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Revolution in Rojava: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Another May 1st has come and gone. Sometimes I post material from the Chicago anarchists and Haymarket Martyrs around May Day, whose executions on November 11, 1887 helped to cement May 1st as an international day of solidarity and protest for workers around the world. 1,821 more words


Audrey’s Colorful Road… (part 3 of 3)

 Day 16: Third Time’s the Charm

by Jennifer Stump Garcia

As Audrey and I sit with our legs tucked beneath us on the elongated sofa, we share the hot chocolate and biscotti she has prepared. 1,008 more words

Writing 101



At some point
the people
will grow weary waiting for revolution…

The young
will forsake
the leadership
of old folk,
no longer seeking the beacon of hope… 37 more words


{Special Blog Post} Warby Parker and the New Social Revolution in Eyewear

I could never quite get the hang of contact lenses.  The idea (and reality) of putting a foreign object in my eye, even if it was designed to help me, was just a list extreme for me. 635 more words


One future - many possibilities

The grandeur of quantum mechanics is the attempt of a century’s worth of scientific intellect directed towards divining the workings of the universe. The scientists have been poring into their telescopes looking into our past, physicists have been toiling over whiteboard and notepads, working out the mathematics to imagine the mind boggling beauty of the universe. 878 more words


Does a new social revolution stand from kitchens?

Published on ISPI Energy Watch – March 9, 2015

Appendix with statistical analysis

Do dishwashers are a symptom of women emancipation? According to a recent report of the Italian Institute of Statistics ( 522 more words

Retail Electricity Markets

Ring For Jeeves

It is difficult to imagine Jeeves without Bertie and one would be within rights to wonder what would be results of such an adventure. Well Wodehouse is a master plotter and the madness in ‘Ring For Jeeves’ is indeed a corker.

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