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40 Days of Good News: Epilogue

I spent the last few weeks trying to adjust my focus a bit. The constant barrage of violence, suffering, and hateful politics had kind of reached a point for me where my already elevated stress levels were reaching overload. 388 more words

Good News

Good News Day 35: Soup Kitchen Is Set Up Like A Restaurant So Homeless Can Dine With Dignity

One organization has souped up the traditional soup kitchen.

Kansas City Community Kitchen in Kansas City, Missouri, serves food restaurant-style to homeless people, a process which includes greeters, waiters and a side of respect. 9 more words

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Good News Day 31: This Humanitarian in Nigeria Has Us Under Her Spell

While witch hunting is a shameful part of American history, in Nigeria, it is a deeply engraved part of their culture that concentrates primarily on… 55 more words

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Good News Day 28: 5th-Graders Ditch Recess For Sign Language Club So They Can Chat With Deaf Classmate

For these students, connecting with a classmate was far more important than playtime.

Rhemy Elsey, a fifth-grader at Mark Bills Middle School in Peoria, Illinois, is deaf and primarily uses sign language to communicate, along with the help of an interpreter, … 53 more words

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Book Recommendations

Here are some great book recommendations in case you are looking for something to read at home with your child.

Ten books for teaching kids the importance of “Taking Care of Others” 14 more words