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3 ways your future robot may surprise you

Robots are tireless, emotionless machines designed to take care of our dreaded repetitive tasks and chores right? They don’t think or interact, but focus only on completing the task they were programmed for. 487 more words

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Can a Robot Hitchhike Across Canada Using Only Its Charm and Good Looks?

It’s an unfair stereotype, but even in the 21st century some still insist on saying that Canadians are genial and polite.

The question is: Are they nice enough to pick up a stranded, hitchhiking robot? 331 more words


Robotics Pioneer Launches the First Personal Robot You Might Actually Buy

Cynthia Breazeal wants to take robots out of the lab and into the living room.

The MIT associate professor is widely recognized as a pioneer in social robotics, most famously producing the engaged and friendly faces of… 601 more words


A Review of the Applicability of Robots in Education

Robots are becoming an integral component of our society and have great potential in being utilized as an educational technology. To promote a deeper understanding of the area, we present a review of the field of robots in education.

774 more words

Robots, the teachers of humanity

Social robotics can say a lot about a society and as bethsains206 interestingly points out, robots are already integrated into our lives in ways we don’t even notice.  286 more words

Social robotics: The uncanny valley and Psychopathic narcissism

(PhysOrg.com) — From science fiction and academia through assembly lines and telemedicine, robots have become both physically and conceptually ubiquitous. Technologically, of course, robots have advanced dramatically since their namesake introduction in R.U.R. 429 more words