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Types of content and ways to connect for small business growth

1. Interviews

The Interview provides content and connection. This yields a relationship with a customer. It’s a clever idea to form a network with major players in your industry? 332 more words


Episode #256 - No Excuses Only Solutions

“No Excuses Only Solutions”

Memorize these four words, “no excuses only solutions”.  When you feel that excuse rearing it’s ugly head… repeat those four words. I was listening to a podcast earlier today and the host said those four words.  336 more words


Episode #254 - Careful What You Post Online...Your Social Proof is Tied to Your Attitude!

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. – Albert Einstein

Think twice before you write a negative review.  So much of character on the web involves your footprint online. 516 more words


The Untold Story of Music Festivals

Most people believe in the phrase, It’s all about the music. And that’s true.

But dance music is also about other people. That’s an untold story in the music scene, so I’ll tell it now. 416 more words

Episode #248 - Hurry Up, Be an Expert

“Character is a journey, not a destination.” – Bill Clinton

As you are creating your small business it’s important to show your character and build credibility in your followers. 449 more words


On the importance of Social Proof

“Candy, You explain this so well. You’re better than my teachers in code school.”

-Robert J

“Awesome… Been trying to get this fixed for a while now.. 209 more words