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Blood Donation - Social Responsibilty

By hearing “Blood” only , many of us just get feared and the pictures of blood shed starts floating around in our mind. What I want to convey you is the procedure, precaution, benefits of blood donations. 747 more words


Michel Foucault: Power/Knowledge — WEA Pedagogy Blog

We cannot understand the world around us without a sophisticated understanding of the complex but intimate relationship between knowledge and power. One of the most influential philosophers of the twentieth century, Michel Foucault, crafted a radically different understanding of this relationship.

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Bicycles Spread the Internet in Rural India

Not everyone can access the Internet. In particular, millions of women in small towns and villages in India are not able to access the Internet. (This may seem strange to students in the U.S. 284 more words

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rage, rage against the dying of the light

Throughout this past year I have had the unpleasant experience of being trolled on Twitter. The first time it happened I went all Norma Rae telling all and sundry I was not going to stand for it: I complained to Twitter about the vicious and inappropriate nature of the comment and then I committed the cardinal sin – I replied back. 552 more words

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Community Champions

Today, we would like to celebrate the community spirit that is being created in the 2 government schools being supported by RDF and Tech Mahindra Foundation in Bahadurapally.  318 more words


Where's the reset button?

Yesterday a man died. For 5 hours yesterday we watched him face down in the grass while we were on lock down in our lab. Dead man – as he became known – pulled a fire alarm, drove into the evacuating crowd, got out the car and attacked the crowd with a machete. 560 more words

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