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Incorporating Social Media Into Your Website

Your visibility on social media sites platforms should be simply one aspect in your general advertising strategy. While it’s an unbelievably beneficial means to get in touch with a broader target market and steer prospective consumers toward your offerings, the majority of services rely upon their site to transform site visitors right into customers or clients. 529 more words

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Episode #320 - Mouse Trap Mania!

“If you desire to build a better mousetrap, you should know something about mousetraps.” Randal Curry

Can you build a better mousetrap?  Probably not.   But can you speak about your business better than anyone else?  378 more words


Episode #314 - The Reason You Must Use 3rd Parties To Build Social Proof...

“First you get credibility, then you get trust, and then you get relationship capital.“ RPeters

What I like about today’s inspiration is the direct relationship between credibility and relationships. 551 more words


The Most Profitable Person For Your Business is YOU

Whenever I speak to my clients who are trying to brand themselves on Social Media, this is probably one of the hardest challenges I face. 199 more words

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Episode #309 - Use Your Words!

“Content marketing is more efficient when you use the same vocabulary your audience would use”

Welcome to Tuesday!  I found this inspiration and as usual… I have a problem with a word.  629 more words


Episode #305 - This is the Easiest Way to Build Loyalty With Your Customers...

“Clear and consistent communication helps your customer get to know you and what you have to offer.”

The Infinity Marketing Machine is about caring.  You want to communicate with your customers because you care.   523 more words


The Concept of Social Proof

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A post from Dan Schwabel’s Personal Branding blog inspired this post. Read the original guest post by Wendy Brache here. 612 more words