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I felt like shit... Am I so weak ?

3 years ago, my life sucked. I had a job I hated, a boss I hated in a company that was treating me like shit. Or at least, that was my resentment at that time. 531 more words

The Social Proof Shortcut to Creating Social Change

This summer I attended a poorly organized concert. Outside the venue, people were wandering in the hot sun trying to find the entrance, or the line to the entrance, or at least something that indicated where to go next. 593 more words

The Psychology of Social Proof in Email Marketing | The Startup Magazine

Social proof may be a popular marketing buzzword nowadays, but the concept extends way back in our evolutionary past. The ancestors of all primates existing today learned important survival skills by emulating and imitating each other, using mirror neurones. 120 more words

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The wisdom of crowds

The Wisdom of Crowds: How the Many are Smarter than the Few

Author: James Surowiecki


This is a comprehensive review of group decision-making… 919 more words


Social Proof gewinnen

Wie angesprochen sollte man den Barkeeper zum Beispiel kennen und den Türsteher. Am besten in dem man eine Freundschaft aufbaut. Nimm dir einen Stammclub oder eine Stammbar in der du regelmäßig bist. 100 more words


A Sea Filled with Catfish

What exactly is a catfish? A catfish is someone who creates a false identity online in the hopes of finding another individual to have a romantic relationship with. 462 more words


4 Ways to Use Social Proof as Part of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Picture yourself at home, surfing the Internet and looking at what your friends have posted on social media. You’re hungry at that moment, but don’t want to cook because you’re just exhausted from how much worked that day. 1,201 more words