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Japanese companies need to open up or shut down

May 21, 2017

Japanese companies need to open up or shut down

by  Alicia Ogawa, Columbia University http://www.eastasiaforum.org/2017/05/16/japanese-companies-need-to-open-up-or-shut-down/

Corporate governance has long been a hot topic for investors worldwide, but it is still a new concept in Japan. 758 more words


Anthony Bowen

Anthony Bowen was born into slavery in Prince George’s County, MD in 1809. Determined to build a life as a free man, he would moonlight as a painter and bricklayer, earning enough money to purchase his freedom in 1830 for $425. 168 more words


Freedom of Speech a Human Entitlement.

Every human being has the right to speak their mind and thoughts in form of speech or through actions. Without freedom of speech we have no freedom of thought and without freedom of thought we do not have ourselves. 553 more words

Freedom Of Speech

Ducking The Issue

I’ve been slightly out of step with the world around me today, not quite synced up with reality.

For some reason I chose non-complementary colours when I was getting dressed and I recall looking at a shirt specifically and rationally thinking, “Yep, that’ll work,” when clearly it wouldn’t, something I realized a little later before actually leaving the house, which I almost forgot to do entirely as I suddenly looked at the clock and saw that it was already passed the time when I should be heading out to the car to go to work but I hadn’t even packed my lunch yet, and although I hadn’t really been up all that long the day had already gotten away from me and I was lost in the flow of time like a noun trapped in a ridiculous run-on sentence, unsure if it’s even the subject any more or if it ever was, and that’s when I saw the ducks. 362 more words


Unveiling Donald J. Trump - the Revolt against the Establishment

February 25, 2017


Unveiling Donald J. Trump – the Revolt against the Establishment

Joergen Oerstroem Moeller, Visiting Senior Fellow, ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute, Singapore… 2,755 more words


A dog's life

My dog Johnny saw his vet last week for his annual exam. Ordinarily, this visit is uneventful and his vet proclaims Johnny is in excellent health. 454 more words

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