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What happens when we don't read enough?

This weekend, I found myself to be an unwilling invitee to a tea party with my 3 and half year old daughter and her animal friends.  527 more words


Farah: The Brand

Ever since I was little, I was taught to be strategic by my father. I had to learn to strategically plan for almost all upcoming events in order to succeed in them. 541 more words


Social media enables us to talk about issues, shine a light on problems, and raise awareness of struggles that might have gone unnoticed. On the flipside, it also allows for a lot of noise and distractions.

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ESPN's Ryan Clark explains his pick of Rockets to win NBA Finals

With the NBA’s restart of the 2019-20 season now underway, the top four teams in betting markets to win the 2020 title are the Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Clippers, and Houston Rockets. 453 more words

Houston Rockets

Rest and Networking

My friends in their 20’s and 30’s today suffer from a severe lack of time for pursuing hobbies, dating, or just meeting new people. 

Many are overworked and fatigued, but unable to escape rigorous work demands on top of church and family commitments. 3,097 more words


After dropping charges, US prosecutors broaden indictment against Saudi spies

Two days after dropping charges against three Saudi men for spying on American soil, United States prosecutors submitted a new indictment that restates the two original charges and adds five more. 349 more words

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