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Upgrade Your Notion of Personal Success Using One Simple Method

Success can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

Some find personal achievement in money, awards, diplomas.

Others in their name written in an old book, their name engraved on a crystal trophy, their name embedded in a terrazzo and brass star in a sidewalk… 1,039 more words


An open letter to people who disappeared from my life

This is to anyone who has brought significant presence into my life, despite the amount of time, and taught me something, but has left me just as quickly as they entered: an acquaintance who experienced life with me but we never got a chance to exchange thoughts, a friend who grew up with me, a potential romantic interest, a person who made our paths more interesting with their insights. 1,380 more words

Nothing New Under the Sun

Reading the follow-up article, “How To Passivism” and the comments at SocialMatter.net, I was struck with an amazing sense of deja-vu.

Your mention of fraternal organizations got me thinking.

1,176 more words

Bluegrass for the Long Haul

A recent article in Kentucky’s leading paper, The Lexington Herald Leader, discusses the down-fall of coal in the Bluegrass state. The statistics reported are alarming. 582 more words

Mountaineers for the Long Haul

Today wild and wonderful West Virginia will hold its presidential primary. Contenders Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have all visited the state looking for working class votes. 618 more words

Most Trump Voters Say Whites Are 'Losing out'–and, in a Way, They Are

Source: AlterNet

Author: Robyn Pennacchia/The Frisky

Emphasis Mine

A poll conducted by the Washington Post has found that 54% of Trump voters believe that white people are “losing out” to minorities. 1,093 more words