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Gemma-Rose Turnbull and I Talking about Photo and Social Practice in Bristol, Thurs, May 18th

Mesro Coles-El, Indian Pow Wow — 6.12.76, 2013. Courtesy of Nigel Poor and the San Quentin Prison Archive Project

Next week, I’ll be in Bristol with… 258 more words


NCMA Teen Arts Council ArtScene- Printbike's first voyage

I was happy to join the Teen Arts Council recently for their spring event as a featured artist. I brought with me a ‘print bike’, a cart made from scrap materials that houses easily accessible print making materials. 228 more words

Social Practice - Social Poetry - Social Poiesis: aesthetic experimentalism and the creation of public life

Multiple lines of inquiry – to enact a series of expansions from art to aesthetics and thus art education to aesthetic education. This would then entail using a synthesis of John Dewey’s theory of experience and experimentalism. 1,291 more words

Unplugged 5 Rocks the Buses

Unplugged 5 was amazing.

Sandy Seufert  on her fiddle managed to jam with a teen ukulele player on a bus stop.

Young teens rapped to Sandy’s music on the bus. 102 more words

Public Art

To Start this Off: the Thesis of the Images and some Info

My murals and this blog go hand in hand. The plan was, you see, that, hopefully, the murals would attract visual attention and then the soon-to-be-made QR codes, placed right next to the posters, would lead the viewer to this blog where they are able to read up on the topics of the posters. 438 more words

so you’re woke. now what?

on november 9, millions of americans woke up and for the first time realized this country is racist, and sexist, and classist, and many other -ists. 592 more words