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Abusing the Police to Perpetuate Racism

Recently there’s been a lot of news about white people calling the police on people of color in public spaces. For example, the family who was… 872 more words

Not One But Many: The Interconnection of Tribes

Our challenge in building the Socially Dynamic Organisation is not to build one unified tribe, but rather to interconnect the many. The thing that we want already exists: tightly trust bonded groups, repositories of tacit knowledge, effective ‘ 399 more words

Social Age


I was going to start with “Lately, I’ve seen and read many stories about…”, but come to think about it, it’s all around, all the time. 1,107 more words

Tradition and Politics | Thoughts

This short discussion is aimed at deconstructing our ideas about tradition, politics and the way these two ideas interact. You’ll find a loosely connected argument about how tradition is the strongest method of… 961 more words