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Keep Asking

What I do might be called whining or griping, but I call it asking. I go around telling people that we are in the middle of the biggest worker upsurge in American history, but that our effectiveness is limited by our chronic failure to come together. 445 more words


I Hear a Voice in my Head: A Wondering Path to Religion

I hear a voice in my head.  It is mine, and I know it is.  Knowing this though does not mean I do not wonder about it. 517 more words


Disclaimer: I hate the term ‘snowflake’. The media and, on reflection, a whole lot of the general public use the word ‘snowflake’ as a by-word for millennials or really any young person who does not agree with the socially accepted agenda or public discourse which another generation have grown-up with and cleave to. 588 more words

Why is the world so crazy right now?

It seems crazy, and you know what…it is.

We are living in a time of massive change, and it is sending out warning bells to everyone. 876 more words

Making Academia Matter Again

April 19, 2018

Making Academia Matter Again

by  Abraham Loeb


Academics can no longer afford to pat themselves on the back and celebrate their own privileges. 849 more words


If at First you Don't Succeed...

Some people re-read books often. I have a brother in law who is reportedly known to read certain books hundreds of times. I do re-read the Bible, but as a holy text that’s my main exception. 1,270 more words

Solutions To Gun Violence in America: An Answer Blowing in the Wind

Wednesday, we were able to add another school shooting to the ever growing list of school shootings.  Wednesday, we were able to add another mass shooting to the ever growing list of mass shootings. 2,111 more words