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Symposium 2015: Is it time to end the current Social Security program for citizens under the age of 18?

Owatanna, MN Correspondent-According to the Social Security Administration website, “about 4.4 million children under 18 receive approximately $2.5 billion each month because one or both of their parents are disabled, retired, or deceased. 1,816 more words

Annual Symposium

Social Security - a Third Rail that Needs to be Addressed

A third rail in politics is so named because the real third rail in an electric rail system is the one that carries the high voltage. 533 more words


Putting the Security Back in Social Security

There is a recurring concern that comes up when discussing retirement planning with clients. When we sit down with someone to break down various sources of retirement income, sometimes they will stop me and say “Mark, I don’t want to count on Social Security because I’m pretty sure it will be gone by the time I retire.” 342 more words

Mark Leibman

Martin O'Malley Hits the Target on Social Security Expansion

Kudos! Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley hits the progressive target on Social Security expansion. He goes so far as to propose an immediate monthly benefits boost for current retirees. 374 more words


Debunking Several Social Security Myths


The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget has just published a new report, “Debunking 8 Social Security Myths on Its 80th Birthday.” Here are several of the “myths” they report on: 308 more words

Jack Heidel

Happy Anniversary, Social Security!

The bill establishing the Social Security Administration was signed 80 years ago today. Social Security benefits have been a lifeline for many senior Americans and the disabled. 783 more words

President Obama