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The moment between past and future - what is present

The stream of commuters at the end of the work day stands for the wider course of one’s lifetime, flowing in one direction like a great river or like a parade of fellow travelers rising and falling on the contours and curves of the land, and passing landmarks along the way that stand out in one person’s mind for memories attached, hopes pinned, or for some thought triggered by the sight. 551 more words

Camera vision as slice of time or river of time

Whether the subject is creatures residing in a zoo, or an event in one’s own community of work or family or the wider society, the effect is very similar: during the time you are present, you selectively perceive the things in front of you and to a lesser degree the things in your peripheral view. 998 more words

ખરો દંભી

શું કરીએ આપણે?

હવે તો જમાના પ્રમાણે ચાલવું પડે

કંઈ બોલાય નહી….

કોઈએ દાયકાઓ કે સદીઓ પહેલા કંઈક લખ્યું

મને તો તે જમાના પ્રમાણે ખૂબ સરસ લાગ્યું

Social Observation

Serial dating: an epidemiological analysis

About a month ago, I went on a date with a guy who was smart, interesting, ambitious, health-conscious, athletic, curious, passionate about environmental issues, and pretty damn good-looking.  1,503 more words


Quick trip to the GP

No one likes going to the Doctor, do they? Really?

Imma start by clarifying this is in NO WAY a dig at the NHS or a moan about the amazing services they provide us with under such tight constraints. 1,359 more words



Nothing spectacular. Difficulty reaching out? Pause for confusion. Trying to break the story. Enmeshed in endless narratives of the absurd. Only social observation. You keep out and make your own. 300 more words


“દીકરી તો વ્હાલનો દરિયો કહેવાય”

બેના રે…..

માવતર છોડતાં જોજો સંસ્કાર ના ભૂલાય

દીકરી તો વ્હાલનો દરિયો કહેવાય (૨)

દીકરીથી જીવનપથ ઉજાગર થાય

દીકરી તો વ્હાલનો દરિયો કહેવાય

બેની તારી જોડે અમારો સાથ સદા રહેશે… સાથ સદા રહેશે

Social Observation