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Actions Living Out Words

Last night, I did something I have never done before. I gave a stranger a ride. This is not something I do. Not by myself and definitely not at midnight on a Friday. 614 more words


Why I Walk Around Naked

I frequently walk around the house naked. I know. Big deal, right? Well, for me, it has become quite a big deal. First things first, though: cards on the table. 803 more words

Social Observation

Stating The Obvious

After the recent arrests of 6 young men who had been planning on leaving MN to join ISIS there has been an outcry for more money to fight against the recruitment of Americans for foreign terrorist groups. 606 more words

Personal Opinions

Where's Our Revolution?

Whatever happened to the “Occupy” movement? #Blacklivesmatter? I feel like there could definitely be more hope&change happening…yet the only thing I see changing is the faces of reality TV stars and the daily lies being spewed on media types across the board. 263 more words


Here, Have a Happy #InternationalDayofHappiness

So today is one of my favorite days of the year: the International Day of Happiness. What is the International Day of Happiness, you ask? 305 more words


Thoroughly monstrous Millies

I have seen two references to ‘Millennials’ in the last day alone, both in the type of pseudo-report that only features in the business section of advert-deficient regional publications, and both credited to middle ranking drudges from accounting firms. 322 more words

Who Is the Outsider?

I recently started watching the new “Hawaii Five-0″ television series from the beginning and one of the words that shows up frequently, especially in relation to Detective Danny “Danno” Williams, is “haole”. 457 more words

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