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A Beautiful Mashup

Level up Fitness Academy is taking fitness to new levels with A Beautiful Mashup by providing specialized programs to teach people with developmental disabilities the benefits of healthy living and exercise using ABA principles. 40 more words

Social Projects 2017

Freak Ppl Co.

Freak Ppl Co. is a feminist queer social enterprise that produces handmade, fair wage and environmentally sustainable clothing. It is designed is for anyone who has been labelled or labels themselves as a freak, misfit, or outlier. 75 more words

Social Projects 2017


Mancave is a unique pilot workshop that looks to redefine masculinity through discussion and building men’s communication skills. Robin provided workshops to youth in schools and Colleges.

Social Projects 2017

Social Innovation Hub Club

Nishima has formed a Social Innovation Hub Club which is a creative opportunity for all the students at GBC to practice and experiment their innovative ideas and address the need for social justice by utilizing the resources of the college. 18 more words

Social Projects 2017

Beads 4 Bonds

Sasha has created a crafty social initiative focusing on the empowerment and social connection through her workshops called Beads4Bonds. She guides her participants through a technical jewellery making workshop, where they make a bracelet from start to finish and explore their creativity through beading. 28 more words

Social Projects 2017

Mobile Assistant and Resource Companion (MARC)

This social initiative is centered around providing students with mental health issues with better access to counseling services by using conversation based assessments through an app to overcome barriers of stigma, accessibility and oppression. 15 more words

Social Projects 2017

Mindful Matters

Mindful Matters builds from a foundation that aims to:

Educate, Engage & Empower.

Each project, workshop, and online interaction has a mission to educate and share useful information on the basics of mindfulness to help others cultivate skills to live a more mindful life. 70 more words

Social Projects 2017