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RACISM in Europe!

Racism in Europe


Racism is divided in to two problems and categories: an internal problem which is prejudice, that is the unfavourable attitude against a group and its member. 1,878 more words

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#NPRSource of the Week: Chandra Prescod-Weinstein

Chanda Prescod-Weinstein is a postdoctoral Research Associate in theoretical physics at the University of Washington, Seattle. She is a particle physicist/cosmologist driven by a desire to understand the origin of spacetime and the particles that populate it. 62 more words

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Social Science: Democratic Process and People's Participation (NIOS X)

Chapter 22: People’s Participation in Democratic Process

In a large country like ours, representative democracy is desirable. Representative government works through representation and representation through elections. 65 more words


Social Science: Political Parties

Chapter 21: Political Parties and Pressure Groups

Political parties have a definite role in any democratic system. In fact, political parties make democracy possible; make elections possible; help transfer power; educate people and make government responsive. 125 more words


Social Science: Governance at the Union Level

Chapter 20: Governance at the Union Level

The structure and functioning of Union government is based on the principles and conventions of the parliamentary form of government. 209 more words


Issue/idea of truth

. Explain the issue/idea of truth in terms of both the social sciences and the humanities: argue one or the other as being better at explaining or illuminating truth. 30 more words

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Social Science: Governance at the State Level (NIOS X)

Chapter 19: Governance at the State Level

India is a federal system. It has governments both at the union level and at the state level. At both the level governments are organized and they function based on the principles of Parliament system. 67 more words