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"Externally Influenced"

Does the moon only shine
in the eyes of another
or  music sound sweet
only when in company?
This state of dependence
must be addressed… 119 more words


Giving up illusions, giving up meanings

Having a serious financial or health crisis leads to new frame of reference for navigating daily decisions and life events. The relative importance of things like time, fame, possessions then scales back in the light of one’s experiences of mortality (self or other) or imminent demise being averted. 425 more words

"First, do no harm"

If you ever had the impression that your financial affairs are being dealt with by some suave woman in designer heels and a nicely tailored suit – or just a shaven-headed Mondeo Man who is only happy when rattling off “stats” or inventing reasons to bill you for some pointless “service” – then on the Isle of Man you are sadly wrong. 857 more words

Did you miss me?

Right after my last upbeat entry on Jan 2nd, this year became an Annus Horribilis in which there has been no respite. Way too personal to go into here, but at work, at home and elsewhere horrible stuff came out of nowhere that had to be dealt with. 703 more words

Throwback Thursday (Misalignment of Want vs Action)

It appears that a common topic has been hitting several of the blogs lately, it is a topic that I have long pondered. When it comes to what you want, and what you actually do, how often are they aligned with one another? 333 more words

Inner Dialogue

What happens when you document your event, trip, or life?

Browsing a few of the videos tagged “time lapse” at vimeo.com each week, this one came up, showing a young couple on vacation in the Bahamas, … 519 more words

Lessons from Rainbow Tails

Have you ever had a balloon? A shiny prize that floats in the air and bounces on the end of its string, all weightless and buoyant and free? 628 more words