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Your social security benefits may be taxable

Did you sign up for social security benefits last year? If so, you may have questions about how those payments are taxed on your federal income tax return. 164 more words


Bill proposes giving seniors tax breaks

KIMT News 3 – With a nearly $2 billion projected surplus in Minnesota, ideas are flying around the capitol on what to do with the extra money. 212 more words

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Is your 2014 Social Security Benefits Taxable – Maybe, and it’s Complicated

Many people believe the old adage that Social Security is not taxed. Years ago these benefits were not taxed, but today they can be depending on other factors. 200 more words


Charles Krauthammer: The Case for a Revenue-Neutral Gas Tax

National Review: Why it actually makes sense to raise it by $1 per gallon.

or 32 years I’ve been advocating a major tax on petroleum. I’ve got as much chance this time around as did Don Quixote with windmills. 74 more words


Social Security Income & Taxation

Octobert 28, 2014

By Leon Grove DBA

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan signed into law the taxation of Social Security benefits. Social Security Income (SSI) is often included in the calculation for retirement planning. 814 more words

Retirement Plan

Inflation Elation; Home Sweet Home Loans; Feeling 1.7 % More Secure

Get your motors running…

We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief now that the numbers are telling us how stuff like inflation and the cost to live on this planet, at least our part of it, didn’t really change, as in go up, down etc. 401 more words

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i pulled my social security statement online since i noticed that it’s been awhile since i last received one in paper form.  i wonder. so they stopped sending the paper statements years ago for reasons i never really cared to begin with.   294 more words