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The Programme

The Programme

By Scott Bailey © 2015


My god, my hands are dry

Must remember to by some moisturiser

←——Insert fear

My god, my hands are dry… 36 more words


Turn It OFF! The Massively Manipulative Marketing Meme

The massively manipulative marketing meme may seem to be common knowledge to most, but to what degree? Do people really see the depths and breadths these conniving controllers are willing to stoop to in order to control the mass mind according to their greedy, parasitic intentions? 392 more words


Mind control: Orwell, Huxley, and Today’s Reality

We are able to see the architecture – the structural patterns – of each kind of mind-control regime. This can help us recognize precursors – signs that such a future is coming our way. 4,347 more words

The Illuminati Plan

'Contagion', Ebola and Social Programming

Ok, so if you’re like me, at every step in this whole ebola thing your mind keeps going back to the movie Contagion. And really, it’s not that silly to do so given Hollywood’s tendency towards “prophetic” movie plots and symbolism (if you’ve never watched… 620 more words

Spiritual Preparedness

Dream Life Reality

I don’t find it strange anymore that my dream life and my waking life are blending. I like living this way. It’s a complete surrender to what wants to happen instead of what I want to happen. 1,194 more words