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What is phishing?

Phishing is a fraudulent attempt, usually made through email, to steal your personal information. The best way to protect yourself from phishing is to learn how to recognize a phish. 110 more words


Claiming a social security number is the "Mark of the Beast" not a good defense - so saith the IRS

A Pennsylvania man has been convicted of failing to file his income tax returns for 21 years because he considered using a Social Security number akin to using the “mark of the beast” spelled out in the Bible.

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Christian Patriots Radio: Government Kidnapping and Abuse of Power. Join Daniel and Chris Live at 8 PM EST    

Please join Christian Patriots Daniel Crane and Chris Connelly as we tackle several topics and issues we face here in America and around the globe. On the show we plan to cover everything from Christianity, current events, police state, government, politics, healthcare and everything else that plays a part in our lives. 101 more words


Newborn Seized After “Off-Grid” Parents Refuse Social Security Number

A couple is charging that social workers took their newborn the day after he was born because of their alternative lifestyle and religious beliefs.

“They said our view was dangerous,” Christian Holm said of social workers for the Cleburne County, Ala., Department of Human Resources (DHR). 509 more words


Einmal Amerikaner und zurück...

In der letzten Woche habe ich mich das erste mal richtig amerikanisch Gefühlt. Am Donnerstag morgen war ich im Social Security Office und habe meine Social Security Number beantragt. 136 more words

Social Security Number

Die Security Number ist einer der ersten Dinge, die man sich zu Beginn möglichst früh holen sollte. Es ist die amerikanische Sozialversicherungsnummer und jeder der in den USA lebt, brauch eine. 698 more words


Know Your Rights: Health Care For Undocumented People

*Esta información está disponible en español aquí: Conozca Sus Derechos: El Sistema de Salud Para Personas Indocumentadas

Undocumented people have the right to….

  • Receive care in the emergency room regardless of insurance or ability to pay…
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