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Idle Money

Infuse Stagnant Money in the Economy – which is resting Idle in Religious Temples, Temple Trusts & with Religious Leaders and Saints.

In Past we have heard many news like… 436 more words

Social Observation


Trigger warnings = * *

And I return.

It’s been a funny kind of couple weeks. There have been ups and downs a plenty over the last week and a half in particular. 1,263 more words

Random Musings

Vision and memory as a still images, not moving images

Credit, sampling of pages taken from Battle for Korea : A History of the Korean Conflict by Robert J. Dvorchak

In looking at a friend’s portrait photo or a stranger from a news event, we take in the details and the overall image to create a moment of recognition or memory place to attach other information and images in a cumulative, longitudinal process. 730 more words





Statistics run our lives. Much of who we are is based on digits. Your weight, your height, your grades, your income, your Facebook friends, your Instagram followers and number of RETweets. 791 more words

Random Musings

Thanksgiving Grace

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Tomorrow, I will gather my family around a table full of lovingly-made, delicious food, and we will indulge in feasting, conversation, beloved traditions, and spending extended time together. 200 more words

Personal Reflection

A Thought on Thanksgiving Grace

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly. November is the month during which we are encouraged to be grateful. Grateful for what we are able to give. What part does gratitude have in grace? 38 more words

Personal Reflection

It Ain't Just Music that Does It

You have to work really hard to fail my class. I am a middle school language arts teacher. I have high standards, but not high ideals. 782 more words