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Students nation-wide to attend four-day, university funded white privilege bash

Major universities across the country are offering course credit, and in some cases even paying the cost, for students to attend an annual national event known as “ 211 more words

The Destructionist

What If Men Had Demanded Liberation?

What if men had, one day, decided they wanted to start a movement to be liberated from the bonds of marriage and servitude to women? 1,160 more words

NWO And The Greater Satanic Conspiracy

Why "Safe Places" Are Necessary In Our Universities; Individualism Will Not Be Tolerated

The Infantilization of Humanity; Why You Need a Keeper

This idea of college students being “young”  and in need of protection is a ridiculous construct of today’s society. 436 more words

10 Things We Were Successfully Distracted From While Griping About The Red Cups

1. The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Need I say more? The TPP has remained notoriously absent from the mainstream media, its passing often eclipsed by some crazy media hype like this Starbucks fiasco. 1,087 more words

NWO And The Greater Satanic Conspiracy

A new theory... 

A friend texted me yesterday morning with a question. She asked me if I’ve ever heard of the “Son-Rise Thory?”! I admit that I hadn’t, but was intrigued by the title. 708 more words