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Texting, booked...and no case?

I am amused at a recent rash of adverts in the local press and online warning that those who use cell-phones while driving face prosecution and fines running into thousands of pounds. 662 more words

Throwback Thursday (The New "Middle Class")

I questioned who was benefiting from this shallow society we now live in. Pondered what the cushion between the haves and have-nots was, now that the middle class has all but disappeared. 517 more words

Inner Dialogue

While the Kumquats are Chillin' in the Fridge

(With a smile and nod to Anna who told me the story…)

She squealed. She actually squealed with delight when she spotted them in the produce section – right there by the bananas. 571 more words


Chrysalis Script

In the chrysalis slum
Thy will be done
Bottom feeders
Never leaving

Learn and observe
But never let it merge
With the person who still has a chance of succeeding… 110 more words

DyllanJ Poetry

Trust Me

“trust” – verb, believe in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.

The word “trust” is both a noun and a verb, depending on the position in which it’s used. 1,241 more words

Random Musings

Under-Occupation Oration*

The fly in my current employment
Is not-infrequent lack of deployment…
The Sitting Around With Nothing To Do
Like a lonely exhibit in Human zoo… 194 more words


“appreciation” –noun, recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

Good day fair people of the world. Today is a bit of a filler post (one much longer than expected, I do apologise). 1,652 more words

Random Musings