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Making Academia Matter Again

April 19, 2018

Making Academia Matter Again

by  Abraham Loeb


Academics can no longer afford to pat themselves on the back and celebrate their own privileges. 849 more words


If at First you Don't Succeed...

Some people re-read books often. I have a brother in law who is reportedly known to read certain books hundreds of times. I do re-read the Bible, but as a holy text that’s my main exception. 1,270 more words

Solutions To Gun Violence in America: An Answer Blowing in the Wind

Wednesday, we were able to add another school shooting to the ever growing list of school shootings.  Wednesday, we were able to add another mass shooting to the ever growing list of mass shootings. 2,111 more words

A Very Brief and Simplistic History of the Changing Role of Religion in Human Society

In the beginning, humanity hunted, humanity gathered, and they did so in family groups.  These groups were the earliest and most basic human social structure. 1,502 more words

GDP Should Be Corrected

January 23, 2018

GDP Should Be Corrected

by Urs Rohner@www.project-syndicate.org

The hazards of relying solely on gross domestic product as a measure of overall economic activity have become obvious over time, especially as corporate profits have outpaced GDP growth in key economies. 828 more words


It's what you make of it...

Have you ever experienced that feeling where you start to question everything in your life? Such as “What is my purpose? Why am I here? What is the meaning of life”? 415 more words


Plotting Social Progress.


The accomplishments of modern India are recognized around the world. A country that was a symbol of hunger and poverty at the time of Independence has now transformed itself into one of the fastest growing major economies. 1,283 more words

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