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Are you overlooking this key element of social proof on your landing pages?

Proper writing – by which I mean correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, rather than anything creative – is vital to credibility and building a user’s confidence in what you’re asking them to do. 62 more words

How writers can improve your online dating profile

Like a lot of people these days, I have an online dating profile. It isn’t anything special; there’s some information about the things I like, and an invitation to whoever’s reading it to send me a message. 509 more words

Mars, Venus, and social proof

Here at Direct to Donor, we have a tradition – every 100th post anniversary, we take a look back at some past posts and update them with new information.   515 more words


Persuasion Is NOT A Dirty Word

Yeppers.  You read that right. Persuasion is NOT a dirty word.  You might be thinking about scams and slimy business people, like Bernie Madoff here, and how they use persuasion.   685 more words

Life Skills

Data gets us the Kardashians. Is everyone doing this?

Actually, more data might not be what you’re hoping for

They got us hooked on data. Advertisers want more data. Direct marketers want more data. 263 more words


Social Proof - Tận dụng tâm lý đám đông để thu hút KH

Hãy thử tưởng tượng mình đang ở trong một bữa tiệc. Nhạc nổi lên và lúc này mọi người đều ngại ngần không muốn ra nhảy. 1,678 more words


HIllary Clinton and Social Proof

Hola mi Gente,
Yesterday, I came across the following headline:

More than 2 MILLION of Hillary Clinton’s Twitter followers are fake or never tweet — and she’s already under fire for “buying” fake Facebook fans…

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