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To Text or Not to Text, That is the Question

In today’s society, technology is everywhere. We rely so heavily on technology to ‘get through’ our day that we often feel helpless without it when it’s gone for any reason. 275 more words

Digital Communication

Cambodia's villagers lose ground – literally – to Singapore's expansion |


Singapore is a long way from this remote Cambodian fishing village – nearly a thousand miles across the sea. But as the bustling city-state grows, Koh Sralav and hamlets like it die.

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Do Humans Have a Moral Duty to Stop Procreating? | Big Think


Whenever any animal population gets out of control, whether it be an overrun of deer or geese, humans usually step in and make plans to curb it through hunting or damaging nests.

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Nearly 100 Children Were Killed in Aleppo Since Friday | ATTN


UNICEF describes the remaining health care system in eastern Aleppo, as “crumbling,” with roughly 30 doctors left, barely any equipment or emergency medicine, and a rising number of trauma cases.

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The Big Cut | It Figures | CNA Insider

Source: https://youtu.be/v3Y23fpNr3A


  • If something you own breaks down, what would you doo? Repair it or get a new one?
  • Why do some people think it is important to repair things rather than throwing them away?

Two boys from Syria and Germany break down barriers with friendship | UNICEF

Source: https://youtu.be/XrHHJIQ5fy8


  • Is discrimination natural or learnt behaviour?
  • Should countries take in refugees?
  • What is the impact of refugees on the host countries?
  • What can we learn about this friendship?