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Hey goundswell..I'd like to talk with you

The chapter talks about different techniques for communicating with the groundswell, measuring the results of participation in social networks, when brands should use social media, blogging tips, how marketing changes once a firm thinks of a conversation instead of shouting. 459 more words


Book Of Faceless Rules

Poor old Facebook, it has to add new rule pages all the time. This time, Facebook wants to deal with nudity and terrorism. In this way, Facebook has joined the anti-nudity-coalition. 186 more words

Online Communities #IAB260

Welcome all, this blog post will be focused on the discussion around online communities, the characteristics of an online community, and where they might occur. 712 more words


Public domain

Just when you thought office controversies ended with news about an employee’s apparent suicide, along comes another one involving workplace relationships, promiscuity, and social media. 295 more words

Demographics of Key Social Networking Platforms

Once you’ve decided your target market, you will need to make a decision about which channels of popular Social Media best suits the group. Based on age, income, location and education patterns have developed in usage. 70 more words


India strikes down controversial "Section 66A" social media policing law

India’s Supreme Court on Tuesday repealed a controversial law after civil rights groups and a law student filed petitions arguing that it violated people’s rights to freedom of speech and expression. 729 more words


Starting a multi-billion dollar Social Network? Easy.

Over 570 new websites are written, designed, coded and published every minute. What does it take to get noticed? What must be done to create a website or Social Network that is that much better than the 820,000 new Websites uploaded to the Internet every day? 1,406 more words