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INFOGRAPHIC: How To Use Hashtags (The Ultimate Guide)

Hashtags are important. They help people find the content you post to various social networks. However, the rules of the hashtag are not universal. What works on one social media platform could fail horribly on another. 37 more words

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This Is An Outrage

I am offended.

I am so offended I plan on logging on to all of my social media accounts to let the world know how offended I am. 487 more words

Open your ears: social media monitoring is not all about being techy

Open your ears

It is a common misperception to think of social media as different from traditional media. I believe that the more communication technologies evolve the more we must learn to see social media as part of “all media.” However, it is true that some aspects of media monitoring require a different perspective when talking about social media and gathering intelligence. 846 more words

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Google+ and Voxer -- I finally get it

For months, I’ve seen and heard everyone rant & rave about how wonderful Voxer and Google+ ¬†are. I’ve been on both for a while, but haven’t seen why so many people are placing it on a pedestal in the PLN world like Twitter is. 328 more words

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Just For Laugh.... A Good Tonic For Stress Relief ... !!!


Smart answer by a female…

On a flight, a guy asked a beautiful lady sitting next to him…

‘Nice perfume…..which one is it?…
I want to gift it to my wife..!!’ 210 more words

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