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@WhiteHouse vs @POTUS

Where to look, when you want to catch up with the latest Barack Obama’s tweets? So far, there has been only one place, or better to say an account, to do so: @WhiteHouse. 171 more words

Facebook tests new "Security Check" tool to fend off account hijacking

Ever worried that someone else might access your Facebook account?

Facebook helps with this – as well as Google, PayPal and plenty of other platforms, Facebook can send alerts any time there’s a new login, and there are various versions of device management that will list all the devices that have accessed your account. 306 more words


Raquel Arana

Facebook: Raquel Arana

Es muy difícil alcanzar una estética visual que cree una curiosidad insaciable al seguir cada línea, al apreciar paletas cromáticas, y a querer llevarlos siempre contigo. 1,064 more words


Social Media Marketing: Building A Bridge To The Future With Solid Advice

The benefits of social media are apparent to anyone who is online. Multiple millions of users are registered and active at the most popular of sites. 27 more words


Stealthy Interventions in Action

We recently examined “stealthy”— or social-psychological—interventions: the idea that you can have a tremendous and long-lasting effect on student academic success via small interventions that target a student’s subject experiences at school. 153 more words


Social networks and education

A few years ago I was approached to get involved in an immersive education project using Facebook to do what was essentially educational role-play within an existing online community. 410 more words

It Is Not What It Seems: Social Media Shows

Good Afternoon,

Its been a while but you know that as a woman we go through things and have to escape the world for a minute but I AM BACK. 241 more words