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Mercy for Animals Leader Inspires at 2017 Animal Rights Conference!

The President of Mercy For AnimalsNathan Runkle, gives an extraordinary speech on how animal rights is part of a greater evolution towards social justice. 25 more words


Cambodia Update--Hun Sen maintains firm grip on power

August 3, 2017

Cambodia Update–Hun Sen maintains firm grip on power

by Dr. Sorpong Peou


After 25 years of global peacebuilding efforts that began with the UN intervention early in the 1990s, Cambodia is still far from achieving a stable peace based on genuine democracy and respect for human rights. 775 more words


Intentional Media Inclusion

Assumptions, we all have them and we all contribute to the widely accepted stereotypes with each of our words and actions. Assumptions can cause people to make generalizations. 1,420 more words

Social Justice

Social Progress in the Digital Age: Why it's time to step away from social media

Confined to the cosy bubbles of our online worlds, it can be difficult to understand when elections and referendums fail to deliver the results that we expect. 665 more words

Think Pieces

Investing in the Path of Progress

The economic history of the past 2,000 years begins with little change for many centuries. Then, in the 17th century, things began to change—a lot. 448 more words

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