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MySpace breach could be the biggest ever - half a BILLION passwords!

Not two weeks ago, LinkedIn made big data breach news when hackers claimed to have more than 100 million usernames and passwords up for sale. 967 more words


Alien Reports Back About Fetlife

Greetings, Wib and the supreme beings of Kepler. My mission to earth has been fraught with danger. I landed on the continent of Fetlife 200 hours ago. 427 more words


Reasons To Write

Many write to impress.

More virtuous many write to express.

Less virtuous at my age I write because there just ain’t no meaningful sex.

How To Herd your Critics into Fake Communities and Waste their Time (Part 3)

OK, we’re going to wrap up the first three installments of our How to Herd your Critics into Fake Communities and Waste their Time series with (a) an overview of social networks and (b) some nifty “cutting-edge” strategies that you can use in combination therewith. 1,616 more words

Fake Communities

Social Networks are not for "Low Self-Esteem" people ?

Are you a low-self esteem person or a high-self esteem person? One way to differentiate is this scenario: If a person posts a selfie with and expects more likes and comments on Facebook or Instagram and asks people how they look and gets competent with the number of like and the reaction they get from others.Well, that person has low self esteem. 622 more words

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No Internet Access?

No Internet access?

Oh well, my mind will be on permanent recess.

Business Value & Crowdsourcing

Alot of us may have heard of crowdsourcing by now. But what IS this; how does it work; how is it used? This week we are going to look at this and also what social media can do for business. 478 more words

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