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Reflections on Time

60 is fast approaching. I have no idea of what it is I am supposed to do once I meet this fated age. I don’t feel 60. 810 more words

Health And Wellness

The “Lining Up” Syndrome

An observation of queuing culture in Taiwan

We are two days into the Year of the Sheep and personally I believe it is too early to be thinking cynical thoughts, but ‘sheep’ does bring to mind a certain social behavior that has been the butt joke of both traditional and social media in Taiwan. 941 more words


Fashion: I Will Rock It

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a surge in a particular type of article and it makes me unhappy. Now, don’t get me wrong, I used to enjoy watching “The Fashion Police”, just like anyone else, mostly because I got to see pretty outfits and dresses and not really because of the hosts/”experts”. 196 more words


An Existence Woven in Words

I didn’t exist in your world until you started reading this sentence of mine.

Did you know that? I didn’t exist in your world until a moment ago. 550 more words

Personal Reflection

Crucial Conversations

“There are moments of disproportionate influence, moments where how someone behaves has an enormous effect on every result they care about.” – Joseph Grenny, co-author of  543 more words

Personal Reflection

A Love-ly Shock

Why is it that we are shocked or astonished by acts of love? Why is it that we are surprised by those who show love and care to others, regardless of color, sex, orientation, politics, belief (or the lack thereof)? 488 more words


(Skirt Length) Hems and Haws

Author’s Note: My latest article published on The Well Written Woman – http://thewellwrittenwoman.com/skirt-length-hems-and-haws/#.VMZVSP7F_L8

In the almost thirty-two years of my life, I have worn pretty much every length of skirt there is, for differing reasons: religious, personal, style/fashion, artistic, cosplay, performance, etc. 1,177 more words

Personal Reflection