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Nestor Makhno: From the Public Committee to the Peasants' Union

After his return to Ukraine in March 1917, Nestor Makhno focused on creating a Peasants’ Union that would organize the local peasantry for the purpose of instituting a form of socialist self-management of the land by the peasants themselves. 1,426 more words


Voline: The Russian Revolution - Peasants and Soviets

In this excerpt from his anarchist history of the Russian Revolution (The Unknown Revolution), Voline discusses the insurmountable problems facing the “Provisional Government” following the overthrow of the Czar at the beginning of… 1,836 more words


Chai for a cause !

We proclaim ourselves as Indians and take pride in originating from India. But as a matter of ridicule we live in a land Рwhere a problem catering to corruption and women still continues! 655 more words

Boris Yelensky: Returning to Russia (1917)

Boris Yelensky (1889-1974) was a Russian anarchist from Kuban, a city in southern Russia just north of the Black Sea. In the 1890s, he moved with his family to Novorosisk, a port city on the Black Sea. 1,197 more words


Malatesta: Looking Forward

As 2016 draws to a close, some more inspiring words from Errico Malatesta. Originally published in 1897 after the Italian parliamentary elections, Malatesta’s comments are particularly appropriate following the failed Italian constitutional referendum, the 2016 US elections, and the Brexit vote in the UK. 835 more words