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Malaysia: Return to the Malaysian Village

July 23, 2015

Malaysia: Return to the Malaysian Village

by Tash Aw


Parit is a small town of roughly 2,000 people in the state of Perak, deep in the rural heartland of… 924 more words


Michael Porter's Social Progress Indicator

I’ve been a fan of Michael Porter since I read “The Competitive Advantage of Nations” and started thinking about innovation through the lens of Porter’s diamond, so I got excited when he launched the social progress indicator. 763 more words

Bright Ideas

Macaulay's Idea of Progress - the bifurcation of material and social progress - Some thoughts on David Berlinski

David Berlinski begins his, still unacountably unfinished, book The Best of Times with this quote from 19th century British philosopher and Whig politician Thomas Babington Macaulay… 466 more words


Give Corporations More Political Power—Seriously

Maybe we would all benefit if corporations wielded more political power, not less.

Ever since the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision in 2010, it’s been fashionable to deplore (with full-on… 1,285 more words

You can call this a progressive society, but how many will actually “progress” without the aid of an asteroid?

Unless you’ve been living in North Korea or inside a geode (how you managed to get into a tiny hollow rock lined with crystals is beyond me), you must’ve heard all the glorious news that the USA legalised same-sex marriage nationwide. 1,576 more words

Society And Culture

New bordercrossers

Somewhere, dans les ombres,

there is a generation of new bordercrossers

they’ve read Nietzsche’s call for new philosophy, but

they are not embarrassed by their love for others, nor by their piety, 345 more words


Conflict and Non-Zero-Sum Dynamics

Every relationship will experience conflict in some measure.  However, the most complex conflicts involve groups and communities.  According to Robert Wright, interdisciplinary writer and journalist, “all the salvation of the world requires is the intelligent pursuit of self-interests in a disciplined and careful way.” 12 more words

Relationship Building