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Boris Yelensky: Returning to Russia (1917)

Boris Yelensky (1889-1974) was a Russian anarchist from Kuban, a city in southern Russia just north of the Black Sea. In the 1890s, he moved with his family to Novorosisk, a port city on the Black Sea. 1,197 more words


Malatesta: Looking Forward

As 2016 draws to a close, some more inspiring words from Errico Malatesta. Originally published in 1897 after the Italian parliamentary elections, Malatesta’s comments are particularly appropriate following the failed Italian constitutional referendum, the 2016 US elections, and the Brexit vote in the UK. 835 more words


Malatesta: All or Nothing?

In these troubled times, I often think back to the situation faced by Errico Malatesta and the Italian anarchists when Mussolini’s Fascists held power in Italy. 926 more words


Pipeline to the President

Next Tuesday, do one of two things…Join the Standing Rock National Day of Action event being organized in Dover, ND, or, send an email, letter, or call President Obama with an urgent message to end progress on the Dakota Access Pipeline. 601 more words

Kelly Ann Ramsey: The Love Wayne County Needs Now, Pt. 7

Lesson Of A Lifetime

Kelly Ann Ramsey has a firm focus on the future in everything she does.  One of the ways her future-focus manifests positive results is in her work as co-founder of For The Seventh Generation ( 1,593 more words


Kelly Ann Ramsey: The Love Wayne County Needs Now, Pt. 6

The Voice Of God

“You know, there’s no more respect in this world today, there’s no more,” Kelly Ann Ramsey pauses a moment, “deference to the police, or to the elderly, or to teachers.” 2,247 more words