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Why Word-of-Mouth Marketing Still Matters

In business, word-of-mouth marketing often involves a happy customer who promotes your business, product, or service to other people, through referrals, recommendations, online reviews, or social posts. 355 more words

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7: My first conversation on Tinder

The veneer enhances the wood…

Okay, okay, I got the message. I wrote a blog post about profiles and didn’t mention pictures.


I did research this as well, and found some unusual tips which I’ve used, they being; have a picture where you’re smiling, have one where you’re doing an activity, and have one where you’re with a beautiful woman, and she looks happy. 1,056 more words

Influencing Skills for Professionals – The Six Principles

We all need to get better at influencing others: clients, colleagues, friends etc. Here is a summary of  the best-selling book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. 779 more words

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The 6 Principles of a successful job search

Every day at work I see the frustration on job seekers’ faces. The job seekers are not outwardly emotional, but I know they’re struggling with a very difficult situation. 720 more words

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The Proof is in the People

Don’t just take my word for it – take theirs!

Social Proof is simply visual credibility, based on what other people say or think. If many people say they had a great experience with a company or brand, new customers are more likely to choose the brand with many great reviews. 307 more words

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If They Like It I Will Too

The concept of social proof makes a lot of sense in regards to online and in the real world. The example Mark Schaefer uses in the book is if you see someone with many awards and certificates you are going to assume they are smarter and feel better about talking to them. 261 more words

2 Ways that AirBnB Could Help Close the Achievement Gap

Teachers everywhere have heard about the achievement gap.

It’s the gap in performance between African- American and Hispanic students and their white peers.

The gap shows up… 906 more words