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Walking the Fine Line in Social Perception

It seems like everybody’s perception of me is very bipolar. To one group, it’s overpaid, overrated; to another group, it’s underpaid, underrated, underdog. It’s funny to me because there’s no real balance.

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Giving As You Would Have Given To You

We have often heard what is touted as The Golden Rule: “Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Luke 6:31). Have you ever thought, though, that that includes not only our actions but our reactions to people, too? 375 more words

Personal Reflection

The Spirituality of Fandom

I don’t often do this. I actually rather avoid writing or posting about such happenings like the plague, but it has filled my mind all day. 215 more words


context - 6 photographers make 6 different portraits

Experiment: each photographer was given a different story about the person coming in for a portrait. Results varied widely when told the subject was fisherman, self-made millionaire, parolee, beach lifeguard, psychic, and so on. 329 more words

To See and Be Seen

The Doctor: Well?
Clara: Well what?
The Doctor: He asked you a question. Will you help me?
Clara: You shouldn’t have been listening. 298 more words


Reblog: My Favorite Badass

This was too excellent not to share from Elizabeth Gilbert’s facebook page today!

I have so many absolute badasses in my life, to be honest. Those few of you to whom I spoke today, believe me, you… 486 more words


Settling Into This Next Version of Myself

My watchword for this year is grace and one of the books that I am reading (and have been looking forward to for a long while) is Jen Hatmaker’s  394 more words