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Under-Occupation Oration*

The fly in my current employment
Is not-infrequent lack of deployment…
The Sitting Around With Nothing To Do
Like a lonely exhibit in Human zoo… 194 more words


“appreciation” –noun, recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

Good day fair people of the world. Today is a bit of a filler post (one much longer than expected, I do apologise). 1,652 more words

Random Musings

Shutter speed cure -thaw the 'frozen moment' and bring it back into life

For the fraction of the second when light is exposed to film or electronic sensor, the world stands still; the subject is arresting; the moment stands is sharp clarity instead of motions blurring from one scene to the next. 974 more words

"Just Do It"

So, essentially, this is Part Two to yesterday’s post. While I dealt with the uncertainty and not so happy stuff yesterday, today is another mini word splurge on the positive results from my trip. 730 more words

Random Musings

Exercises to see the past, present and possibly the future

It takes some practice to see people and places longitudinally (down the long stream of time) instead of looking only at the present moment, a sort-of cross-section of events of varying length that are concurrent to our own lifetimes. 522 more words

Hidden Behind the Ripple

“I’m fine.” We are all familiar with the lie of “I’m fine”. There is a myriad of reasons for not admitting when we aren’t okay. 279 more words


Idle Money

Infuse Stagnant Money in the Economy – which is resting Idle in Religious Temples, Temple Trusts & with Religious Leaders and Saints.

In Past we have heard many news like… 436 more words

Social Observation