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Portraits of Pity

Portraits painted on grains of rice,
Each one an emblem of self-sacrifice,
A grain of pity for those with no feet,
Who hobble up Social Progress Street.


What Are We?

What are we?
We are a generation.

A generation of dreamers
who are told to walk when we can fly.

A generation of poets
who speak of nothing but truth. 225 more words

Social Commentary


Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. — Frank Zappa

The German language contains clever words and phrases to describe complex subject matter. For example, weltanschauung basically means “world view.” From the long-winded pronunciation side of the Saxon-influenced spectrum, the German word for fire insurance, just in case you really need to know, is feuerversicherung. 356 more words

Is a college degree the right goal for all of our students?

Writing a blog article on an airplane using a device without a proper keyboard… well, there’s always spell check when I get to an actual computer, not to mention access to some actual statistics. 824 more words

Social Progress

#IamMLK: On Racism, Riots, and Social Progress

The following excerpts on racism, riots and social progress are from Martin Luther King Jr’s “The Other America” speech at Stanford in 1967.

He spoke then on social tensions stemming from great inequalities, but could be speaking today. 249 more words


Social Musings 101: Death of Ideas

So today as we usually celebrate people and inventions or creations we discuss the seed of it all. The idea. So even the people that were conceived and born into the world were ideas that two people had as they chose to conceive. 155 more words

Social Musings 101