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How to do Social Practice

At BRIC last night, Elizabeth gathered a strong group of artists together to discuss their social practice work, and discuss best practices for an evolving field in which the commonalities have more to do with gaining trust and building relationships, long timelines, redistributing power, and  constant self-reflection than with a specific methodology or program for success.  261 more words


To Start this Off: the Thesis of the Images and some Info

My murals and this blog go hand in hand. The plan was, you see, that, hopefully, the murals would attract visual attention and then the soon-to-be-made QR codes, placed right next to the posters, would lead the viewer to this blog where they are able to read up on the topics of the posters. 438 more words

so you’re woke. now what?

on november 9, millions of americans woke up and for the first time realized this country is racist, and sexist, and classist, and many other -ists. 592 more words

Immigrant Rights Teach-In // Self-Defense

 Immigrant Rights Teach-In and Know Your Rights Presentation

“Join directly affected community members, allies, organizers and lawyers as we gather to discuss how to prepare and defend immigrant communities.” 240 more words


Interdependence and politics

Over the past year as I’ve been working on Ways and Means, I’ve been thinking about interdependence, stewardship, and agency. I’ve been mulling how becoming accountable to a shared space and ethos is an intentional act, and how it’s similar to citizenship and being accountable as a political being. 672 more words


The Grass Is Still Green, artist's garden

June 7, 2016

(The title of my exhibition, The Grass Is Still Green, is an affirmation of part of the definition of time in treaty-making including the Two Row Wampum – … 681 more words