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Use Testimonial Videos to Boost Your Online Brand

One of the easiest ways to build your online brand is through video testimonials or interviews. Companies use testimonials to provide evidence that their products and services are effective. 285 more words


Just follow the crowd

I never really thought about it until now.  Everyone, including myself, bases their decision on the others around them.  In chapter nine of The Content Code, Mark Schaefer discusses the idea of social proof.   337 more words

Understanding social proof for your business

If you’ve heard the phrase “social proof” and wondered what it meant for your business, then this article is for you!

What is social proof? 653 more words


Influencer Marketing: Five Tips to Get Started

Social proof is one of the most powerful concepts in marketing. Billion dollar empires were built on the back of endorsements and word-of-mouth marketing.

The reason why social proof is so powerful is that we naturally look to our environment for cues on how to behave. 589 more words

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How To Use Social Proof In Real Estate

If you were to think back on your childhood, you could probably come up with an instance when you had the famous conversation with your parents about “how all the other kids were doing it.” You’d insist that you’d be the only “loser” who didn’t get to do “xyz” because your parents just simply couldn’t understand how important it really was. 656 more words


jacob nunn on creating mindfulness blog zen wandering

this is JAKE. he’s 22 and located in west aus. he’s the mind behind zen wandering blog. one of the calmest, kindest, realest, insightful people i’ve met. 1,316 more words

Social Proof

molly wellington on making art, designing a brand & starting an etsy store

This is MOLLY. This 23 y/o gal is the face behind Pickled Cactus Design, a brand inspired by the natural world, creating quirky jewellery, tote bags and illustrations & paintings. 909 more words

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