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The World"s Strangest Unsolved Plane Mysteries....

The shadow of a Royal New Zealand Air Force P3 Orion is seen on low-level clouds while the aircraft searches for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in March 2014.Photo: AP… 868 more words


Late Night Facebook-ing

When I can’t sleep, I read Facebook comments… but not comments from status updates, I read the comments from posts that are shared. You know, they usually have like over 100K likes, and equally as many comments… I find it amusing when complete strangers feel the need to insult people; it’s like God, no wonder this country has gone to shits! 500 more words

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Operations Cemetery Winds Dies Down

As “Operation; Cemetery Winds” draws to a close scheduled and the final tally will be sent to Emilie Flory’s Trauma Dolls movie project. You can read it all Trauma Dolls… 2,239 more words


Friday Fun: Bring Back The Sun

Inevitably the school holidays start and the children are back at home for the 6 weeks of summer and the first thing that happens is it rains! 285 more words

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Facebook Gives Me Horrible Anxiety

The title says it all. Yes Facebook gives me major anxiety and no I’m not alone so before you think I’m overreacting, try to Google Facebook and anxiety together and you’ll know I’m right. 948 more words