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Social Proof - Rolf Dobelli

Chapter: If fifty million people say something foolish, it is still foolish – social proof.

This chapter is a really interesting chapter, because the author did not choose to go for social beliefs, nor did he go against it, but rather, he picked a neutral stance in viewing social behaviours. 410 more words

The 10-Step Structure for Sales Pages That Sell

Sales pages take many different forms, but share the same basic structure:

  1. Headline
  2. Sub Headline
  3. Presentation of the problem
  4. Introduction of your product as the solution…
  5. 852 more words
Business Education

Doing It For The Right Reason!

Often we find ourselves in an act that we don’t know why we are doing. One reason might be because other people are doing it, for example, when in a fancy restaurant you might tag and share it on facebook because you have found your friends doing it, you buy a stock because your boss has bought it as well, you plan for a vacation in Paris because your neighbour Mr. 150 more words

Why Vegans and Sober People Won't Stop Talking About It

As you may know, I am a student of persuasion. That means I have a fine-tuned radar for the effects of social influence. You probably know already that “peer pressure” is a thing, but you don’t recognize how far it goes. 654 more words

All My Friends Go to the Rave (And How to Help Your Producer Friends)

My first rave was the result of five or more of my coworkers at a bar all having tickets to one. I didn’t. I liked them enough to feel like even if the crowd wasn’t friendly and the music wasn’t good — haha — I’d still have a good enough time being around them. 439 more words

W5: Social Pressure & Mindfulness

Individualism & Social Proof

Individualism is important for creativity. However, it is difficult to maintain individualism when working in a group. In that sense, the experiment that was conducted to one participant to show a standard line and ask to choose the line with the same length (the image below) in the circumstance that the others respond differently from him is very well known in terms of demonstrating ‘social proof’. 221 more words

Design Thinking

Social Proof

Ketika kamu sedang berjalan dan lihat sekumpulan orang menengadah ke atas, apa yang kamu lakukan? Menengadah ke atas. Di suatu konser satu orang tepuk tangan, apa yang orang lain lakukan? 268 more words