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You can call this a progressive society, but how many will actually “progress” without the aid of an asteroid?

Unless you’ve been living in North Korea or inside a geode (how you managed to get into a tiny hollow rock lined with crystals is beyond me), you must’ve heard all the glorious news that the USA legalised same-sex marriage nationwide. 1,576 more words

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New bordercrossers

Somewhere, dans les ombres,

there is a generation of new bordercrossers

they’ve read Nietzsche’s call for new philosophy, but

they are not embarrassed by their love for others, nor by their piety, 345 more words


Conflict and Non-Zero-Sum Dynamics

Every relationship will experience conflict in some measure.  However, the most complex conflicts involve groups and communities.  According to Robert Wright, interdisciplinary writer and journalist, “all the salvation of the world requires is the intelligent pursuit of self-interests in a disciplined and careful way.” 12 more words

Relationship Building

Portrait of a political leader - in word and deed

No media creation, she. And among the few exceptional leaders in an America, where they all hail from the south.

At TeleSUR, Prof Juan Pablo Ferrero paints a portrait of the Argentina President, Cristina Fernández Kirchner (CFK). 155 more words


Dare to know (Sapere aude) is problematic in Malaysia

June 19, 2015

Dare to know (Sapere aude) is problematic in Malaysia

by Zairil Khir Johari@www.themalaysianinsider.com

The discussion on secularism in this country is a problematic one, chiefly because the term has become trapped in the narrow framework of identity politics dominated by the hegemony of ethno-religious nationalist discourse.

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UMNO 's Malaysia: Ignore English at your own peril

June 12, 2015

UMNO ‘s Malaysia: Ignore English at your own peril

by FMT Reporters


” 90% of the Doctorates held by Malays is not worth the toilet paper on which it is printed because it was all produced by some internet degree mill for a fee and worse still is when you hold them to a discussion or debate , the thoughts that emanate from the area between their ears is so embarrassing you want to run away and jump off a cliff but yet they proudly parade their Doctorates with pride.” …

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Cuidando al jardin y Construido un communidad: Gardening, Community Building, and Intersectional Identity

We enter through an arch of foliage. Follow the path to the spacious plot of greenery, rich earth, promising life. Walk past a dead tree, earthen figurines at its feet; a white porch swing greets us; our eyes take in a snake formation of raised earth and rectangle plots. 563 more words