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Social Security misunderstood

Ignorance may be bliss, but it’s also sad and dangerous. Read the following. It displays a complete lack of knowledge and understanding about Social Security. Why a news outlet would publish such nonsense is a mystery. 105 more words


Unfair Taxation--Why the work week should be MUCH shorter (Part 2)

In Part I, we saw that the distribution of income and, especially, wealth in the U.S. is extremely inequitable, with the top 1% owning 42% of financial (nonhome) wealth, with the top .1% owning as much as the bottom 90% … 836 more words

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Use your income tax refund wisely

To many people, an income tax refund might be one of the largest single cash receipts for the entire year. Avoid the temptation to spend your refund on consumption items. 244 more words


Payroll Taxes: Don't Mess with Uncle Sam

Many small business owners find payroll challenging because it is complex and subject to regulation (and therefore fines and penalties). If payroll were just a matter of calculating each employee’s pay for the period and then writing a check, it would be easy. 406 more words


Your social security benefits may be taxable

Did you sign up for social security benefits last year? If so, you may have questions about how those payments are taxed on your federal income tax return. 164 more words


Bill proposes giving seniors tax breaks

KIMT News 3 – With a nearly $2 billion projected surplus in Minnesota, ideas are flying around the capitol on what to do with the extra money. 212 more words

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Is your 2014 Social Security Benefits Taxable – Maybe, and it’s Complicated

Many people believe the old adage that Social Security is not taxed. Years ago these benefits were not taxed, but today they can be depending on other factors. 200 more words