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Saddened by Balloons

Yes, feeling saddened by balloons… Surprising, but every day I cross the Pakwan Signal to and fro from my office, the sight of the polka dotted balloons makes me a wee bit sad. 548 more words

Social Observation

To Print Love on Others

Two days ago, I had a thought. I was in need of joy and the best way I know to garner joy is to give it as best I can. 205 more words

Social Observation

"Attention Deficient"

cannot be bliss
or surely
she would be the most
joyous of folk
singing slow,
monosyllabic noises
while drooling contentedly
into her soup

yet I find, she is… 56 more words



The word “Celibacy” defined by the dictionary as “a state of abstaining from marriage and sexual relations” has remained a mystery for me. As a young adult, during my days we could never talk about it as its antonym “Promiscuity” wouldn’t be far behind in the discussion, as oh my that “world of mine” would not hear the “P” of it. 463 more words

Social Observation

Sherrice Iverson

Sherrice would be about 27 if she had not been stolen from the world.

This baby was raped and murdered in a Las Vegas bathroom stall as a friend of her assailant, who knew what was happening to her, exited the bathroom and continued about his business. 52 more words


Mumbai Diaries - 1

Mumbai looks so beautiful at this time of the night. It is 0200 AM in the morning, and the ever-running roads of Mumbai seems to be so calm and relaxed. 361 more words

Altaf Akhai

Sexual Harassment

How happily people assume and visualize, much more than what has been said, discussed and analyzed. But how did it all start?

A lady complains about sexual harassment, and the complaint says that she is being harassed from last 5-6 years; it makes me wonder what took her so long to complain. 272 more words

Social Observation