twitter and pictures on Instagram? 614 more words


Stars in the playground and hearts in the factory

This week the switching of the star/favorite for the heart/like has been a source of a little sadness for many in my slice of Twitter. … 571 more words


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Fake Facebook Likes : Thing to do or not

On of the toughest question on the Internet is – How to get more & more popularity on Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter & Instagram etc. 200 more words

Word War: Unlike vs Dislike

When a friend posts something on Facebook and you find it annoying or—for the lack of better word—stupid, do you unlike it or do you… 393 more words