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The Slacktivism Paradox

After the Islamic State’s 2015 attack in Paris, there were French flag filters that Facebook users could superimpose over their profile pictures to show support. After this year’s wave of high-profile sexual assault revelations, there was the #MeToo hashtag used by sexual assault victims to share their experiences online. 617 more words

Make Sure You're Following Me on Social Media

Yes, I’m a bit of a disappointment today since I became unexpectedly very busy this week with idiotic assignments (don’t blame me, blame the professors). I won’t say for which class of mine they are, but I’ll just put it out there that I am not happy about it.  76 more words

The rise of the tech police: Are we handing too much power to our digital masters?

It was reported this week that Twitter had stripped several far-right and white supremacist accounts of their blue “verification” badge. According to Twitter spokespeople, the badge – which was introduced to verify the authenticity of accounts belonging to high-profile individuals – had come to signify an implicit endorsement from the company. 775 more words


Twitter officially expands its character count to 280 starting today

Twitter’s expansion to 280 characters is rolling out publicly today to all users in supported speeches, including English. The company had first announced the controversial plan to move beyond its traditional 140 characters back in September , noting at the time how a longer character count allowed users to express more of their thinks without running out of room to tweet. 782 more words


Sharing Networks BCN 2017

Are you attending the OuiShare Fest Barcelona 2017? If so, please talk to a member of out team tomorrow and take our small survey… 72 more words

Data In Society


EXECinsurtech conference started in a time that I was looking for new opportunities, during the 2 days of conference I had 3 interviews, 2 by phone-call and 1 personally. 424 more words


Could Social Media be Encouraging “Opinion Monopoly”?

(A slight change of pace: article written for MA-Publishing.com, the LCC UAL blog on Contexts for Publishing.) 563 more words

Flowers Blooming