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Social Isolation, Social Engagement, and Networks of Support

At last week’s meeting of my Solo Seniors support group, the discussion turned to the topic of social isolation. As elders without spouses and mostly without children and nearby family, the members of our group are at risk for social isolation, and social isolation is a predictor of negative health outcomes and earlier death. 578 more words


I, Author

                When I was in fifth grade I needed an escape hatch.  Something to get me out of the stressful parts of my life, specifically my school days.   721 more words

Life Goals

Set Apart

       Some words just sound weird to me sometimes.  Apart is one of those words which seems to have a neutral identity.  It seems neither positive nor negative, and yet it can often be one or the other.   308 more words

Purposeful Intent

Amber Light

Is there a more controversial color for traffic lights?  Maybe confusing is a better word.  I thought I knew what to do at this light when I’m driving and I see this light ahead of me.  347 more words

Purposeful Intent

Students with Autism have unique needs

Students with Autism have unique needs

Students in postsecondary education face considerable challenges generally as they navigate high academic expectations and increasing levels of independence as they transition into adulthood. 60 more words

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Redefining Family Values

      Sunsets worth pulling off the road for don’t come along every day. When they do, you better make sure that you stop because another one may not come around again in your lifetime. 495 more words

Purposeful Intent

Goal Oriented

Some days are more productive than others.  There are days when I just want to sit back, read a book, and think about nothing.  Have you ever felt that way?  457 more words

Purposeful Intent