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The Human -- In All Of Us

Just because something is the way it is, doesn’t mean it is right the way it is. Just because we are shown something, a way of life, a way to act, doesn’t mean the right thing to do is to mimic it. 424 more words


Understanding Social Power

by Brian T. Lynch, MSW


What does it really mean when we say, “that person is very powerful.” Or what is it about an organization or corporation that makes us think of it as being powerful. 769 more words

The Art of Deception: The Social Actor's Journey Toward Social Power

This is dedicated to all those who are curious of who their social leaders may be. Here are some tips/tricks I’ve been trying to develop in my head to aid in our mission to question all who force definite answers/direction in our faces. 979 more words




(Paul de Lespinasse)

What is social power? Actually social power  Is ability to get another person to act as we desire

Variant of social power… 85 more words


Book review: The End of Leadership, Barbara Kellerman

Very disappointing; would not recommend.

And I was so optimistic about this one.

I first came across The End of Leadership in another paper I was reading. 1,405 more words


Howl for the New Year

Another year is over. The New Year holiday is a natural time of reflection. When the ball drops and fireworks pop in the early January sky 2014 will be gone. 503 more words

Nature, Choice and Social Power By Erica Schoenberger

The new book Nature, Choice and Social Power by Erica Schoenberger of John Hopkins University is available from amazon.com.   I got an e-copy and have read the first few chapters that deal with mining.  348 more words