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How much does Facebook really know about you - and is it right?

There’s an old expression: if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product. This is broadly understood by many people to apply to social media and they’re right. 611 more words


Critical thinking about social perception

A quick way to demonstrate the power of critical thinking to students, and perhaps improve their ability to understand and negotiate social networks comes from the… 77 more words

Critical Thinking

Facebook rapped for dragging its feet on pictures stolen for 'like-farming'

As Naked Security readers will already know, Facebook has been plagued over the years by fake content of various types. But which represents the biggest problem for users? 446 more words


L&T: How to Embed Posts From 8 of the Most Popular Social Networks

Handy reference from L&T: How to Embed Posts From 8 of the Most Popular Social Networks. “Whether you use them to increase engagement, extend your reach, or simply for their visual appeal, embedding social posts within your content can certainly be beneficial to your brand. 31 more words

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Customer Connections Are Key

The business world is constantly in flux, adapting and evolving to match the demand. For your company to remain a success on the market, you need to make sure it feels fresh to new customers. 292 more words

Social Media

Facebook's new jobs service sparks privacy fears

Facebook has signed up more than a billion users attracted by the allure of non-stop social networking. Might it also be a gigantic, untapped jobs market in disguise? 506 more words


Why did you stop posting on Facebook?

Many of my friends have stopped posting on Facebook. Some have uninstalled the app and others even deleted their accounts.

They are not posting on Twitter either, and the more ephemeral Snapchat hasn’t reached critical mass among my closest friends. 424 more words