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Futility and Utility - Fragmentation of Life perspective

If I had a sway in the vocabulary of words people use, I would strike off the word FUTILE and every associated concept in the context that it is used within the social programming. 991 more words


The Programme

The Programme

By Scott Bailey © 2015


My god, my hands are dry

Must remember to buy some moisturiser

←——Insert fear

My god, my hands are dry… 39 more words


The Strangulation of the Great

By Scott Bailey

So I was daydreaming in the bath – thinking about a book I read long ago – a biography of a famous 19th-century explorer and how he could be seen as representing men as a whole – but that’s a whole other post that will be coming soon. 318 more words


Drift Girls of Palestine

Amber Fares’s rubber-burning documentary follows an all-female Palestinian motor racing team (the first) as they compete with and against each other in wheel-spinning time-trials. “It’s like we put the pepper on the food,” one petrolhead explains. 90 more words