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Karin Mamma Andersson

b. 1962.

Swedish painter Karin ‘Mamma’ Andersson is known for her evocative compositions where people seem to be caught in difficult situations in a melancholic landscape that borders on abstraction.  243 more words

Shinique Smith

b. 1971

For more than a decade multimedia artist Shinique Smith has employed new, used, and personal recycled clothing, fabrics, and objects such as bedding to construct towering bound sculptures, paintings, assemblages, and site-specific installations.  326 more words

Hera Buyuktasciyan

b. 1984

Hera Buyuktasciyan is a Greek-Armenian artist who lives and works in Istanbul.  She creates sculpture and installations that explore the meaning of space as it relates to memory and the past.  222 more words

Marilyn Minter

b. 1948

Marilyn Minter is a feminist painter and photographer.  Although she treats some of her photographs as free-standing artworks, her primary mode is found in her monumental paintings finished with  layers of thinned enamel paint.  446 more words

Wendy Red Star

b. 1981

Wendy Red Star is a multimedia artist of Crow (Apsaalooke) and Irish Descent who works across various artistic disciplines to explore Native American ideologies and colonialist structures from the past and present time. 374 more words

Andrea Bowers


Andrea Bowers is a Los Angeles based artist and social activist, whose work includes video, drawing, and installations, which deal with social and political issues such as: illegal immigration, the spoiling of native lands, abortion, and oil drilling.   277 more words

Allison Torneros (HUEMAN)


Oakland-based artist Allison Torneros, who works under the name Hueman, has filled an empty wall with a giant mural on the Neptune Building in the Los Angeles Arts District. 280 more words