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The world is confusing. Culture, history, politics present a confusing mix. But in a process of triangulation we can work out who we are and who we have been. 78 more words


Letter: Socialism is not a dirty word - The Salt Lake Tribune | + Opinion

Sadly, The Salt Lake Tribune published both a front page story promoting Chris Stewart’s Sutherland Institute speech on socialism on July 30, and then his follow-up commentary on Aug.

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The Body Nirvana by Garima Gupta (Book Review #635)

The body nirvana is a self-help book written by a mind-body wellness coach. She believes that our mind is the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle. 180 more words

Book Review

Rules of Health By Behzad Azargoshasb (Book Review #634)

Rules of health is a self-help book written by a naturopathic doctor designed to effectively provide you with regulations and ways to manage your health. The focus is on making small changes in order to break bad habits and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 146 more words

Book Review

Bad Actors in Academia?

© 2019 Eileen Dover 

After graduating from university I became aware of the possibility that bad actors could be using that otherwise venerable institution as a safe house for illegal activities. 668 more words

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The Trump Administration's Push For Dirtier, Less Efficient Vehicles

Ford, Volkswagen, BMW, Honda, and Mercedes Benz want to make cleaner cars. Which is pissing off the President. One can’t help but wonder, given his gutting of the EPA, the proposed undoing of the Endangered Species Act, and this attempted rollback of higher standards for fuel efficiency, whether little Donald had a really bad experience in nature. 271 more words

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