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Authentic Online Community Connection

Technology is amazing. It has spawned advances in medicine saving lives, time, and improving our quality of life. But how much have we sacrificed to live in a culture where everyone is always connected but nobody is really connecting? 888 more words

Global Social Network

New information/resource page: [anti-]social media

Like many others, I’ve been at least partially assimilated by the social media Cookie Monster. Once upon a time I opened accounts on sites like Facebook and Twitter, so as to find out about their implications for security. 329 more words


If you use Facebook, be especially leery of doing this

Facebook has been in the news lately in connection with the fallout from a data sharing scandal. The controversy centers on a firm called Cambridge Analytica and allegations that it may have misused Facebook users’ personal information during the 2016 election cycle. 453 more words

Social Networking

Wordsmiths Unite

Ta da! My work is currently on display at New Earth Market! I’m excited to have my writing gaining visibility in the community!

To continue the trend of growth for my words, I have taken the next step in broadcasting my words across the land: … 77 more words

In Your Corner: Nail Down New Readers with Pinterest Book Marketing Tips

Think of Pinterest as a highly sophisticated scrapbooking or bookmarking tool – one that allows you share with and borrow from other users. That element of sharing can be a powerful tool, if you use it to your advantage. 439 more words

Leaving Facebook: You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

I first quit Facebook in 2010, in response to a talk Eben Moglen gave at NYU about Facebook’s privacy-destroying ways; one of his most memorable lines was: 502 more words


Breaking Up With Facebook? It's Harder Than It Looks

NEW YORK (AP) — Facebook’s latest privacy scandal, involving Trump campaign consultants who allegedly stole data on tens of millions of users in order to influence elections, has some people reconsidering their relationship status with the social network. 821 more words