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Social Networks Stimulate Exercising

Yearly millions of dollars are invested in promotional ads and social media campaigns to get people exercising in the United States. The country is dealing with obesity among its inhabitants and even though there is so much money going on in campaigns, still 43% of the Americans are not exercising enough. 265 more words

Information Diffusion And Social Influence

Facebook relents: 'Something Long and Complicated' is NOT a fake name

Facebook temporarily blocked the account of a man after somebody reported him for having a fake name.

He sent the Facebook Powers That Be copies of his driver’s license, his passport, and his credit card, all showing his name, which he legally changed in 2007. 814 more words


Suds Plus Social Media Equals A Sellout

So unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few month you must have undoubtedly heard of Twitter. It really is something that is literally sweeping the Internet by storm. 24 more words

An Sincere View On Social Media

You already have plans to ever get a website designer to work on your website. Your plans are clear and you are ready for your content. 27 more words

Networks, Geography, and Gephi: Lots of Promise, but Lots of Work to be Done

This post will outline some of my efforts to bring social networks into dialog with geography. Although I have found some interesting plugins and hacks, the results still leave something to be desired. 1,250 more words


Less fuss, more chat

I have enough for about five or six blogs from today and taking part in the first day of a police communicators conference. There is so much discussion about worthy subjects and high level strategy but that isn’t where my thoughts have gone for this blog. 267 more words


Beyond 140: The Future of Twitter is…Twogger‽ (via Medium, Tumblr & WordPress)

No, a product called Twogger by Twitter does not exist—yet.

But with Twitter pondering on expanding beyond the 140 character limit they may want to consider “Twogger” as a superior alternative. 182 more words

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