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With the advancement of the internet, social networking has become a part of our life that helps us connect on a global level. 67 more words

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Term of the Day...." Anamoly" ...

1.Deviation from the norm; something unusual. “Bob searched the data for anomalies that would indicate that there was an error with the system… 64 more words

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Facebook News Feed

What in the holy hell is up with the Facebook news feed?!

That darn thing just cannot make its mind about what to display and what not. 258 more words


Twitter is laying off 8% of its employees to mount a nimbler comeback

Twitter today (Oct. 13) announced that it will be laying off 336 employees—about 8% of its workforce—as the social network struggles with slowing user growth and a… 218 more words

Cash reward for Google.com takeover man...!!!

The Google.com domain name was offered for sale on Google’s own website buying service

A man who briefly bought and owned the Google.com web domain has been rewarded by the search giant. 281 more words