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The Team Teaching Spirit!

RDF schools follow a unique system of evaluating the efficacy of its teaching and learning practices. Teachers from RDF schools visit another RDF school in order to observe, review and provide feedback, including sharing teaching challenges and better teaching methods. 245 more words


Give a hoot, don't pollute: how MPharm students are helping the environment through a waste medicines project

Emily Cope, Georgina Groves, Shonali Lakhani and Sonam Kotecha are MPharm Pharmacy students undertaking a dissertation project on raising awareness of the environmental and financial cost of not disposing of medicines properly. 665 more words


Reminder: you are an accountable part of the community

Please remember as we approach the end of term that you are part of a wider community. Long term residents of the community include families and elderly residents – these are your neighbours, who you may not have met yet. 107 more words

Social Responsibility

Por Amor al Arte/ For the Love of Art

Por Amor al Arte

En días pasados tuve la oportunidad de visitar La Escuela de Artes y Humanidades Luis Terror Diaz en Bonao. Fue impresionante ver el potencial de esos pequeños niños con grandes sueños de convertirse en artistas plásticos, bailarines y escultores. 960 more words

Career Guidance

Guidance for first generation learners, who have lived and studied in rural areas, but want to work in cities, is a crucial step in preparing them for life outside their small villages. 336 more words


Every Person's Ocean

Ever since I was younger, rolling waves and clicking calls, the sounds of the oceans are what calmed me.

There is something so majestic and even breathtaking about the water, an entity so vast it accounts for 75% of our world. 415 more words


A Vision for A New Era of Empathy in America

Children and adults who grow up in a society were life is wholeheartedly valued would benefit from a new social compact. The changing of culture from base and immoral, towards greater degrees of respect, decency and valuing of human dignity is needful. 968 more words